Oct 19 2010

Guide - Display Calibration - Part I

Display Calibration Poll Results

Last week, we polled MissingRemote readers regarding the calibration status of their displays and here are the results.


While the majority of you have calibrated your displays to some degree or another, roughly 25% have not and approximately 25% of you have either calibrated by viewing content or using settings found online. Almost 40% of you have calibrated with test patterns by eye and about 10% have gone all the way and either hired a pro or used a meter to calibrate. Whether you have calibrated your display or not, please read on where we will guide you step-by-step through the calibration process and explain exactly what it is all those controls in your display do to help you obtain optimal picture quality.

Oct 19 2010

News - October 19th Blu-ray Releases

Good list of films this week. Apocalypse Now comes out with it's 154th release (j/k), but it doesn't make it any less of a great movie as it's been all these years. Psycho gets itself an anniversary collector edition as well, and then some Harry Potter releases on Blu-ray as well.

MissingRemote's Pick of the Week

So I don't normally recommend movies I have not seen before, but I'm a pretty big fan of the Predator series of movies (blame it on the DC Comics). Of course the Arnold version was the tops, but I still found enjoyment in all the sequels and even the "Aliens vs Predator" series, so I expect to enjoy this one featuring Adrian Brody and a cast of outlaws who get dropped into the Predator's planet and are basically the game for them to become legit Predator warriors.

Note:  Warner Brothers, Universal and Fox titles which  have the 30-day Netflix/Redbox rental window imposed on them are noted with ** next to the title.

Oct 18 2010

Review - Panasonic TC-P58VT25



Following Pioneer’s exit from the plasma display panel (PDP) market Panasonic moved from also-ran to market leader by delivering the right mix of performance and value to the full range of plasma buyers.  Ultimately the Pioneer Kuro failed to find the right balance between features and a price that enough buyers were willing or able to pay, so while it created a useful reference point the real question Panasonic needs to answer with its plasmas is if they can deliver enough of the features that enthusiasts want at a cost that the masses can afford. 

Keep reading to take a look at 2010’s range topping TC-P58VT25 (part of the VT25 series); which delivers excellent picture quality, 3D and a decent IPTV offering.

Oct 17 2010

News - WD TV Live Hub Info Leaked

Interesting extender media player here, pretty sure it's the first supporting HDMI 1.4. Will be interesting to see this in action when it finally comes out...price tag of $230 might scare some off though. 

WD TV Live Hub Media Center is a high-definition network media player  with a 2.5” HDD built-in and with Gig-Ethernet functionality that is designed to satisfy the needs of users who wish to have the freedom of moving their content via network, and also to enjoy content streamed from the internet. Furthermore, with the built-in content services and HDD, user can download premium content directly into the media center without going through a PC.||||With its build-in high definition user interface, the network media center allows user to quickly navigate and playback media content that is stored in its embedded HDD, USB mass storage devices, or Internet on to a television. With the networking support, user can now drag and drop content from a computer to the embedded HDD. Also, Internet content from service providers such as Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Live365, Facebook, and Flickr, etc. can be streamed to the end user. The network media center attaches to an entertainment center through a variety of audio/video interfaces and supports playback of all the major audio, image, and video file formats. It supports high-definition video playback up to 1080p through the HDMI video output


Oct 14 2010

Blog - Xbox 360 Chatpad Driver Challenge!

Lately I have started playing games on my Home Theater PC. Sitting on my couch and playing video games on my 42" tv is absolutely great. It's comfortable, the screen's big, I can kick my feet up. All around excellent. To play games I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2 for playing the game and a Logitech diNovo Mini for communicating in the games. Pick up, put down, pick up, put down...over and over. This for me is the biggest issue I have with gaming on my HTPC. I've also never really been interested in the lap board with keyboard and mouse. I like my controllers!

Enter the Xbox 360 Gamepad with Chatpad - A controller, a great one at that, that has a snap in thumb keyboard for typing. It's amazing anytime I use it on the Xbox. 


The Catch - While the Xbox 360 Gamepad works great on the PC, there is ZERO support from Microsoft for the Chatpad. People all over the internet have pushed on Microsoft in every public forum imaginable, but all that ever happens is one division at Microsoft points at another as having responsibility for the development. Someone even wrote a Macintosh OS X driver for it, and there is still nothing working for the PC. 

Beyond playing games on your HTPC, this also becomes an alternative style remote for Windows MC or other app. With great wireless range, and no line of sight required, you could locate your HTPC in a closet or cabinet and still surf the web, or just use the Dpad and buttons to quickly navigate around. Analog sticks can be remapped to mouse movement, all of which makes this a very unique and flexible alternative to you standard mouse/keyboard combo.

To that end, the folks over at MP3Car.com have started a collection fund to support the rewarding of the first person to develop a PC driver for the Xbox 360 Chatpad. Today I pledged $25 via PayPal, and if this is something you think you'd find useful I encourage you to go do the same. Who knows, our very own Mikinho might be the one to solve the problem.

The Goal - To create an open-souce, fully functional set of drivers for the Xbox 360 Controller to utilize the Chatpad peripheral accurately to work on Windows computers. There is a Paypal donation link provided, and the winner of this contest will get the full purse. MP3Car has voluntarily gestured to start the bank with $25, and they have pledged to pay any associated paypal fees; this ensures the winner will get the entire donated amount.

The Rules
1. Driver must be open source.
2. Driver must install in windows XP, Vista OR Win7 (support for only ONE operating system is now OK).
3. Xbox Chatpad must work like a regular keyboard in Windows.
4. Driver must install along with or completely replace the original Xbox drivers, and must not effect the original function of the controller in any way. This can be accomplished by re-writing the original drivers, or having a one-click accessible add-on activate on top of the working original drivers when wanted.
5. The first member to post their own original working drivers in this thread will be the winner. This winner must be accepted by the majority of the participants, for quality of product and authenticity of workmanship.


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