Oct 12 2006

News - Term of the Week - VCD

This week's term of the week at About.com is VCD. VCD utilizes a mpeg1 CODEC which allows 74 minutes per CD. Resolution was comparable to your VHS tapes we all know and love. This format became popular overseas as well as on P2P clients. :o.

From the article:

Employing a compression system known as MPEG1, 74 minutes of audio and video can be stored on a standard CD at a 352x240 pixel resolution in NTSC or 352x288 PAL, which is somewhat comparable to standard VHS. Special VCD players and many DVD players do have the ability to play back VCDs, and almost all PCs have the ability for the user to record their own VCDs. Keep in mind, however, that even though that VCD content is stored on a CD, standard CD players cannot play them back as they have no way to read or output video content.

Oct 12 2006

News - The Media Center Show Awards 2006

This year's MEdia Center Show Awards are coming soon. It is sorta like the Oscars, except with more pocket protectors and less money. You know what they say, if you don't vote you can't bitch.

Media Center Show Awards 

*Best Media Center Utility:
*Best Online Spotlight application :
*Best Video Conversion / Editing Tool :
*Best Communication Tool:
*Best Community Resource:
*Best Hardware Manufacturer:
*Most innovative application for Windows Media Center :
*Best Enthusiast Media Center Blog:
* Best Microsoft Employee Media Center Blog:
*Best Overall application for Windows Media Center:
*Best Free application

Oct 12 2006

News - Epson's EMP-TW1000 3LCD 1080p projector with HDMI 1.3


 Engadget has the scoop on a new projector from Epson that will be hitting the streets of Japan in December. Boasting full 1080p support, HDMI 1.3, 12000:1 contrast ration and 1200 lumen light source, this new 3LCD projector appears to be worth every penny of its guestimated street price of $3000.

Look at some big pictures here. 

Oct 11 2006

News - New Laser HDTV Technology Unveiled

Guess plasma's & LCDs aren't the in thing anymore. I'll wait til 50 Cent has a couple of these in his crib before forking out the cash, how about you? Although $1k for 50" isn't bad at all. Can't wait to see one in action.

"The technology is based upon a unique optoelectronic chip paired with a laser projection device to create the image. The technology is scheduled to launch in Q4 2007, branded and manufactured by companies like Mitsubishi and Samsung." 

Read the rest here.

Oct 11 2006

News - Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard

Engadget has the skinny on the new super skinny & sleek Logitech diNovo Edget Keyboard. Just looking at this thing makes me drool. Too bad I've used my MCE Keyboard all of once, or it might motivate me to get this thing. Then again, $60 (for the MCE one) is a lot different than the MSRP of $200 for this bad boy.

"The new diNovo Edge (which runs on Bluetooth, of course) finally fixes some of the long standing issues we've had with the keyboard, including having an integrated battery (plus dock / charging cradle, much like Logitech's mice have long since had -- a single charge should supposedly last two months), light-up function keys that show which key mode you're in"

Read the rest Here

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