Nov 10 2015

News - Vizio Is Tracking You. Selling Information To Advertisers.

Vizio has made a name for itself selling "value" kit. I've never personally played with any of it, but my understanding is, that for the most part, you get what you pay for. Well except for the intrusive tracking and reselling of your viewing habits which must be included in the price somewhere.

Nov 09 2015

News - Reference Home Theater Reviews Harmony Elite Universial Remote Control

Harmony has been pushing its control ecosystem beyond the home theater and into the more general home automation space recently, with the Elite topping the lineup. The $350 price tag is a bit hard to swallow vs. its ~$130 siblings (what I use), but there are a few advantages to stepping up.

Nov 07 2015

News - What's the Best Streamer

A while back I was pondering whether to opt for the new-fangled Roku 4 or "settle" on a 2015 Roku 2. Fortunately, David Katzmaier has taken a crack at this conundrum and picked a clear winner.

Nov 06 2015

News - HDTVtest Has The Scoop On LG + OLED + HDR

LG loves OLED, LG's OLED displays support two of the five (!) HDR standards and more. Including temptation for UK buyers at the end. Must resist Smile

Nov 06 2015

News - Windows 10 Video Player Adds SRT Support

As you could probably notice from the image above, the first time I opened the Windows 10 Movies & TV app was to take this screenshot. Frankly there are better [free] apps for watching local content, and I'm not convinced by Microsoft's content ecosystem (yet). That said, SRT support is a great step forward. Hopefuly the player continues to get better.

Nov 06 2015

News - AnandTech Reviews Asustor AS6204T NAS

AFAIK, Asustor is the first to bring Braswell NAS out to market. At the higher end of the consumer/SOHO NAS market this model looks quite interesting both as a NAS and a playback device.

Nov 06 2015

News - Mac Computers Have Annoying Issue with USB 3.0 Audio

I don't own a Mac, so this issue is news to me. It's not clear in the write up if the USB issue is isolated to DACs or other devices as well.

Nov 05 2015

News - Angee. The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System.

I don't generally post about Kickstarter products, and I almost never click ads, but when Angee promoted tweet showed up in my feed today I couldn't resist (on either count). After reading through the description and watching the video for this automated home security system I have to say this seems like a really, really neat idea.

If you've done any research into this product/company, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Nov 05 2015

News - BBC Store Opens for Business

From a retail and content perspective there aren't many time those living in the UK can legitimately claim a first. This, however, is one of those times with the BBC opening up 7,000 hours of material and more planned, including some controversial programs, for sale to UK residents. Ha Ha Wink

Nov 05 2015

News - SVS Tackels The Sealed v. Ported Subwoofer Question

Now SVS is a speaker company, specializing in subwoofers, so you might to take their guidance with a grain of salt. That said the write-up seems pretty balanced, and concludes with a solid "it depends" which is always a good sign.

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