Nov 18 2015

News - BigBruin Reviews D-Link DCS-2210L HD IP Camera

As nice as Wi-Fi cameras are, sometimes putting a little bit of PoE in your life can provide the reliability and continuous recording magic you've been missing in your home monitoring system.

The D-Link DCS-2210L looks to do exactly that, and offer a non-Cloud solution for recordings.

Nov 18 2015

News - TweakTown Reviews ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Impact Mini-ITX Motherboard

What is wrong with motherboard names these days!? Sometimes I feel like a frumpy old man reading these reviews Smile. Nomenclature asside, Skylake has me a bit excited, and with the recent outpouring of product, and reviews around the ecosystem it looks to have taken the OEMs and PC sites along as well.

After Intel left the motherboard market, I've more often than not ended up with ASUS powering my builds. So I was intrigued to see what their high-end ITX board had on offer. Overall looks solid, but the lack of DisplayPort and M.2 (OK, U.2 is there) kills it for me.

Nov 18 2015

News - TECHSPOT Reviews Intel Core i3-6100, Likes It

With Broadwell's lackluster desktop release leaving DIY builders out in the cold, I've been a bit detached from following the progression of the platform. This has changed with Skylake, and its full release for all users - not just mobile. Might just be time to modernize that aging HTPC Smile.

Nov 18 2015

News - NETGEAR Announces Arlo Q Camera

NETGEAR had a hit with the initial Arlo wireless cameras, but one of the limitations of the device was that as it relied on batteries continuous recording was a bit out of bounds. The Arlo Q resolves this issue, and ads two-way audio to the mix; making it perfect for monitoring entrances. Of course to do this, AC power is required, so you will give up some of the flexibility  that the original spec sported.

Nov 17 2015

News - Inside CI Reviews Sony VPL-VW5000ES 4K HDR Projector

This drool inspiring 4K laser projector requires a serious amount of dosh (£50K), but serves up a fabulous experience to those than can afford it, and a glimpse at what the rest of us can expect to slowly trickle down the product pipeline.

Nov 17 2015

News - What Are a CE Company's Recycling Responsibilities?

I like getting new kit, and who doesn't? Of course, when replacing something that's broken, or just past its usable life, you need to figure out how to dispose of it in a way that doesn't create problems for you, your neighbors, or the larger community. Unlike my neighbors, who feel fire is the best method for cleanup, most CE companies have opted to take responsibility for recycling, but it can be expensive and frustrating. HTR has a nice writeup of the current state of things in the US. The more you know...

Nov 17 2015

News - Ah Comcast, You've Done It Again

Who doesn't like a good "Comcast Screwed Me" story? And if you've been lucky enough to select Comcast from the long list of ISPs in your town, you probably have one as well (feel free to share Smile). My collection doesn't touch the one I found on Ars today.

Nov 16 2015

News - Will The Lack of HDR Standards Threaten 4K Market

Standards are generally a good thing, and a single standard to develop a product against certainly makes it easier, and faster to create something that works. So I'm inclined to agree with the author's premise, but I wonder if it's really as dire as he suggests.

Nov 16 2015

News - RHT Reviews Sonos PLAY:5

Between you and me, I don't really get wireless systems like Sonos. They are popular, and an expanding market, so maybe the problem is that I just haven't used one. Is that the key? The reviewer at Reference Home Theater sure seemed to like it.

Nov 15 2015

Review - Select The Right Dongle

We used to bring a Roku along on our family trips, but after making the switch to Android about a year ago. The Roku has been replaced with a few different devices that allow us to use a mobile device as a gateway to viewing content on a large screen. This generally works well, but on a recent trip to a low bandwidth locale, I discovered that my supporting devices were letting me down. Leaving us at the mercy of the hotel’s captive movie portal. Ugh.

Vowing to never again be subject to poor selection and obscene prices I have cataloged three options and tested each with my collection of mobile devices. Hopefully you can learn from my lack of planning.

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