Feb 18 2014

News - Update: Security Flaw found in Belkin WeMo devices

There has been flaws found in the way WeMo (Belkin) does updates to the device. They use over the air firmware updates with PGP security through RSS updates. If someone wanted to spoof Belkin Logothat RSS feed and get a valid signed firmware, they could potentially send you modified firmware that would give them access to bypass your NAT firewall. WeMo uses a protocol called STUN (Wikipedia) and the hacker could then control an internal network behind your NAT and get information off any of your other computers after that. Nothing is know if this is a problem on other Home Automation products, but US-CERT has sent notice to Belkin and posted on their website the notice. See the advisory below from IOActive.

Feb 18 2014

News - ASUS is not fixing a security flaw in their Router Automatically

ASUS is not fixing a problem that is considered a security flaw in any of their recent firmware Asus Logoupdates. Do you have any of the features enabled that help with remote access to your files? Do you have Samba enabled? You are also opening up yourself to this vulnerability. Security experts are trying to contact ASUS to see if they are planning on fixing the issue, but no response yet. The “hacker” can see the entire hard drive that is connected to the router, even if you don’t have it shared out publicly. This goes for a bunch of ASUS routers and ASUS is slowly coming out with some patches but they have to manually fix the issues. Check out the link below from CNET.

"These types of attacks could be prevented if security was a higher priority in the router manufacturers software development life cycle," Holcomb said. "At the end of the day, this is just the tip of the iceberg; with the amount of vulnerable network hardware comprising the internet infrastructure, people should count on more large scale attacks."


Feb 18 2014

News - Showtime Anytime Comes to Roku Players

Today is a good day if you're a Showtime subscriber and also have a Roku streamer for over-the-top content because the "Showtime Anytime" app is now available on the player. I think it's great how Roku continues to add content, and this is another example of how they keep adding value to their ecosystem.

Full PR after the click.

Feb 16 2014

Podcast - The MissingRemote Podcast Returns - Episode 9

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We're back! MissingRemote is taking a little different approach to the podcast format this time. We are going to be doing a weekly podcast, with some new face and voices. They are run by
Kyle Button (@techbutton) each week. We will be tackling the current post on the site and ones from around the web that deal with Home Automation, Media Center, HTPC, and Media Consumption. We are not going for the News feel we are going to the conversation we would have if we sat around that talked about these topics in a group. We will be featuring some guest each week. I have some other co-host joining myself, John McMahon (@JohnMcMahon_), Eric Hall (@wxrocks) and Paul Belser (@interwebtactics) we will be working with at least through host each week. We will be publishing MP3 downloads and YouTube video links, with some weeks we are hoping to be live. 

Please check out the link and listen. We will be posting these on iTunes, Stitcher and Zune Marketplace in the near future.

MP3: Click to Download

YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/gjBcPC_YMAw

Show Notes:

MissingRemote Podcast

Feb 12 2014

News - Netflix vs Blockbuster - An Infographic

I'll admit, I love infographics. Steve gave me the heads up to this infographic that's analyzing the history and demise of Blockbuster in comparison to the rise of Netflix. It's quite interesting if you weren't always aware of the happenings. Of course, if you owned Blockbuster stock, you probably know all too well.

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