Mar 18 2014

News - Home Theater Review, Reviews Monitor Audio's ASB-2 Soundbar

There is no substitute for discrete speakers, but sometimes compromised is required when provisioning the home theater. Soundbars are a good option when you can't put a speaker where you want - anything is better than TV speakers. I'm a little disappointed that even though the ASB-2 has HDMI it doesn't support HBR audio decoding, but that's a small tradeoff if it fits the bill otherwise.

At the moment, Monitor Audio makes one soundbar, the $1,649 ASB-2. It's certainly not the most expensive soundbar you can buy, but that price does put the ASB-2 into a category that's expected to be high-performance, especially since the ASB-2 does not include a dedicated subwoofer. It does, however, incorporate a unique auto-sensing LFE subwoofer output that changes the soundbar's filter/crossover settings when a subwoofer is connected to the ASB-2. With its long, elliptical curves and shiny, brushed-aluminum side panels, the word that comes to mind to describe the appearance of the ASB-2 is sporty or, maybe, modern chic. It's ... well ... you can see the pictures. Come up with your own hoity-toity term for the way it looks. I like the design. It's neutral enough to fit in with most decors, yet the chassis' curves and metal sides keep it from being boring.

Home Theater Review

Mar 18 2014

News - Home Theater Review Explains Rec 2020

I like big TVs, so there isn't much selling required for me to see the value of 4K. That said, on a smaller display (IMO, anything less than 60") I can also agree that there isn't much benefit to throwing more pixels at the problem, but there is another potential benefit to the developing standard...

You've likely also heard the debate over whether 4K has any real value at smaller screen sizes, where it is very difficult to discern the step up in resolution from 1080p at the viewing distances from which most people watch their TVs. During such debates, you may have heard a statement along the lines of, "When we get the better color that goes along with that higher resolution, then 4K will really appeal to the masses, at any screen size." We've certainly said as much on our site over the past few months, but what is the "better color" we're talking about? Upon what are we basing this statement?

Home Theater Review

Mar 17 2014

Podcast - Missing Remote Podcast Episode 13

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Lucky episode 13 this week. We are loving Chromecast and how it has been released to the public and the SDK is showing up in a lot of popular appications. We are pulling ours our and testing applications. Eric does a quick review of Brorsoft, and Google Drive drops the prices for Drive and we talk about moving your cloud storage to other places automatically. As always this weeks podcast is powered by Geekinated.

This show is run by Kyle Button(@techbutton), Senior Editor and Co-founder of Geekinated and is joined this week by Eric Hall(@wxrocks) and John McMahon(@JohnMcMahon_), both Co-founders of Geekinated. Check out the show notes and links below. We record each week, and you can follow us on the Geekinated YouTube Channel for Video Podcast, or check out the Audio Downloads below. Each podcast is powered by Geekinated. Check out the Geekinated Podcast that happends right after this podcast every week posted on Were we branch out and talk about everything Geek.

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Embeded player and show notes after the break

MissingRemote Podcast

Mar 13 2014

News - Plex New Update includes Chromecast for All

Plex has released an update to the mobile apps today for Android and iOS devices. They hadve added Chromecast to both platforms and you no longer have to be a Plex Pass member to reapPlex Logo the benefits. We are going to be talking about Chromecast this week on the podcast, recorded Live every Sunday evening. We are excited to finally see this option out to the masses, Missing Remote checked it out at CES and it had a ton of potential. They have also releasing Music shuffle and Camera upload from your mobile device to your server to view your pictures on your Plex devices and listen to your music anywhere. Check out the update in the App stores and come back and let us know what you think. Check out the link to the post below.


Mar 13 2014

News - Google Drop Prices on Drive Storage, ready for the move?

Google just announced the price drop of their Drive storage today. They have dropped the 100GB price down to $1.99/month. I personally use Google Drive for my VIP Documents. I was very Google Drive Logohappy to see the drop from $4.99/month. They not only dropped the price of the basic plan, but they dropped the price of the 1TB/Month to a staggering $9.99/month. They are also offering 10TB for $99.99/Month, 20TB for $199.99/month, and 30TB for $299.99/Month. They claim they are dropping these prices because of some infrastructure upgrades that allow them to have a lower cost. The Cloud Storage Wars are going on at the moment and with this prices they are sure to attract more users. Have your service on another service and don't want to move files over? Check out they make it easier to move, because they move the files for you. Click Read to check out the link from Google.

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