Mar 26 2015

Review - NETGEAR R7500 Nighthawk X4 Smart WiFi AC2350 Router

NETGEAR R7500 Nighthawk X4 Smart WiFi AC2350 Router

The pace of innovation in the 802.11AC space over the last couple years has been breathtaking. With the iteration from AC1750 -> AC1900, the main improvement was realized in 2.4GHz bandwidth, and not focused on enhancing the speed of the primary 5GHz radio. The recent release of “Wave 2” 802.11AC chipsets has changed this by adding features like Multi-user MIMO and a fourth stream; we now have 1733Mbps [theoretical] available, pushing us that much closer to what is achievable with a Cat6 wired network. Of course, these claims need to be tested so when NETGEAR offered up their new $270MSRP R7500 Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart Wi-Fi router, I jumped at the chance.

Mar 23 2015

Podcast - MissingRemote Podcast 53 - HDHomeRun, SageTV, Kodi, XBMC, SlingTV, Antennas

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SiliconDust dropped some huge news this week with a new plugin that will work with Kodi(XBMC) with built in guide data as well. We discuss some SageTV news from Google. Arlo is showing up in stores, we think the 4 camera one is the best one. SlingTV is adding more channels and more options for users at the same cost. John talks about TV antenna and some new tuners in TV. We follow it up with Home Depot is starting to get really serious about Home Automation and new battery innovation.

This show is run by Kyle Button (@techbutton), Senior Editor and social media director of and Co-founder of Geekinated and is joined this week by Eric Hall (@wxrocks), Mathew Adamson (@MinnesotaMathew) and John McMahon (@JohnMcMahon_), all Co-founders of Geekinated. We are also joined this week by Andrew Van Til(@babgvant). Check out the show notes and links below. You can follow us on the Geekinated YouTube Channel for Video Podcast, we are also on iTunes. Each podcast is powered by Geekinated. Check out the Geekinated Podcast that happens right after this podcast every week posted on Where we branch out and talk about everything Geek.

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MissingRemote Podcast

Mar 19 2015

News - SiliconDust HDHomeRun LiveTV Now Supported in Kodi (XBMC)

This is some great news for anyone that's ever tried using the HDHomeRun within XBMC (now called Kodi), as there's now an add-on which adds some slick support for your network based tuners. Still no recording functionality for now, but at least it's a step in the right direction. And just in time for the Tourney!

No longer will you be required to muck around with XMLTV files or playlists in order to get your HDHomeRun running.


The best feature is the lack of configuration required. As long as you have a functioning HDHomeRun setup, just download the app inside the repo and run it. You will be presented with a beautiful channel listing and associated guide data.


Mar 17 2015

News - Chromecast now working with HDMI-CEC Control Commands

Chromecast has a new firmware out and it has released HDMI-CEC control commands. 

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast has worked with HDMI-CEC since day one with the power and ability to change to the right input. Not all TV manufactures have HDMI-CEC turned on and Andrew Van Til has talked about it a lot with the HTPC and Intel NUC we have reviewed, but this is one of the first for streaming sticks. Try it out and let us know if you have had any luck.



This new feature is possible due to Chromecast’s use of HDMI-CEC, an extension of the HDMI protocol that’s capable of sending control commands back and forth between your TV and any attached device. HDMI-CEC is what allows your TV remote to control your Blu-ray player, and Chromecast has been using it since day one to turn on your TV and switch inputs whenever you start to cast media to the dongle — something I’ve called Chromecast’s secret weapon when the device was first released a little less than two years ago.

Mar 16 2015

Blog - SageTV: Which interface is for you? A review of the choices

I hope you enjoy this writing. I had submitted this just the day before the news that SageTV was coming back to be open sourced from the founder Jeff Kardatzke. Who would have seen this coming? Not me, not our Editor in Chief Mike Garcen; really no one. Sage has stood the test of time. With many beginning to walk away from it including developers, and a few things breaking from time to time, as of lately, it seemed that SageTV was on it’s last legs and would fade away. It’s been no secret to anyone reading Missingremote, that I am a big SageTV fan. Wouldn’t you know after I write that this would most likely be my last SageTV article, that SageTV makes the announcement that it makes this week. I’m glad I was wrong.

I am leaving my writing as is with a few added remarks from myself along the way. This for entertainment purposes as well informative. I hope you enjoy the nostalgia and smirk as much as did when reading it again.

With not much heard from at the SageTV camp anymore (until now) and without further development, unless something changes with SageTV, (Changes will be huge as it is becoming open sourced soon) this will most likely be my last article regarding SageTV.(eeh, not anymore) This writing is about the different interfaces of SageTV, particularly Version 7 regarding comparison. I think it’s important to mention that I think it’s awesome that all of these developers put in all of the time that they have to help make all of the SageTV users experience over the years that much better, so THANK YOU! That being said, I am not a software writer as I have written many times before and I cannot do what you do and may not fully understand all of what is involved with making things work when writing code. My observations are from a user point of view, so some of my observations of your work may seem a bit critical; I mean no offense, with highest respect, again thank you for all of your hard work! Below are my observations with the various different UI for SageTV.

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