Oct 12 2010

News - Alien Anthology Blu-ray Screenshots

I have been eagerly awaiting this release for a few years now and the fact that it comes out on October 26th has me very excited.  (Note:  Mike, I don't care what else comes out on the 26th.  This had better be the pick of the week.  ;) )  I was concerned that there would be an issue with the original Alien's transfer to Blu-ray, but they apparently did a fantastic job.

...seeing Sigourney Weaver all HD'd up without an SD reference point did make it hard to tell how much effort has gone into the transfer process. Screenshots leaked on AVSForum of the Cameron-supervised remastering of Aliens for Blu-ray though show that the king of the world has clearly been busy de-graining his work to shine in 1080p.

I wasn't that impressed with the shots posted in EngadgetHD's gallery (in fact, I was sorely disappointed), but, a user posted links to CompareScreenshots which clearly shows the dramatic improvement via high resolution screen captures:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

Oct 12 2010

News - October 12th Blu-ray Releases

Long list of movies...probably the longest list I've ever posted for releases with recognizing the fewest titles. Go figure.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

This already came out on Blu-ray months ago, but in case you haven't bought it yet, now you can get this super duper extreme version, which includes the following extras in addition to the movie:

Picture-in-picture commentary with the stars and director
Deluxe full-color 28-page wedding photo album
CD Soundtrack sampler with 5 songs from the movie
More pictures from the missing camera
Map of destruction
The madness of Ken Jeong action mash-up
Three Best Friends song
The Dan Band perfoms Fame

Is that enough for owners of the original (with limited extras) to re-buy it? I'm going to pass, but it's definitely the best release out and if you did not yet buy, here's a great version to get.

Note:  Warner Brothers, Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.

Oct 11 2010

Blog - Blu-ray Player Poll Results

First off, thanks to the 197 people who participated in last week's poll, asking the question of "What is your primary Blu-ray playback software or hardware." It was said after our last poll on HTPC software, that our members are somewhat skewed based on the content MissingRemote caters to, but the numbers here seem pretty understandable.

We show 15% of users either using the Playstation 3 or other standalone Blu-ray hardware player, which is about what I would expect simply given their cost. This is countered by 19% of respondants who have yet to hop on to the Blu-ray bandwagon. I think an appropriate follow up question to those folks would be what's stopping them--is it the financial barrier to entry, their quality of TV, or just that they don't see the overall value to justify the overall increased cost of ownership?


For the HTPC crowd, the results were honestly what I expect with Arcsoft dominating the polls with just over 43% of the tally, and Cyberlink and WinDVD accounting for less than 15%. While I've heard some positive things about Cyberlink recently, and their new software really has done a wonderful job of improving, Arcsoft really gained ground on them and quickly has taken over. Given their support of BDMV (ripped Blu-ray) which is definitely a geek format for storing movies, Arcsoft has that market completely cornered as Cyberlink does not support BDMV.

The other results combined for less than 10% of the vote, and my guess given our previous poll is that these are probably SageTV users utilizing the built-in playback abilities of it--which I was not aware of but have since been educated.

Overall, hope you enjoyed the poll as much as I have enjoyed the results. We won't always run a poll, but if you have a poll you'd like to see, definitely let us know and we would be happy to ask the audience. This week up we have a question on Calibrating your Television, so make sure to check to the right and answer!

Oct 11 2010

News - EVGA's GeForce GT 430

Well I just received an e-mail from EVGA and it is official, NVIDIA has released their GeForce GT 430.  As expected it includes Blu-ray 3D Support via HDMI 1.4a and HD Audio Bitstreaming.  This will be the first HTPC-centric consumer video card to offer 3D Blu-ray and HD Audio Bitstreaming support.

I'm very happy to see that it also includes a low-profile option and is single slot.  

It is worth mentioning that Blu-ray playback software will need to be updated to support the new chipset but I'm positive we will see that done quickly if they are not already updated.


The EVGA GT 430 has arrived. Tap into the horsepower of the GPU for a visually-charged boost on your favorite applications. Edit your photos & HD videos and push the limits of your Web experience with a new generation of GPU-accelerated browsers like Internet Explorer 9. Boost your gaming performance with the next generation gaming architecture built from the ground up for DirectX 11 and take 3D home with the latest Blu-ray 3D movies.

The EVGA GT 430 supports NVIDIA PhysX for a new class of physical gaming interaction, and CUDA technology which allows you to unlock the power of the GPU to accelerate the most demanding tasks.


Oct 08 2010

News - Reminder: FCC's October 14th meeting next week

While this isn't a new article by any means, it is dated September 23rd, new Missing Remote member @brennok reminds us that the "next hearing on CableCARD is set for October 14th so time is running out."

If you want to voice your opinion, now is the time, well a couple months ago would have been better but....

If you have not done so already, check out Ben Drawbaugh's (via Engadget HD) summary of Thursday's upcoming meeting agenda and send your comments to FFC via their Electronic Comment Filing System.


The FCC announced the agenda for its October 14th meeting and low and behold it contains the FCCs intent to release a "Third Report and Order and Order on Reconsideration that will make changes to the FCC's CableCARD rules." So obviously it's our hope that the changes proposed in the FCC's Broadband plan will become a mandate and not just a dream. Here's a refresher, the proposed changes include:

  • Ditch Tuning Adapters and let devices with Ethernet ports communicate upstream via IP to tune SDV channels.

  • If a customer has a CableCARD in their leased set-top box, it must be reflected on the bill like any other CableCARD would.

  • If the provider offers a self install for leased set-top boxes, they must also allow self install of a CableCARD.

  • Software shouldn't require the same CableLabs certification hardware does.



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