Sep 25 2010

Blog - The perfect OS for a Mythtv Backend?

I've been working on my development system lately trying to determine what operating system I want to use for it.  In my "production" Mythtv server I am using Fedora.  I started out with Fedora Core 5 on this box and have upgraded it to Fedora Core 8 over the years.  Fedora is now up to Fedora 13, with Fedora 14 coming out soon.  While Fedora has been nice because a newer version comes out every 6 months or so with more features, it is also a pain because the ATRPMS repo that I use for my Mythtv packages only supports the current and previous versions of the OS (currently 13 and 12).  Because of this it forces me to update my backend every six months or so, which inevitably means that my frontends also need to be updated to stay in sync which in turn means that my Mythtv network is down for repairs for a day or two while I work out the kinks that always pop up after an upgrade.

If you are interested in what I have since tried out and what I am looking into next, please read on.
Sep 25 2010

News - Brando Rii Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

The "review" is of the BlueTooth version there is a 2.4Ghz version as well.  Lots of nice pictures of the Rii Mini in the article.

I just wish that the "review" was a little more in depth since I am in the market for a new KB and mouse.

Madshrimps (c)
The Rii Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with touch pad from Brando is a multifunctional device that helps a lot during presentations, and also incorporates an easy to use laser pointer. The product can be easily recharged with the help of the included USB cable. You can use it with your iPhone, or as remote control for a HTPC.


Sep 24 2010

News - My 3D Blu-ray & 3D Television Adventures at CEDIA

Did you forget CEDIA has been going on this week? I almost did, as press has been somewhat quiet on that front. But that's not to say the show isn't going on...and no surprise that 3D is on most manufaturer's minds. Here's a good run down.
Walking around LG it was clear that they were all about 3D. From a new 3D projector, the CF3D, to plasma TVs that upconverted 2D to 3D, LG is completely committed. They even had THX certify their new PX-950 plasma TV in both 2D and 3D modes (which they seemed particularly excited about - but not as much as THX was, no doubt). So when we donned their active 3D glasses it was no surprise that they worked well and didn't seem to have any shutter artifacts. The content they were showing wasn't all that hot - but right now manufacturers are lucky to have anything to play, so barren is the 3D title wasteland right now.


Sep 24 2010

News - A look inside D-Link’s Boxee Box

Slow news day (actually slow news week), but here's something cool to start your weekend, as the FCC got their hands on the Boxee unit and was nice enough to post a ton of pictures of it.

The photo above shows how D-Link actually fit the core components of the Boxee Box into the sloped cube.  Interestingly, the main components of the box are at the cube’s top, while the base of the device is mostly open and used for ventilation.  You can see that box’s heatsink is cooled with a small fan that sits near the bottom of the device, left.


Sep 23 2010

News - FCC Tees Up CableCARD Fixes

Some interesting post-lunch news for you CableCARD fans...I'm not exactly clear what this will equate to though.
NCTA said it was not suggesting "abandoning" support for those existing 20 million boxes. It argues that since the FCC has never said it was necessary for all leased devices to include the cards, and the 10 largest operators have deployed those 20 million, it is better to stop now "rather than unnecessarily forcing consumers to bear millions more in costs in the name of supporting a regime that in any event the Commission wants to replace."


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