Nov 02 2006

News - The Media Room of Your Dreams

I am going to guess its not the Media Room of my dreams. I am pretty sure they would get hauled away for giving the Internet a bad name if they tried that. Filthy fantasies aside, the article does a good job in talking about the different options that are available for planning and installing a media room.

From the article:

For an average of about $350,000, Electronic Systems Consultants will turn your new or existing residence into a "smart house," where audio, video, temperature, lighting, and other controls throughout the home are integrated into a single easy-to-use interface. The systems typically revolve around a family room or other central space as the focal point of media activity, where there will be a surround-sound system and video projection unit that will "put to shame the video and sound reproduction you'll find in any commercial theater besides an IMAX," according to Fogel.


Nov 02 2006

News - How to Buy Speakers

I always thought the proper way to buy a set of speakers was from a shady guy in the back of an alley. Hey man, I will sell you this 20" subwoofer for $40. An ever so slightly more technical and thorough method is one presented by Sound And Vision. In a nutshell, audition audition, AUDITION!

From the article:

But before you even enter a store, take a moment to nail down your precise needs. Are you looking for a complete six-speaker surround sound system, or a simple stereo pair? Is your room big enough to accommodate tower models, or will a compact system that uses small satellites and a subwoofer be a better fit? Do you want regular freestanding speakers or on-wall, in-wall, or even ceiling models? If you can supply a list of specific information to the salesman at the outset, the transaction is likely to go down a lot smoother.


Nov 02 2006

News - Triple Whammy From CineNow

CineNOW! has the scoop on three new HT products that are about to hit the market. A couple of front projectors and a new receiver will soon make it to a HT near you.

Epson EMP-TW700 

It surely has what it takes to offer "the ultimate cinema experience in the comfort of your own home" as they say at Epson. Indeed, with its 3LCD technology you can expect high resolution images (*1280 × 720*) supported by the Epson Auto Iris that adjusts its opening to suit the screen. The 10-bit color processor produces a 1.07 billion color range and the EMP-TW700 boasts a bright lamp of 1600 ANSI lumens10,000 : 1 contrast ratio. with an impressive 10,000:1 contrast ratio.


Sim2 Domino D80 : sleek DC3 DLP 1080p projector

Besides opting for the suitable chip, Sim2 also put in a 10 Bit color processor to avoid the loss of any color information. Its 7-segment Color Wheel including a neutral density one lessens green noise and the Sim2 Alpha Path provides extra brightness. An RS-232 port updates the projector's internal programme.

Marantz SR5001 : AV 7.1 receiver

The audiophiles will appreciate the 32-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that decodes Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, DLP IIx, CSII, DTS 96/24 and more. A Crystal 192 kHz/24-bit DAC (Digital Analogic Converter) is in place for each of the seven channels and there's also a Pure Direct mode which turns off high noise video components and display.





Nov 02 2006

News - Self Build EIB Control Case Study

Wiring your home for a digital lifestyle can be somewhat of an ugly task and is often left to the pros. Automated Home has a story up about a house in England that was renovated and completely wired for HA duties. Nothing as extravagant as say a fully automated theater, but it is a very good look at whats involved if you want to get your whole house in on the home automation act.


From the article:

  • A welcome home function incorporating a motion sensor by the front door so when you walk into the house at night the lights in the hallway, landing, kitchen and family room light automatically. The owners will never have to ‘stumble’ around a dark building with arms full of groceries.
  • A ‘discreet’ scene has been set for the bedrooms. In the master bedroom, the discreet button turns on the wall, landing and bathroom lights at a very low level, effectively lighting a pathway there and back so that they don’t needlessly wake anyone asleep.
  • Simulated occupancy where the house repeats previously recorded switch pushes and blind movements when the owners are out. The actions are played back at random intervals to give a very real appearance that some one is always at home.
  • A porch light and architectural lighting are programmed to come on at dusk and turn off at a random time in the late evening. The rear courtyard and garden have numerous lighting circuits that allow for scene setting at night depending on how the space is being used. Infrared patio heaters have been built into the garden walls and provide heat for cooler evenings.


Nov 02 2006

News - Sasktel, Cogeco add HDTV channels for Canada

This article gets coverage for no other reason then its news about my home province:). Even my igloo living snow shoe wearing homies need some HD loving :). THis article is courtesy of our HDTV lovin' friends at Engadget HD. Head on over and give them a big hug for covering Saskatchewan. The other story in question is about Cogeco Quebec adding a few more HD channels to their lineup.

Sasktel story!

Cogeco story! 

High Fidelity HDTV Inc., announced today that its four HD channels would now be available on SaskTel’s Max entertainment services. The companies current channel line-up includes: Rush HD, Equator HD, Treasure HD, and OasisHD.

Sasktel customers who already subscribe to the Basic Max HD package will now be able to subscribe to the HD Adventure package for $9,95 per month. The HD adventure package includes the four High Fidelity channels along with Discovery HD.

You will also want to check out engadgetHD's podcast.

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