Jan 14 2015

News - VeraControl @ CES 2015

The biggest news from Vera Control is that we finally have a controller with the new Series 500 Z-Wave+ SoC. In fact, there will eventually be three different models; VeraEdge, VeraPlus, and VeraSecure, with VeraEdge available now and the other two expected to ship early summer.

Jan 14 2015

News - Intel @ CES 2015

Intel is moving hard into small, low power devices and that was evident in what they were showing at CES this year. We started out with tablets, but the really interesting stuff started when the new Broadwell NUC came out.

Jan 14 2015

Podcast - MissingRemote Podcast 48 - CES is done, lets talk about

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Three went to #CES2015 and we walked miles to cover the best news in HTPC, TV, Home Theater, Sound, and Home Automation. We came back with so much stuff we had to narrow it down and split it up. BenQ is back on our radar with Short Throw Projectors and Bluetooth Speakers. WiSA is bringing the new wireless surround sound systems to market in a few months. Ecovent, help control your home temp and zone out your home. Cube is coming from OOmi. Honeywell home automation and HVAC has joined forces and they are bringing some new stuff. Fibaro has some cool Z-wave home automation items coming. Plex is integrating Gracenote into music and linking Vevo music videos. Earthquake Sound is bringing out some of the best speakers for home theatre and Dolby Atmos around. HD Frequency has some new OTA antennas called the CordCutters that are bringing a better signal to your house. Sling TV is coming out with Streaming TV over the Internet with Replay and VOD we are hopeful. Any last but not least the LG OLED TV is coming to market and it is beautiful.


MissingRemote Podcast

Jan 13 2015

News - Cable Labs Changes OCUR Specification Expanding Copy-Freely Content - MythTV Users Rejoice

CableCARD is the technology that enables HTPC users to build the ultimate DVR. The kind of multi-tuner DVR backed by insane amounts of storage that makes it easy to “meh” when a company proudly proclaims the capabilities of their – not quite as spec’ful – aspirational kit. It has drawback though, especially if you prefer not to use Microsoft Windows Media Center (WMC), because while it is relatively easy to communicate with a Digital Cable Tuner (DCT) using UPnP and get the streams over RTP in applications like MythTV, NextPVR, or SageTV none of these provide support for the bane of CableCARD – DRM. Depending on your cable provider, this is either a huge problem (i.e. Time Warner/Cox) or not that bad (Comcast), at least until recently when the specification changed to allow the card to not provide a CCI flag (the digital indicator which notes Copy-Feely/Once/Never) on for content which should be marked Copy-Freely causing the DCT to fall back to CGMS-A, APS and RC (noted in Annex A above) which in most cases have random or incorrect values assigned. Requiring DRM on a show where it shouldn’t.

Jan 13 2015

News - singlecue @ CES 2015

Finding the perfect universal remote is something of a personal quest for me. I’ve seen, and used, a lot of them and unfortunately I’m still on the hunt. With that in mind I will check out pretty much anything in the space where the vendor is trying something new or interesting, and even then I set the bar low in hopes that, on an off chance, I will discover something promising.

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