Jan 15 2014

News - Honeywell @ CES 2014

We did run into Honeywell at CES Showstoppers and you are probably thinking why do I care. Honeywell Logo RedWell they have announced the Industry First: Voice Activated Cloud-Connected Thermostat for D.I.Y. Homeowners. They were kind enough to show us the unit with the new app for iOS and Android. It will let you control your thermostat with your voice or anywhere in the world with the smart app. You can asking it commands like, “Hello, thermostat make it four degrees warmer” and it will recognize the homeowners voice from even across the room. They have changeable color backgrounds and the device will get smarter over time. Check out some images below and the press release. We are working on a demo unit for review, stay tuned.

Jan 14 2014

News - NETGEAR @ CES 2014

NETGEAR didn’t have a ton to show in the consumer space at CES, but they did have two very interesting 802.11AC range extenders on hand and their Trek travel router on hand.

Jan 14 2014

News - D-Link @ CES 2014

Oddly enough D-Link’s main product showing at CES this year wasn’t in networking, but cameras. My favorite was one that is intended for use as a baby monitor. I know that might sound a bit strange, but it’s all about the sensors – it includes audio and temperature beside the camera. Having a device like that would be slick in some home automation scenarios, and since it includes a standard camera style screw mount on the bottom would be easy to slap on the wall.

Jan 14 2014

News - What's an Audiophile?

I must admit that I wouldn't self-identify myself as an "Audiophile" for many of the same reasons Chris lays out in his article; it's a loaded word, with a lot of baggage associated. That said, I like the idea that we can get away from the crazy, and use the term to label anyone who cares about a good audio experience.

Reading most audio magazines and online forums, you think you need to be rich to be an audiophile. I’ve even had a magazine editor tell me that if you want to listen to vinyl and you can’t spend $3,000 you are basically wasting your money. We see budget awards at the end of the year handed out to $1,500 speakers that, while they sound amazing, stretch the label of budget beyond recognition for most people.

Let’s stop being ridiculous about this and make audiophile an OK term again

Reference Home Theater



Jan 13 2014

News - Belkin @ CES 2014

Belkin was very generous and gave me a great tour of the booth at CES as well as some great Belkin Logopreviews of upcoming products for 2014. Belkin purchased Linksys in March 2013 to help excel in the router market and strengthen their current and future products. Their demos were helpful for both companies that are going to be running as separate entities in 2014.

We saw some products at the CES Unveiled press event of some Belkin WeMo products and newer additions to the lineup, with new smart switches and smarter plugs...

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