Dec 31 2015

News - More details about Axiim have come out

More details about Axiim's wireless home audio solution have come out ahead of CES. The more important is that the "AVR" + speakers will leverage WiSA (a good thing IMO) and they are planning a paid ($1500) BETA program that you can sign up at the website.

Dec 29 2015

News - TIL you can mix/match speaker impedance

I was a bit surprised by the answer because I'm pretty sure I've seen the opposite guidance elsewhere, or I was missing something in the nuance before. Definitely news to me, so well worth passing on. Enjoy, curtesy of AVS Forum.

Dec 29 2015

News - SVS announces Prime Elevation speaker

Directional speakers aren’t a new concept, they are quite common for in-wall installations, but this is the first “normal” speaker application I’ve seen and I think it’s a fantastic idea. While we would all love to have the perfectly shaped theater room, or even dedicated space and that’s where a directional speaker can make a mountain of difference. If you’re fortunate enough to make it to CES next week they will be demoing it, as well as giving away some of their recently announced accessories.

Dec 24 2015

News - DarbeeVision Launches DVP-5000S

I've never had the chance to really look at DarbeeVision's video processors, but my understanding is that opinion is mixed on whether they produce great or oversharpened/processed images. If you were a fan of the Darblet, you should be happy with the $250 DVP-5000S.

Dec 24 2015

Review - Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro

We have all done it – hitting delete with too much confidence, or forgetting to pull a file off disk before formatting. Thankfully, because of how files are stored on disk, it takes a bit to actually, truly, really delete a file, and that is where software solutions like Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro come in. Promising to roll back the clock and recover from these kinds of mistakes, it could provide just the thing, to ah… hypothetically, bring back a folder of mobile friendly encodes of your children’s favorite movies. 

Dec 21 2015

News - GIGABYTE GA-Z170N-WIFI reviewed @ aph networks

With m.2, 2x Intel NIC the GIGABYTE GA-Z170N-WIFI looks like a really solid foundation for a HTPC or mini server, it is a bit disappointing that DisplayPort didn't make the cut...

Dec 19 2015

News - Emby Android apps get music support

While I don't frequently listen to my music library on the go, those without a music service sub will find it indispensable. Which makes the latest feature addtion to Emby's Amazon and Google Android flavors quite welcome.

Dec 18 2015

News - Will hard drives hang on for 20 more years?!

Twenty years ia a long time, especially in the computing world. While I think it's quite likely that hard drives will still be around, I'm not convinced that no matter how hard companies like Seagate push the envelop that it will be a mainstream consumer technology that far in the future. If I had to guess it will be primarily cold storage (like tape now), flash is only getting faster and cheaper. Once we start seeing multi-TB SSDs at reasonable prices, it will be really difficult to find a use for magnetic storage in the home. All that said, Anandtech has a really interesting writeup of what's coming down the road, well worth the read - even if you agree with me. If not, go ahead and tell me why I'm wrong in the comments Smile.

Dec 17 2015

News - Plex opens arms, frees consoles

If you're a PlayStation 3/4 or Xbox One PLEX aficionado, you will be pleased to learn that according to Neowin all three apps have been freed from the shackles of service fees.

Dec 17 2015

News - Who is axiim?

For many, a fully* wireless multi-channel home audio solution is the perfect solution. There are a few players in the market, but I've never run across axiim before. Now obviously we can't be covering every bit player that happens to put out a some home audio kit, but there's something really interesting about the set of people who are following this entrant...

Dec 16 2015

News - Emby adds support for openSUSE, Tumbleweed and Leap

It is beta only currently, but it's great that Emby is expanding to more platforms.

Dec 16 2015

News - Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker Reviewed @ HTR

When I started building my first real audio system, many (many) years ago, funds were well short of what I would have liked, so hunting for a good value proposition was essential. I ended up with a great (for the $) set of Pioneer mains that I absolutely loved, but it took a lot of time and a lot of listening to find them. So I completely agree with the HTR reviewer's praise for Polk Audio expanding the good sounding/great value segment with the $258/pair T50.

Dec 15 2015

News - Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP CPU Cooler Reviewed @ Nikktech

I'm not in love with the SFF-dissing intro, but this Be Quiet! cooler looks nice and comes from a proven brand in um... quiet computing.

Dec 15 2015

News - What's that? Crazy non-K overclocking is possible?!?

It's been a while since I've overclocked my PC, and it's generally frowned upon to even think about overclocking a HTPC (with which I wholeheartedly agree), but this is newsworthy stuff. The concept is essentially the same as the last time I cranked my Pentium 733s up, have a mess with the bus clock because the multiplier is locked, but with Skylake the risk is much, much lower because...

Dec 15 2015

Review - Diamond Multimedia STREAM2TV WPCTV3000 Miracast, iPlay, & DLNA Endpoint

With the explosion in the use mobile devices for storing and playing content it is important to pick the right technology to push your media to the big screen when sharing the experience with multiple people. Whether it is photos, family videos, or Netflix choosing an endpoint which meets all your needs is essential. It is not hard to find a single device that handles Miracast or iPlay, but finding one that has both, plus DLNA, and can do digital and analog output is quite a bit more difficult. Diamond’s $90/£110 WPCTV3000 includes each of those features on its spec sheet; let’s see if it can deliver.

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