Jan 06 2015

News - HDBaseT To Become IEEE standard

HDBaseT Logo

For the podcast fans, you already know we are all huge fans of HDBaseT. It makes the most sense to find new, better ways to use existing infrastructure rather than require a whole new wiring scheme, which is what HDBaseT at its core accomplishes. While to this point applications have primarily been in businesses, the standard has slowly worked its way into homes as well.

That pace may speed up dramatically now that HDBaseT will become a IEEE standard. As the press release states, the IEEE certification, "...help enhance HDBaseT’s impact and influence in today’s connected world." This is great news for consumers as it should help get more products in the market, increasing selection and maybe even lower the prices.

This is one of the most exciting pieces of news for me from CES 2015. PR after the break.

Jan 06 2015

News - LG adds to the 4K content news at CES

EF9500 (A)_1 GoPro Infill low

CES 2015 seems to be the catalyst for getting content for the 4K screens which are getting better and less expensive. LG is getting into this in a big way with partnerships for content including GoPro, DirectTV VOD, Netflix, Youtube, and more. LG was one of the first LCD screens I bought, and it still delivers great picture for an older screen. I hope the webOS 2.0 that is going into LG's new screens lives up to its promise of ease of use.

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Jan 06 2015

News - BenQ Continues to Impress with the HT1085ST Projector


I got to see a BenQ projector first-hand when Kyle did a review on one last summer. It certainly sold me on the idea of a projector, and will be a strong contender for my next screen purchase when it becomes necessary. Their newest offering, the short throw HT1085ST can project 100" from less than 5 feet away. It also allows for trapezoid correction, so you can mount it on a corner table or wherever you have space.

The brief press information is below, but I must say the details on their website seem to indicate they thought of everything. Not only to they make syncing wireless easy, but they thought of longevity in sealing the mirrors to dramatically slow the aging effect. I will be interested to see how it looks in person.

Jan 06 2015

News - BenQ's treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

Now that's how you title a press release...a registered name which describes what's happening. BenQ actually released this product back in December, but is featuring it as one of their products at CES. That physics problem I mentioned in one of my previous posts? This technology is one of the ways to overcome that in a small package - via an electrostatic membrane to push the air. Basically, the membrane can be much lighter than a traditional speaker, thus more of the energy of the audio goes to push the air. It also means, if designed well, less distortion than a traditional speaker.

The speaker boasts a 12 hour play time per charge, but they admit it depends on "user scenario." The looks still leave a little to be desired, but certainly no functionality was spared based on their description. If the quality is anything like other products we've reviewed, I imagine this will be impressive.

PR after the break.

Jan 06 2015

News - A-Audio Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker Available Late Spring

Music on the go is always a tough design challange, because physics of moving sound somewhat limits how small one can go without sacrificing quality. The press release for the Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker does seem intriguing. It includes a decent sized battery which they say will provide 12 hours of play. Even if it gets half that, it is probably more than enough time to get somewhere to recharge it. A big design feature it the ability to separate the two pieces, providing an advantage over a standard portable speaker, and could serve as a way to provide decent sound in a spare room when needed. As a bonus, it can recharge your phone, which makes the price even more attractive.

I do wish the press release was more specific on the dimensions and other specifications, including what the Three-Stage Listening Technology™ actually means (the release misspells "bass" and doesn't give great detail about how this changes the sound). For the price, it does provide for multiple needs and seems like it would serve its purpose as a portable speaker system well. I wouldn't necessarily buy it for looks, but it seems functionally decent.

PR after the break.

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