Nov 04 2015

News - The Wirecutter Answers "The Best Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones" Question

I love my active noise cancelling headphones because they make everything from air travel to the kid's playdates tolerable. They are on-ear, and in extended blocking er... listening sessions my ears do tend to get a bit sore. I'd be curious if in-ear would be more comfortable when in it for the long haul.

Nov 03 2015

News - Yamaha Introduces RX-S601 Slimeline AV Network Receiver with MusicCast

Googling MusicCast was the first thing I did when this bit of PR showed up in my inbox. If it's your preferred scheme for wireless audio, or just limited for space this $600 AVR could fit the bill nicely. Seems to tick all the right boxes (4K, HDCP2.2, HBR audio, etc.), including one of the most important - decent (YPAO) room correction.

Nov 03 2015

News - Plex Comes to New Apple TV

Plex is on a tear lately. First Android TVs, and now the free app expands to the new Apple TV. Great job Plex!

There truly isn’t any other platform we’ve wanted to be on for as long as we have the Apple TV. Today’s the day, and we’re celebrating. The app is free in the app store for everyone, and requires the latest media server (note: you may need to download and install the very latest server manually for now on certain NAS devices).


Nov 02 2015

News - OpenELEC 6.0 Released

I am a big fan of the embedded OpenELEC version of Kodi. It's a great way to get some extra life out of aging or budget hardware from an easy to install and support platform.

Along side the rev to Kodi 15.2, there are few other notable changes mentioned in the release notes. So make sure to have a quick read.

Go get it.

The OpenELEC team is proud to announce OpenELEC 6.0 (6.0.0)

The most visible change is Kodi 15.2 (Isengard). Beginning with Kodi 15.0 most audio encoder, audio decoder, PVR and visualisation addons are no longer pre-bundled into OpenELEC but can be downloaded from the Kodi addon repo if required. PVR backends such as VDR and TVHeadend will install needed dependencies automatically.


Nov 02 2015

News - 2015 LG OLED Will Do HDR

This isn't really new news but it was the first time I've seen confirmation from a reputable source that 2015 LG OLED models will be (are?) updated to support HDR. This is fantasic, and really the only reason I would have said to hold off grabbing one of these panels if your budget allows.


Nov 02 2015

News - Pocket Lint Reviews LG 950V / EF9500 4K OLED HDTV

Every review I've seen for one of LG's OLED HDTVs has the review drooling all over the panel (and TBF, every LG OLED I've seen in person has elicited the same response from me). If you have the dosh, and the space for one of these large panel displays, it would be hard to do better - this year.

For many serious AV fans - the sort of people who still own or sigh wistfully over the loss of Pioneer or Panasonic plasma TVs - OLED technology has long looked like the answer to their post-plasma TV prayers. The LG 950V (or LG EF9500 as it's known in the US) is the company's first affordable(ish) flat 4K OLED panel, following-up the already excellent curved 960V from earlier this year.

Pocket Lint

Oct 30 2015

News - TweakTown Reviews Areca Technology ARC-1883i Eight-Port 12Gb/s SAS RAID Adapter

I must admit, that I've never heard of Areca before so it was interesting to see what their entry level solution was capable of. It is probably a bit expensive for most home users, but if you're planning to roll-your-own ultimate NAS it could fit the bill.

With the launch of third-generation SAS products, Areca is now offering a full lineup of 12G SAS adapters including the 1883ix-12/16/24 along with the 1883LP, 1883x and the solution we are testing today the ARC 1883i. The 1883i is a dual SFF-8643 RAID controller featuring 2GB of onboard DRAM with a 1.2GHz dual-core RoC.

This solution along with each of the third-generation adapters from Areca are capable of supporting up to 256 12 Gb/s SAS SSD/HDD using the ARC 8028 Expander. As this unit sits it is capable of driving up to eight 12 Gb/s SAS or SATA hard drives along with SSDs if you are so inclined.


Oct 30 2015

News - NikKTech Reviews Noctua NH-L9x65 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

I'm a big fan of Noctua coolers, but they are a bit pricey compared to competing solutions so it's important to do your research and make sure that the HSF you select is providing good value for money.

Most people we know may be serious gamers, overclockers, enthusiasts and professionals who are pretty much always after high-performance when it comes to their PCs but there are also quite a few who are just looking to build a cost-effective system which they can use as an HTPC or just for basic functions like downloading, web surfing and casual gaming. With that into account PC case manufacturers have focused a lot lately in the design and manufacture of small m-ITX and m-ATX PC cases (even 3 liter ones) which as expected really are nowhere near as spacious as regular ATX compatible models and thus require to be fitted with low-profile hardware components. Noctua is one of the very few manufacturers to have released a good number of m-ITX and m-ATX compatible CPU coolers recently and today with us we have their latest NH-L9x65 model which is based on their award winning NH-L9.


Oct 30 2015

News - TweakTown Reviews Promise Pegasus2 R2+ Thunderbolt 2 RAID

I prefer my external storage to be a bit more networky, but I can completely understand why it's not the right choice for everyone. If Thunderbolt is more your thing, this R2+ is worth a read.

The R2+ is the latest two-bay hardware RAID solution from Promise Technology. It carries a unique design that has the standard two bays for your 3.5" hard drives. It also utilizes a pod system for a third media bay that allows media professionals the ability to access media from sources such as SD and Compact Flash while swapping out to a 2.5" Pod allows access to your choice of SSD.



Oct 30 2015

News - Projector Central Reviews BenQ HT3050 and HT2050 Projectors

If you're in the market for a reasonably priced projector, you pretty much have to take a hard look at BenQ's lineup.

The BenQ HT3050 is one of three new full HD 1080p resolution home theater projectors being released by BenQ this fall. Priced at $999, it is the middle option, being a step up from the HT2050 at $799, and flanked on the high side by the HT4050 at $1,399. Since the HT3050 and HT2050 are the same basic projector with some noteworthy variances, this review will focus on the HT3050 and note where the HT2050 diverges. We will address the HT4050, which is a different projector altogether, in a different review.

Projector Central

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