Sep 24 2010

News - A look inside D-Link’s Boxee Box

Slow news day (actually slow news week), but here's something cool to start your weekend, as the FCC got their hands on the Boxee unit and was nice enough to post a ton of pictures of it.

The photo above shows how D-Link actually fit the core components of the Boxee Box into the sloped cube.  Interestingly, the main components of the box are at the cube’s top, while the base of the device is mostly open and used for ventilation.  You can see that box’s heatsink is cooled with a small fan that sits near the bottom of the device, left.


Sep 23 2010

News - FCC Tees Up CableCARD Fixes

Some interesting post-lunch news for you CableCARD fans...I'm not exactly clear what this will equate to though.
NCTA said it was not suggesting "abandoning" support for those existing 20 million boxes. It argues that since the FCC has never said it was necessary for all leased devices to include the cards, and the 10 largest operators have deployed those 20 million, it is better to stop now "rather than unnecessarily forcing consumers to bear millions more in costs in the name of supporting a regime that in any event the Commission wants to replace."


Sep 23 2010

News - Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy After Online Rivals Gain

By no means does this mean that Blockbuster is no more, but it's big news nonetheless when a corporation as large as Blockbuster announces this type of news. Hopefully they will evolve their business model and provide a better service which will save their business.
The company listed assets of $1.02 billion against debt of $1.46 billion on a Chapter 11 petition filed today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York. The company said it reached a deal with a group of bondholders on a plan of reorganization and secured a $125 million loan to finance operations.


Sep 23 2010

News - Weekly Podcast Roundup, September 23rd 2010

Pretty slow week for podcasts, but still good amount of content here. Enjoy!

The latest in home security, automation and whole house audio. Guest: Bob Farinelli, CTO and President of Elan Home Systems

If you know of a podcast you would like added to the weekly roundup, please do e-mail me at mike (at) missingremote dot com and I'll make sure to add it's RSS to my list!



Sep 22 2010

News - Soundbar Roundup

If you can't put in a 5.1/7.1 surround system a soundbar is a great way to make a big step up from the TV's speakers without breaking the bank or pulling wire. 


To test the soundbar state of the art and explore the breadth of offerings, we rounded up four models. Customarily in such comparisons, we pit similar products against one another and pick the winners and losers. Not so here. We intentionally chose very different soundbars to show just how diverse the product category is. So let’s begin by saying that each of these soundbars is quite good in its own way. The more interesting questions are what makes them good, and why they might be sound choices for you.


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