Nov 01 2006

News - Aurora Multimedia Launches Dynamic Button Controller

Spotted at Engadget, Aurora has released a Dynamic Button Controller. It takes a Logitech Harmony approach to the its control and will dynamically change its button set depending on what button you pressed before. A quick example would be if you pressed DVD,  play pause and all of those good buttons would show up.  Below is a snapshot of the controller and the press release.

The WACI PAD-6 was introduced this year at InfoComm and exhibited again at CEDIA. Without the complex design and programming of common graphic user interfaces seen on most touch panels, the WACI PAD-6 provides robust functionality in an extremely intuitive format. Currently available in a 6-button format, the new product fits comfortably in a standard single-gang metal electrical box. The diminutive size is deceptive in both power and functionality. The 6-buttons change based on selection, so if a user presses the “DVD” button the buttons will all change to transport controls. With 64 MB of RAM each button can support hundreds of unique instances.

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Nov 01 2006

News - EPSON PowerLite Home Cinema 400

EPSON's Powerlite 400 lives up to its name with 1500 ANSI lumen output, which should be enough for rooms with moderate amounts of ambient light. For $1500 you wouldn't expect a 1080p projector and this case you would be right. However, it appears that that money will be well spent on features like 5,000:1 contrast ration, trio of HD hookups, In the end, it falls a bit short due to its color accuracy.

From the article:

The Cinema 400 really shines when it comes to the display of video games due to its high brightness and deep color saturation. It performs equally well with dark games like Splinter Cell where one spends 99% of the time in the shadows, or bright, colorful games like Halo. No matter what type of gaming material was being played, the Cinema 400 delivered a bright, three-dimensional image that lent a great deal of excitement to the gaming experience.

Nov 01 2006

News - Recent Blu-ray and HD DVD Titles

Engadget HD has the scoop on the latest releases from both high def DVD camps. Its hard to say, but I think I would rather watch the HD DVD collection that was released today as opposed to the Blu-ray ones.

From the article:


blue ray logoHD DVD Logo


Oct 31 2006

News - Pioneer BDP-HD1 Blu-ray Player Pushed to December

This is like the Vista of Blu-Ray players :-P Supposed to be out in May, now postponed yet again to December. They better hit it or they're going to miss the Christmas shoppers.

The BDP-HD1, originally expected to ship in October, will now be available in December. The player has not passed the company's quality control requirements, and it will be available when it does. 

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Oct 31 2006

Blog - Snapstream Contest! More Chances To Enter!

The contest is set to end at 11:55 PST tonight! You can check out the original contest details here. You must have your entries in prior to that to get counted. Since I am a caring guy, I wanted to give you guys a few more chances to entery! Here are a couple of ways to make sure you get an extra entry in.

1. Submit news. It has to be HT/Media Center type news.

2. Be creative! Show something about BTV! A couple of screenshots, a mini-review, whatever you want. Don't be lazy!


Good luck!!!!!!

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