Nov 18 2010

News - Yahoo! Connected TVs to Start Selling Widgets

I wonder if the new AppleTV inspired this? I doubt it, but you have to appreciate the fact of Yahoo! taking a 30% cut in sales. I think the widgets are pretty cool, but am curious to see how this maps out.

Applications currently offered for Connected TV sets are given away free. The programs can generate money from users through transactions such as subscriptions or charging for video downloads..."I think it will open up the world for a lot of other applications," Schafer said. "Categories that make sense include games; they are easy to use and take advantage of those big, beautiful screens."
Nov 18 2010

News - Samsung LN55C650 55" LCD HDTV

Guess this is the day for reviews. I wonder if the extra 5 inches will satisfy someone like Swoon, or if it's still too small? This one is even more affordable, and an LCD, just under $1500. Looks pretty slick.

With a high quality HD signal, the video performance was consistently excellent. Vivid and natural come to mind. The quality of the signal and the programming affected the video far more than minor changes in the TV controls. With poorer quality material, the artifacts and flaws of the original were easily seen, much like with poor sources and a high quality audio system. In general, the Samsung video processing handles the deinterlacing, upconversion and other tasks very well, with great transparency. These comments held true for 1080i TV broadcasts, 1080p Bluray discs, as well as a wide range of 1080p and 720p digital files.
Nov 18 2010

News - Weekly Podcast Roundup, November 18, 2010

Hope everyone is enjoying the new design. We're going to continue some of our traditions which you all hopefully like. This time up is our weekly podcast roundup of our favorite podcasts in the home theater world!

As always, if you have a podcast you follow that we should be including here (even if it's your own, big or small!), please let us know!

Nov 18 2010

News - How To Install Hauppauge HD-PVR with SageTV

It's almost like Brent knew about the hot deal we posted and created this great guide on using the HD-PVR with SageTV. I sure hope SageTV gets CableCard support sooner than later...although you satellite users will still need this method though. But still...

Want to record any channel from your Cable or Satellite TV provider? Better yet, want to be able to detect commercials on those recordings and control how you use & store those recordings? Well the Hauppauge HD-PVR is your device. The HD-PVR from Hauppauge records directly from the component out port of any device and uses the “analog hole” to bypass any restrictions put on the content by the provider. SageTV has the best (read most reliable) solution for using the HD-PVR and today I’ll show you how to install and set up the Hauppauge HD-PVR for use with SageTV’s HTPC software.
Nov 18 2010

News - Western Digital 3TB Caviar Green Drive

I have to admit, the thought of tossing 4 of these into my WHS has happened more than once...just the ability to get almost 12tb of storage space from only 4 drives is darned impressive. Although the price is now $260 per, you know the drive is quick to go down if you're patient.

On the surface, the new 3TB iteration of the Western Digital Green Drive series looks the same as the other drives in the series. Under the hood we have double the cache (up to 64MB from 32MB) of prior versions and the largest platter density around. The Green series of drives have the ability to dynamically optimize how fast they spin, depending on the system load. This means the drive doesn’t quite feel as fast as a 7200 RPM drive, but still feels faster than a 5400 RPM drive.
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