Oct 31 2006

News - LG announces 55-inch plasma with "time machine"

55 inches of plasma goodness is great, but did they have to use such a cheesy naming for their DVR feature?

Well, actually that's just a poorly-translated description of PVR functionality that will "pause, record and reply [sic] TV programs for two hours after the original broadcast."

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Oct 31 2006

News - Remote Control Birthday Interview

As the famous Remote Control turns fifty, it took this chance to sit down with the WCFCourier to answer a few questions and reflect upon its button pressed past. I wonder how it feels about creating a generation of couch potatoes.

From the article:

Pulse: You disappear so many times a day. Where do you go?

Remote: It's not me. Although control is my last name, I have none in the hands of careless TV viewers. I'm tossed, lobbed, dropped and rolled to various parts of the house. I've even ended up in the freezer at the hands of a woman scorned. She was distraught and looking for some serious Ben & Jerry's. It was a chilly hour before she discovered her mistake. The worst, though, is when I get stuck between the couch cushions. Can you imagine the view from there? Don't even go there, man.

Oct 31 2006

News - New Sky HD channel begins

The UK got a new HD channel to brag about, one that American's are sorely missing. History HD will made its debut today. Americans, and Canadians I assume, will be looking forward to The History Channel HD sometime in 2007.

From the article:

Sky’s newest high definition TV channel, The History Channel HD, begins broadcasting today. Transmitting from 8am until 2am daily, on Sky Guide channel 545, it promises to offer a different schedule to its standard definition sibling. Programmes include the UK premieres of Engineering an Empire, Warrior Empire: The Mughals, and The Sahara, as well as HD versions of The Plague, The Crusades: Crescent and The Cross, and Beyond the Da Vinci Code.

Oct 31 2006

News - Why Analog TV Signals Don't Look As Good On An HDTV.

A common theme through out many display device reviews is that analog signals plain old stink when shown on an HDTV. Personally, I have only seen a couple of TV's handle analog signals exceptionally well. Here are my top three reasons why I think analog signals look poor on an HDTV.

1. Garbage in is garbage out.

2. HDTVs often represent a step up in size.

3. Analog signal have noise, digital signals are all or nothing. 

Read on to see if I am right

Another factor that contributes to the quality of analog television display on HDTVs also depend on the types of video processing circuitry employed by different HDTV makers, and some HDTVs perform the analog-to-digital conversion process better than others. When checking out HDTVs or reviews of HDTVs, make note of any comments regarding the quality of analog signal quality.

Oct 31 2006

News - Cinemar offers UMPC with home automation and media control

I once delved into DVD Lobby, only to escape a few weeks later scarred and bruised. I guess I was soft after my months of using Sage/BTV. I am sure setup for Cinemar's software has evolved into something much better and proof of this has to be their UMPC offering with HA and media control.

From the article:cinemar_interface

I can't think of many better apps for a touchscreen UMPC than software that controls your home automation or media network. There are numerous software options out there, but one vendor, Cinemar, actually sells the Samsung Q1 preloaded with their MAINLobby client. The bundled package costs $1199 and will still require the purchase of the server-side software. Once you get your UMPC all configured, you've got a touchscreen interface to control lighting, sprinkler systems, Media Centers, thermostats and much more. The software looks fairly intuitive to use; the automation rules appear to be configurable through a common English language approach.



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