Nov 12 2015

News - WHAT HI-FI Reviews LG 65EF950V OLED 4K TV

LG must be doing the full PR press with all the 4K OLED reviews popping up in the last few days. Granted, this is the first one I've seen for the UK version of the flat 65" display, so it was nice to see.

Nov 11 2015

News - Amazon Video Now Available to UK Roku Users

Falling clearly into the wait-it-wasn't-there-already category, apparently the Amazon Video channel never made it to the UK. Until now that is, with the channel finally available to UK Roku users.

Nov 11 2015

News - HDGuru Reviews Roku 4

Just when I thought I was sold on the Roku 2, I found this review of the Roku 4. No mention of fan noise, or the top melting though. Hmm...

Nov 11 2015

News - TweakTown Drools Over, er... Reviews LG 65EG9600 Curved 65" 4K OLED

There are very few times when, after reading the intro paragraph for a review, that I am legitimately jealous. So well done TweakTown. Lucky Bastards Wink.

Nov 10 2015

News - The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

There was a time, not that long ago, that plasma display panel (PDP) technology ruled the earth. Not only because it dominated in picture quality, but because it also lead when it came to value as well. There was an area where PDP could not compete, and its power consumption ultimately proved the stake that killed it. OEMs were unwilling to invest in making the jump to 4K, and figuring out how to make 4X the pixels consume legal amounts of electricity. Fortunately, all hope is not lost - at least on the picture quality side (we have a lot of ground to make up on the value...) with a new king emerging.

Nov 10 2015

News - How Well Does Streaming Compare To Blu-ray

If you like movies, quality matters. The more "real" the audio and video, the more immersive and enjoyable the experience. That's why we like big, high resolution TVs and multi-channel audio. No doubt OTT streaming services have gotten better, much better, over the last couple years. But how well do they stack up against physical media?

Nov 10 2015

News - Mad Shrimps Reviews QNAP TS-563 5-bay NAS

I don't think I've ever seen an AMD based NAS before, but this guy looks like a beast and not terrible money for what you get. Well worth a read.

Nov 10 2015

News - Home Theater Review Looks at Sunfire XTEQ12 Subwoofer

A solid, well performing subwoofer is a critical aspect of a good home theater, or audio system. Especially if you use an AVR with LFE filtering enabled (you should be in most cases). The Sunfire XTEQ12 is a bit outside my price range, but it might hit the mark for you.

Nov 10 2015

News - Vizio Is Tracking You. Selling Information To Advertisers.

Vizio has made a name for itself selling "value" kit. I've never personally played with any of it, but my understanding is, that for the most part, you get what you pay for. Well except for the intrusive tracking and reselling of your viewing habits which must be included in the price somewhere.

Nov 09 2015

News - Reference Home Theater Reviews Harmony Elite Universial Remote Control

Harmony has been pushing its control ecosystem beyond the home theater and into the more general home automation space recently, with the Elite topping the lineup. The $350 price tag is a bit hard to swallow vs. its ~$130 siblings (what I use), but there are a few advantages to stepping up.

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