Oct 31 2006

News - HAI Makes Product Announcements at ISC

HAI Makes Product Announcements at ISC; All Omni Family Controllers Now CP-01 Compliant, Wireless Glass Break Detector and Spanish OmniPro II Controller Now Shipping

Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), a leading manufacturer of home control products since 1985, continued its commitment to the security industry by making several major product announcements at the ISC show opening today in New York. Among the announcements; HAI's security and home control Omni family of controllers are all now CP-01 compliant, HAI is shipping a new glass break detector as part of its Wireless Security line, and the announcement that its flagship OmniPro II controller is now available in a Spanish version.

"The security industry has been, and continues to be, an important market for our products," explains HAI President and CEO, Jay McLellan. "We now have an entire controller line which we introduced last year, called Lumina, to integrate lighting and automation to existing security panels, we've added the CP-01 compliance to all of our UL-Listed Omni controllers for the reduction of false alarms, and we continue to expand our wireless security line, as well as our international offerings."

CP-01 is a standard initiated by the Security Industry Association for security system control panels and their associated arming and disarming devices to reduce the incidence of false alarms. All HAI Omni controllers; the OmniLT, Omni IIe and OmniPro II are now shipping as CP-01 compliant. HAI's new Wireless Glass break Detector is an omni-directional acoustic sensor and wireless transmitter. It is used for detecting the sound of breaking glass, providing 360º of coverage.

The Spanish OmniPro II controller has the same functionality as the original but is intended to make the Spanish speaking end user more comfortable with the interface. Voice, menu, touchscreen, and the PC Access software are all in Spanish.

Oct 31 2006

News - Syntax-Brillian Announces Agreement to Acquire Vivitar

TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 30, 2006--Syntax-Brillian Corporation (Nasdaq:BRLC), a manufacturer and marketer of LCD and LCoS(TM) HDTVs and digital entertainment products, today announced that it has agreed to acquire Vivitar Corporation, an Oxnard, Calif.-based leader in the design, development and marketing of photographic, optical, electronic and digital imaging products, for $26 million in stock.

The acquisition will give Syntax-Brillian full ownership over all Vivitar assets and creates for the TV maker an entree into digital photography and Vivitar's established global retail and distribution channels. This union will capitalize on key synergies between Syntax-Brillian's leadership in LCD and digital imaging technology and Vivitar's legacy of technological innovation in photography and optics. Vivitar will be operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Syntax-Brillian.

Oct 31 2006

News - Sanyo PLV-Z5 Projector Offers High Contrast

Now with blacker blacks and whiter whites, the Sanyo PLV-Z25 projector will sure to please even the grumpiest of videophiles. Close to hitting market, this beauty boasts a sexy 10000:1 contrast, ratio dual HDMI connections, 1100 ANSI lumens brightness and a dual-iris system. 

From the article:

Part of the PLV-Z5's secret is what Sany's calling the industry's first twin-iris system, which integrates both a lens aperture and a lamp aperture. Combined with Sanyo's TopazReal Technology, the brightness level is blended with the lamp output and the projector's integrated LCD panels to create a sharper, crisper picture in any scene with a brightness level. Other components include a 12-bit processing IC which "looks ahead" in a a video input stream to look for bright and dark scenes, adjusting the image brightness appropriately. The unit offers a brightness of 1,00 ANSI lumens, and can project the equivalent of a 100-inch screen from a distance of 9.8 feet.


Oct 31 2006

News - November 2006 Xbox Live Update


I would guess that Microsoft decided to release this nifty little 1080p update just in time for Sony's release date. Also included in this free update will be the ability to stream WMV files from another computer, ability to play files from data CD's and DVDs, and 50 hz display compatibility. mmm The 360 is sounding better and better.

From the article:

With 1080p resolution, you now have the ability to enjoy both game and video content in the best high-definition resolution currently available. Expanded video playback options increase the ways you can enjoy video content on Xbox 360. It is now possible to stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Media Connect. You can now play video files from data CDs and DVDs, as well as from storage devices like USB 2.0 flash drives and Xbox 360 Memory Units. Xbox 360 will support 50hz HDTV display modes, providing a much greater choice in how you watch DVD and HD DVD content.  

Oct 31 2006

News - HT Guys Podcast #114

The Home Theater Guys are at it again with podcast #114! This week they talk about a few news tidbits including more Blu-ray delay rumours. As well, they talk in depth about the DVD iScan VP30 video processor-A/V Switcher.

Read the article:

Listen to the podcast:

So what does it do?  It cleans everything up and gives you the best possible display.  We all know the TVs and projectors we own are capable of so much more than just displaying the content we feed into them.  If you've ever seen a 30 Mb high definition loop, you'll know what we're talking about.  The DVDO does it's best to present the content in a way that takes full advantage of everything your display equipment can do.  And in our opinion, it does just that.  Standard definition looked much better on every TV we tried it with.  The film processing worked wonders to smooth out movies that had noticeable motion artifacts before.  Of course, High Definition always looks good, right?  The HD we saw with the VP30 inline looked more like the 30 Mb loop and less like an over-compressed, potentially good, show.

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