Jan 13 2016

News - UK finally getting UniKey tech lock from ERA Locks

The lack of smart locks in the UK is lamentable, there just aren't any locks that work with the "Night Latch" scheme that is somewhat popular. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will work in my door though (it has a complex multi-bolt through the frame system) Sad.

If you do have a "Night Latch" lock, and were waiting for a Revo-style smartlock, the wait is just about over.

Jan 13 2016

News - Double length GIGABYTE BRIX POC

I reviewed the Iris Pro Brix so I have more than a passing familiarity with the platform. While it was a nice system, it was simply too much CPU in such a tiny box (read loud). So in concept, I can kind of see where GIGABYTE is going with the double length BRIX concept AnandTech is showing off, but on the other hand... the whole point of mini-PCs is that they are small. Small enough to stick on the back of a monitor and roll your own AIO, so I'm not really sold on the idea unless they use the extra size to make something a lot more targeted a the HTPC market. Like a passive BRIX Iris Pro Sky Lake with a BD drive Smile.

Have a look at the board on AnandTech, then let us know what you think of the idea in the comments.

Jan 12 2016

News - NETGEAR R8500 + RN214 + LACP tested @ Anandtech

To get the most out of Link Aggregation, you really need enterprise hardware. Well, that used to be true anyway. NETGEAR has had the technology in their consumer ReadyNAS line for a while, and recently brought it to their high-end Nighthawk X8 R8500 802.11AC router. If you're curious about what that looks like in real terms AnandTech has tested it out.

Jan 12 2016

News - 3D audio firm Auro Technologies steps into hardware. Will launch two AVR lines this year.

Audio is a critical part of the immersive viewing experience, perhaps even more so than the visual aspect - it draws you in, makes you forget reality, suspend disbelief, and embrace the filmmakers fable as it unfolds. As good as the home theater experience has become, there is still a lot of ground to cover when it comes to 3D audio. Which is where a company like Auro Technologies comes it. Historically they have focused strictly on the software sides of things (CODEC/algorithims), but they have decided to branch out and make hardware as well this year and will be launching some high-end AVRs. While they will probably focus primarly on the CI market, as we all know these sorts of things eventually trickle down to the rest of us with a little time. I for one, will be watching them closely to see how both sides of the business develop.

Jan 11 2016

News - Intel Compute Stick nets upgrade

I reviewed the original [Bay Trail] Intel Compute Stick about a year ago, and while it was neat - the media/Wi-Fi performance was a bit anemic. Of course, as is the case with many things, a little bit of time (allowing for steady march of improvement) can fix a lot. So I'm much more enthusiastic about the upcoming Cherry Trail and especially Core M versions of the Compute Stick. If you are interested in seeing what is in store, Anandtech has the skinny.

Jan 08 2016

News - Emby for iOS updated to 1.05

Glad to see this one, well the wife will be Smile.

Version 1.05 is in process of publishing to the app store.

This version includes a fix for Live TV playback getting stuck on the first frame and then not recovering. Big thanks to everyone in the beta group who helped tested this issue.


Jan 06 2016

News - Klipsch brings WiSA speakers to market

It looks like 2016 might be the year when WiSA wireless speaker tech finally hits the market in a real way. I have been following the standard for several years, and having heard it in action can attest to its performance. Really looking forward to seeing how it develops, sad I couldn't make it this year to listen to Klipsch's new line of reasonably priced speakers.

Jan 06 2016

News - ASUS CES 2016 announcements

I think ASUS forgot to mention HTPC as a key use case for its recently announced mini-PCs. Looking at the spec's and product photos, they would slot right into the A/V cabinet Smile.

Jan 06 2016

News - D-Link CES 2016 announcements

D-Link made a few announcements earlier today around new products and features (IFTTT!), but I think the most interesting is a home 802.11AC kit with adaptive roaming. Of all the questions I get asked about Wi-Fi, how to seemlessly extend a wireless network is the most common. Adaptive roaming has been around for ages in the enterprise space, but AFAIK this is the first really consumer oriented product to offer the automated AP hand-off feature. I'm really looking forwared to testing it - if it lives up to the billing, D-Link will have a fantastic feature advantage. Here's to hoping that it's not just a kit feature, but also something that can be added to their existing routers as well.

Jan 05 2016

News - Amped Wireless announces pair of AC2600 MU-MIMO home Wi-Fi devices

It's unclear to me what's different between the router and Amped Wireless's earlier AC2600 device, but it's great that they now have an AC2600 extender and the price of both is pretty compelling.

Jan 05 2016

News - Amped Wireless Debuts First Long Range, High Power HD Wi-Fi Cameras with up to 3X the Range

Range is a big problem with Wi-Fi cameras because they usually get deployed at the edges, so 3x the range of normal devices sounds like a killer feature for the new Amped Wireless cameras.

Jan 05 2016

News - Zipato announces ZipaTILE HAC

If you're looking for a snazzy looking home automation controller (HAC), the quad-core ARM9 Android 5 based ZipTILE looks really interesting. Especially considering the compute power, HA ecosystem support (Z-Wave, Zigbee, Nest, etc.) and sensors. I've never played with Zipato's kit, but the demo I saw last year was pretty impressive.

Jan 05 2016

News - Roku beefs up RokuTV platform, includes HDR reference design

Roku has one of the best OTT platforms available. I wish more TV OEMs would include it on board, instead of their proprietary SmartTV implementation. While I doubt it will happen, it's great that Roku is expanding the offering and produced a HDR reference design - it could happen Smile.

Jan 05 2016

News - NETGEAR announces four new products at CES 2016

NETGEAR has added an AC2600 802.11AC router, expanded its cable modem router offering, brought out the first AC2200 Wi-Fi range extender, and a PowerLINE Wi-Fi 1000 adapter kit to its product portfolio as well as annouced that the Arlo Q (hardwired) cameras are now available for purchase.

Dec 31 2015

News - More details about Axiim have come out

More details about Axiim's wireless home audio solution have come out ahead of CES. The more important is that the "AVR" + speakers will leverage WiSA (a good thing IMO) and they are planning a paid ($1500) BETA program that you can sign up at the website.

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