Nov 19 2010

News - Cut The Cable? Connected Devices and Blu-ray Players Explained

I have long been a fan of the quality and content that the HD Guru posts and their detailed look at connected appliances are no different. I could replace my HTPC for the most part with Hulu plus and Netflix on my HTPC or even my PS3 for that matter.

However, I am not quite ready to cut the cord quite yet. I have yet to see how I can easily cut the cord without having to battle several different interfaces and having to drag out the keyboard and mouse. A PVR seems like a much simpler if not more expense way to catch the shows I want to watch. As well, we can't forget about the visual quality delivered via cable as opposed to stream. However, if you are willing to brave the new-ish frontier, I am sure that this guide will help you out.

While digital media receivers have been around for a while, their functionality and popularity has really just taken off recently. Apple haters can hate all they want, but the Apple TVis a huge boon to the market. Priced at $99, it’s the only DMR that can access the iTunes Store and your entire iTunes library. It also has access to Netflix.


Nov 19 2010

News - Panasonic's 103" Plasma 3D HDTV for $100k

It seems like every other year we see an announcement about a $100,000 big huge massive TV, and then shockingly never hear about a person actually buying it. Might this be the one that changes that? Probably not. Still cool to dream about right?!?!

This product has been cultivated on a large screen display for our business, "High-speed driving technology" and equipped with unique technology, even large-screen high-definition display delivers clear images for 3D. The displays are also used for our business, "Professional Engine" capability, the ability to represent a conventional 24-bit color processing This faithful reproduction of high-quality 3D content from the video display to achieve, though, you can enjoy a sense of realism as if they were at the scene.

Panasonic via Google Translate

Nov 19 2010

Blog - The geezer is back! Now get off my lawn!

I have been flogging HTPC websites in one form another for several years now. I guess it is not in my blood to give up this damn hobby. Mike, in all his stubborness, keeps chipping away at me until I finally folded like a cheep card table.

What inspired me to come back at least on a part time basis?

20% of this decision was based solely on the fact that the website design has a nice new blockquote feature. It could use a little more orange, but hey I am not complaining.

Look at this shiznit. Back in my day, we had use three pages of code and we were lucky if it didn't bork the whole wesbite.

An additional 5 or so percent is related to the site redesign itself. Looks damn good.
Another 25% of this decision can be attributed to the talent Mike has recruited to replace the old cows that were running the place before.
Though mainly, I decided to get back into this game because more home entertainment system is in an awful state since my most recent move. It has been that way for quite sometime and I aim to do something about. I hope getting back into the game would inspired me to make this work Smile.
What does this meaningless ramble mean? Mostly I will be helping Mike on the occasional news post. Don't fret though. My posts will still contain typos and I will likely blockquote everyday thing on the site at least twice a week.
So what do you guys want to see from your old news guy?
Congrats to the site for a great relaunch and here is to another great chapter in MissingRemote's life.
Nov 19 2010

News - D-Link Boxee Box Reviewed at CNet

Nothing revolutionary here--love the remote, hate the lack of Hulu. We're looking to get our very own Boxee Box soon and provide an in depth look, but for now enjoy C|Net's opinion on it.

Basic apps like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus are promised soon, but not available yet; content holders like Hulu are blocking Boxee's browser; double-sided remote has an assortment of usability issues; Boxee's online TV show data is frequently outdated and incomplete; virtually no popular movies available; unorthodox design may not fit in small home theater cabinets; can't be controlled by standard IR universal remote; can't connect to older, non-HDMI TVs.


Nov 19 2010

Blog - MissingRemote Re-Launch Contest Giveaway #3- Vidabox CubeCase


Hope everyone has been enjoying this week as much as we have, with our grand unveiling of the new MissingRemote layout and community. Please be patient with us as we work out all the kinks--we figured if we bribed you with prizes you would be more lenient!
The weekend is fast approaching, so for the following prize entries will be accepted until Monday at noon, to make sure everyone that might have missed out on the previous day prizes has plenty of time to enter.

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