Jan 02 2015

Blog - Missing Remote @CES2015 - Twitter Coverage

CES 2015

We try to Tweet cool things as we find them, and don't always have time to do a full write up immediately. For those of you who don't use Twitter we've embedded the stream below. If you do have Twitter you can follow @TechButton(Kyle Button), @babgvant(Andrew Van Til), @MikeGarcen(Mike Garcen), or @JohnMcMahon_(John McMahon) and we will be the guys on the floor find the best stuff for your #CES2015 Coverage.


Dec 10 2014

News - Windows 7 + CableCARD? Do not install KB3004394!

Details are a bit sparse, but it appears that the recent KB3004394 patch breaks content protection on Windows Media Center for all CableCARD / Digital Cable Tuners (DCT). Early word was that it affected all platforms, but Silicondust says it's safe for Windows 8+. So if you're running Windows 7 probably best to skip that one for a while.

Dec 03 2014

News - D-Link Now Shipping All-in-One Network Video Recorder (DNR-312L)

If, like me, you're not really sold on putting everything in The Cloud. Relying on remote storage for all of your security camera footage is a concern so it is nice to see D-Link address this with a local endpoint for its IP surveillance cameras. $350 is a bit pricey, but as a device targeted more towards the small business market that is understandable - hopefully we'll also see cheaper options for those who prefer local storage soon.

PR after the break.

Nov 26 2014

News - Fractal Design Announces DEFINE R5 Silent Chassis

Fractal Design makes outstanding cases for not a lot of money. No matter which one we review the outcome has always been the same – solid, well designed, and a great value. So it is great to see them iterating the focused-on-silence Define series with the new R5 which will only run $110-120 depending on whether you want a side window or not.

Full PR after the click.

Nov 25 2014

Review - Perfect Home Theater (PHT) T-ITX-6: Thin-ITX HTPC Chassis

Perfect Home Theater (PHT) T-ITX-6: Thin-ITX HTPC Chassis

There are many different types of home theater PC (HTPC) enclosures; with most falling somewhere in the spectrum between a throw-everything-including-a-big-O’-GPU-in-the-box and the small-silent-discrete varieties. Supporting only Thin-ITX motherboards the $160 Perfect Home Theater (PHT) T-ITX-6 is firmly located in the latter category. That’s not to say that expansion is strictly limited to just an optical disc drive (ODD) however, with the chassis supporting one low-profile PCIe and up to three 3.5” hard drives, or a Slim-line ODD, two 3.5” and one 2.5” storage devices. With such a sleek aluminum profile there must be some compromise required, let’s dig in and find it.

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