Oct 26 2010

News - October 26th Blu-ray Releases

My heart wanted to pick the Lakers Finals movie with my pick, but alas I chose against it. The Elf collector edition looks like a lot of fun. And seeing as I could not make it through the first Sex & The City, I won't even attempt to see the second. The Girl Who Played with Fire is the second of the trilogy from Sweden and has been getting quite good reviews. And then there's my close 2nd pick of the week, the Alien Anthology edition, with all the Alien goodness rolled into a single offering in Blu-ray!

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

Not sure how much I really need to explain here about Mr. Marty McFly who travels back, then forward, then back in time with help of Doc in his classic DeLorean. It's a classic film and the trilogy is together on Blu-ray. Still all great movies which so far have easily withstood the test of time!

Note:  Warner Brothers, Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.

Oct 26 2010

News - October 2010 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center in Windows 7

It's that time for a new Cumulative Update for your Win7 MCE systems. Just a couple major items fixed here, but major nonetheless. As always, proceed at your own risk and always make sure to take a system snapshot before doing the update just in case.
The October 2010 Cumulative Update for Windows Media Center in Windows 7 resolves the following issues:
  • Resolves a scheduling performance issue in which over time or start time for scheduled recordings may decrease.
  • Resolves a significant Watson issue in some upgrade scenarios. In these scenarios, the Windows Media Center directory is missing or has incorrect permissions that result in a crash when you try to open Windows Media Center.
  • Resolves a significant Watson issue during the typical database maintenance process. If a user uses Windows Media Center and causes a new type to be added to the database, Mcupdate.exe may crash.


Oct 25 2010

News - How to: Create a Mac Mini Media Center

When I first saw this on my blogroll, I got excited and assumed it was using Mac OSX and being a HTPC...but the guys at WGS have a different twist and have gotten a new Mac Mini with the purpose of putting on Windows Media Center--sorry Plex fans!
Near the top of the tree in terms of small footprint performance is Apple’s Mac Mini – at $699/£649 it’s a premium option for sure, but Cupertino’s mid-2010 refresh of the model has produced a strong hardware specification in a tiny aluminium chassis that would look the business in anyone’s TV cabinet. There are compromises for sure – no internal Blu-ray drive (although you could attach an external drive via USB), a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor rather than Intel’s new Core i3/5/7 processor family, and a rather sparse package from Apple that lacks keyboard, mouse and HDMI cables. But Apple do design fantastic hardware, so with a little love, the Mac Mini can make a cracking Media Center PC.


Oct 25 2010

News - ArcSoft to Debut Total Media Theatre 5

We don't normally publish Press Releases, but this is definitely something to look forward to given the number of readers using TMT as their preferred Blu-ray software.

Optimized for compatibility with the new AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics, TotalMedia Theatre 5 will officially be released this holiday season with the following features:

  • Plays Blu-ray 3D™ movies and converts 2D movies to 3D in real-time
  • Includes online video streaming directly from popular streaming websites
  • Includes a powerful Media Manager to help you organize, view, and search for videos easily and quickly
  • Newly improved, OpenCL-based SimHD supports with De-Noise and increased frame-rate conversion
  • Provides a Smart Menu for browsing and bookmarking DVD and video files
  • Supports external subtitle files: SRT, SMI, SSA, IDX, and SUB
  • Supports video formats: AVS, WTV, MKV, (with multiple audio tracks and subtitles)
  • Supports audio formats: ALAC, wmal, APE, FLAC, LPAC, OFR
  • Redefined elegant Audio/Video Center and intuitive user interface


Oct 24 2010

News - Big Screen byRemote 1.0a Launched

Great news from BigScreenGlobal--not only has Big Screen byRemote reached an official 1.0 version, but Niall is giving away the basic version for free. No news yet on the additional features which will be coming soon at additional cost. Big Screen byRemote allows you to schedule recordings for your Media Center PC's--think MSN Remote Record or Webguide, but Microsoft can't abandon this one since they have nothing to do with it. :-)
A *FREE* “Basic Edition” (which never expires) – and offers the majority of the functionality you’ve so far seen in the beta versions (with a few minor limitations on the Silverlight client – and with no restrictions on the Mobile XHTML client).


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