Jul 29 2014

News - Haswell NUC BIOS Update For OpenELEC

I don't usually post about BIOS updates, but it looks like there was a recent update for the D54250WYB, D54250WYK, D34010WYB, & D34010WYK NUC that fixes an issue with IR wake from standby when using OpenELEC.



Jul 28 2014

Podcast - Missing Remote Podcast Episode 32

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Just John and Kyle on this weeks podcast. We have moved to our new recording time of 8am CST. John and Kyle just acquired WP8.1 phone and we start the podcast with them. We talk about how cell phone unlocking is now legal in the US again. Verizon says they are going to start throttling the unlimited users in October. Verizon and Netflix are tested over VPN and results are in Netflix favor. Sen. Jay Rockefeller says Online TV providers should be something that could help with competition. CableCard may not last for long, we will keep watching it. Google purchase Twitch.tv. Last but not least, 1Gbps over copper wire, crazy?

You can contact any of us on Twitter, or send us an email to social@geekinated.com so we can discuss this more on a future show!

MissingRemote Podcast

Jul 28 2014

Review - Fractal Design Node 804 Cube Case

It was nearly a full year ago that we reviewed the Fractal Design Node 304 small form factor cube case, and boy did we like it—it offered a wealth of options packed inside a tiny chassis. The size of it was one of the few gripes, where due to the overall size of the cube it made managing items within it difficult. With the introduction of the Fractal Node 804, they are presenting a significantly larger cube case to answer some the challenges of the small ITX case, as well as broaden the target market for the chassis. While the 304 came in black or white, the 804 only comes in black—which should satisfy the majority of users. At $109, the Fractal Node 804 is $20 more than its predecessor, but seems to bring a lot more to the table.

 Fractal Node 804

Jul 26 2014

Podcast - Missing Remote Podcast Episode 27-31

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Sorry for the lack of post for the podcast on this site. We are still doing the podcast weekly. We are posting them at another site to upload to the podcast feed. You can check out the geekinated site for the shows (http://geekinated.com/category/missingremote/) for the list of the last shows. Please leave in the comments you want a post here as well, or if you follow the:

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Kyle Button
Social Media Director/Senior Editor
kyle (at) missingremote.com
@techbutton on twitter 

MissingRemote Podcast

Jul 20 2014

Blog - The HTPC and why it’s worth the effort

The HTPC (home theater PC) is a great idea and one that is truly close to my heart. Many of you who regularly visit Missing Remote know what an HTPC is. For those that don’t, it is basically an entertainment center powered by a computer. Some have TV and DVR capabilities and some people choose not to have those capabilities and would rather go with a cable box. Not me, I love the TV capabilities in my HTPC. Back in 2002, I started messing around with analog TV tuners that could record cable programming directly on a PC. Being a sports and music enthusiast I could clearly see the benefits of being able to record a show that you know will never be released on video, and be able to archive it forever on a hard drive or DVD. I still have those recordings today and watch them from time to time. Back then, I was not aware of a DVR or PVR mainstream software. TiVo had come out and I thought it was pretty cool; what I didn’t like was the fees required to keep paying for the guide data and their service in addition to the hardware purchase price. My curiosity built when I saw some TV tuners coming with trial versions of a software that could do similar tasks as a TiVo and then you could later buy that software for a one time price. Those worked well and I was surprised and excited which had me building my first “HTPC” system.

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