Mar 13 2014

News - CyberLink Clouds Director Suite

I'm not completely sold on subscription consumer-targeted software, but in enterprise it makes a lot more sense especially as the up-front cost of the applications rise. CyberLink has added their suite of content editing and creation to their cloud + yearly subscription model introduced with last year's rev of PowerDVD. I had a chance to play with the PowerDirector the other day, and was quite impressed with the ease of which I was able to accomplish an otherwise complex task with the software suite I was using, and best of all it supports Intel Quick Sync. So when I made a mistake the first time I generated the output, I only had to wait a few seconds 1) to discover it and 2) to create a new file after fixing it.

With features that facilitate working in a geographically diverse setting, I can see where the $99/yr adds value, do you think that and the value of always having the latest features also make sense for prosumers or is it really only for business?

Full PR after the click.

Mar 12 2014

News - Fracal Designs Launches Node 804 Chassis

It's no secret that we like Fractal Design's cases. Everytime we test one it is always a positive experience. What's not to like about a solid, well made chassis that looks great and won't break the bank? From the look of it, the new Node 804 will continue that trend. It does seem to be geared heavily towards water cooling, but there is also plenty of space for hard drives so if your looking for a micro ATX case for your next server build this might be the one - if you can wait until May that is.

Anyone else think it looks like a sub woofer? Full PR, and a couple more images, after the click.

Mar 11 2014

Podcast - Missing Remote Podcast Episode 12

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Welcome to this weeks podcast powered by Geekinated. We talk about the Chromecast and items we are testing with it. We are very excited about all the great stuff coming up with Chromecast. We touch on the Roku and the new streaming stick. Talk more about the Ripping TV shows and Blu-rays. Would you buy a Digital Copy if it had Bloopers? XBMC Beta 13 is coming and how Kyle is going to try it out on the Raspberry Pi. Have you heard of the Intel Edison? What would you spend $3000 on for your Home Media Center?

This show is run by Kyle Button(@techbutton), Senior Editor and Co-founder of Geekinated and is joined this week by Eric Hall(@wxrocks) and John McMahon(@JohnMcMahon_), both Co-founder of Geekinated. Check out the show notes and links below. We record each week, and you can follow us on the Geekinated YouTube Channel for Video Podcast, or check out the Audio Downloads below. Each podcast is powered by Geekinated. Check out the Geekinated Podcast that happends right after this podcast every week posted on

MP3 Download:

YouTube Link:

Embeded player and show notes after the break

MissingRemote Podcast

Mar 07 2014

News - XBMC v13.0 "Gotham" Beta Now Available

XBMC Gotham Beta

It has been more than a year in the making, but the first public beta for XBMC v13.0, codenamed "Gotham", is now available. The new version of XBMC brings a host of updates and changes. The development team is promising major updates to the Audio Engine that was introduced in v12.0, as well as a revamped settings page with more granular options for advanced users. The new version should also offer better performance for Android and Raspberry Pi users, as well as better support for 3D movies. The usual beta software caveats do apply and many of add-on developers are still working to add support, but if you have been itching to play with something new, this might a be good time to hop in and see where XBMC is headed this year.

Yet More Features

  • Update to FFMPEG v1.2 which we use for audio/video playback
  • Stereo audio can now be upmixed to 5.1 and sent through optical/SPDIF devices
  • Various visual changes throughout the skin which should improve usability and logic.
  • Improve the handling of subtitle downloading and selection
  • Extend and improve the User-interface Engine which developers use to create a variety of skins to be used.


Mar 06 2014

News - Intel Haswell IPG May Support HEVC/H.265 Hardware Decoding

I can't claim to be the first to notice when HEVC decoding popped up in a recent Intel GPU driver update for Haswell (HSW) systems, and I was prepared to write it off as a mistake until an off-hand remark about the feature coming in a future driver update came up in conversation with a source well positioned to know. For now, I think it’s fair to count it as a rumor. Mistakes happen, as do misunderstandings about what hardware supports what, but I’m going to be watching the driver release notes a lot closer for the next few months.

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