Jan 18 2015

News - Internet of Things (IoT) / Eureka Park @ CES 2015

Eureka Park is one of my favorite things about going to CES. It’s a special place where pretty much anyone can come to the show and demonstrate their product. Most are actual products (like UPPER DESK), some will be soon, and others are still questing for funding. With Internet of Things (IoT) (which BTW is a horrible name, but since it essentially means putting a device on the network and having it report, and potentially change, state, and I think that’s too low a bar to use “Smart Device” or something similar let's run with it) commanding focus this year, there were a multitude of different network enabled devices on display making it a great thought exercise on IoT innovation.

Jan 17 2015

News - UPPER DESK @ CES 2015

Our kitchen is small so there really isn’t a good place to put a TV, even a small one. So I often end up watching football of the tablet while getting the Sunday roast started. Finding a good place to put it can be difficult though because I don’t want it down on the counter with the chicken and vegetables so it usually sits across the room – which can make it hard to catch everything. UPPER DESK’s tablet mounts addresses that with a clever and flexible device that looks like it can attach to pretty much anywhere you need it.

Jan 17 2015

News - Zipato @ CES 2015

I don’t remember seeing Zipato at CES last year, so when I noticed their unique Z-Wave ZIPABOX home automation controller (HAC) while roaming the show floor I made a point to stop in and have a look.

Jan 17 2015

News - AEOTEC @ CES 2015

Z-Wave sensor/switch maker AEOTEC teased a new switch before CES, so I made a point to stop by and have a look. It was worth it. Losing ½ the size from the previous generation external module the Smart Switch 6 gains USB support and doesn’t give up any of the energy monitoring features present on the previous generation. We will have to wait a bit (US module coming Q1, no date on EU and AU/NZ), but I will be first in line when it does. There were several other slick devices on display, including a six port powerstrip with four controllable outlets.

Jan 15 2015

News - WiSA @ CES 2015

Creating a new standard for anything is hard. For a market as diverse as home audio, I can only imagine how difficult it is to get OEMs to collaborate, let alone agree on a wireless standard that lets end users build best-of-breed systems according to their needs – instead of playing to the vendor’s desire to lock them into their ecosystem. Fortunately WiSA has done exactly that. I’ve visited with them for three years running, and each time I get to see progress, which is why every year I look forward to seeing what the group that is defining a wireless speaker wire has accomplished.

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