Mar 13 2014

News - Plex New Update includes Chromecast for All

Plex has released an update to the mobile apps today for Android and iOS devices. They hadve added Chromecast to both platforms and you no longer have to be a Plex Pass member to reapPlex Logo the benefits. We are going to be talking about Chromecast this week on the podcast, recorded Live every Sunday evening. We are excited to finally see this option out to the masses, Missing Remote checked it out at CES and it had a ton of potential. They have also releasing Music shuffle and Camera upload from your mobile device to your server to view your pictures on your Plex devices and listen to your music anywhere. Check out the update in the App stores and come back and let us know what you think. Check out the link to the post below.


Mar 25 2013

News - Plex for iOS v3.1 Now Available

Plex Mobile Media Server

The Plex team has released a fairly major update to Plex for iOS, bringing the iOS version's featureset up to par with the Android version. The two biggest features are the enhanced filtering that was first introduced with Plex/Web and the mobile media server. With the mobile media server, a device can be used as a Plex server for sharing media with Plex clients, creating a Plex server that one can take on the road. There are also the usual assortment of bug fixes to accompany the other new features which include variable scrubbing speed sliders for all media and the addition of the experimental universal transcoder. 

Ever since the all new Plex for Android was released, iOS users have been wondering when they’d be able to enjoy some of the new features on their devices, and we’re incredibly happy to say that day has finally come.

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Nov 27 2012

News - PlexSync is the New PlexPass Feature

The release of Plex Media Server also marked the release of Plex/Web, the first new feature for Plex developed under the PlexPass subscription program that the Plex team introduced earlier this year. PlexPass subscribers now have another early-release feature to play with: PlexSync. PlexSync will be a new feature for the Plex mobile clients that promises to greatly simplify the process of syncing media from Plex Media Server to a Plex-enabled mobile device for offline consumption. PlexSync will ensure that media is converted to an appropriate format, sync up metadata to match the content, track watch states, and even protect your cellular data allotment by restricting syncing to a Wi-Fi network connection. Perhaps the most interesting detail is that PlexSync is being developed with an accompanying API for third-party extension. PlexSync is currently only available to PlexPass subscribers on iOS, but Android is in the works. PlexSync will be a premium feature, so although PlexPass subscribers will have to pay for the new feature when it is released, they will have unfettered access in the meantime.


Syncing media to the device is probably the most highly requested features since we launched the mobile apps, and rightly so. Using PlexSync, you can flag content from your library (or from certain channels) for download. Once you’ve done that, your server will convert the content you selected to a compatible format, and the mobile client will download the content to your device so you can view it when you’re offline.

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Nov 23 2012

News - Plex Media Server v0.9.7.3, Plex/Web Released

A couple of months ago, coinciding with the release of Plex Media Server version, the Plex team made a couple of big announcements. The first announcement was the introduction of PlexPass, a new subscription system that would provide Plex supporters with early access to new features in develpoment. The second announcement was the introduction of a new Plex web client, which would also be the first new beta feature made available to PlexPass members. The new web client, dubbed Plex/Web has evidently been given a thorough working over by the PlexPass community and is now ready to break cover into general availability with the release of Plex Media Server version There are new multi-selection options, remote playback tools, and universal search all on tap with Plex/Web, and the Plex team is touting a greatly improved first-run experience with a new setup wizard. As for Plex Media Server, there are updates to support Plex/Web, but more importantly, a brand-new transcoder that should be more efficient in how it uses CPU resources and a host of API updates to improve metadata management. The Plex team is pretty excited about this new release, and with so many new features it is easy to see why.


We’re super excited about Plex/Web, and we suspect you will be too. It’s the fastest and richest Plex client that exists today for managing, browsing and playing your content. No, it’s not a replacement for the gorgeous Plex Media Center, but you can run Plex/Web from anywhere in the world in any (reasonably modern) web browser.

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Aug 31 2012

News - Plex Updates Media Server, Introduces PlexPass and Plex Web Client

Plex Web Client

The good folks over at Plex have updated the Plex Media Server to version Included are the usual collection of bug fixes, most targeting specific hardware or file format issues, including a fix to reduce memory and threads usage that will be welcome for Plex users running their server on a low-powered machine. However, updating Plex Media Server seems to have been a means to an end this time around as the new media server sets up two big announcements from the Plex team.

This is the first part, in which we release a new version of the Plex Media Server, fixing a number of issues, and adding a few tasty nuggets.

Plex Blog

First up is the introduction of PlexPass. PlexPass is a new, optional subscription service that will cost $3.99 a month. PlexPass members will get early access to new features and access to private forums for discussing the new features being tested and provide feedback. The announcement of PlexPass comes with the announcement that the Plex team is planning on offering premium features for Plex in the future. There's no word on what these premium features will be or how much they will cost, but PlexPass members will have free access to these forthcoming premium features while in beta and will receive a discount on the final versions.

Jul 26 2012

News - Plex for Android Updated with Remote Control and Experimental Transcoding

Plex on AndroidThe good folks at Plex have released a relatively substantial update to their Android app, fixing a number of bugs and adding two big new features. First up is a remote control, allowing for control of Android-based Plex devices as well as enabling remote browsing and streaming from other devices. The other new feature is a beta version of Plex's "Quicksilver" transcoder. The Quicksilver transcoder requires version or higher of Plex Media Server and the Plex developers are quick to stress the beta nature of this new transcoder, so use at your own risk. It was also interesting to note the Plex team has been demoing on the Vizio Google TV, especially in light of the budding interest that Vizio has already managed to cultivate with their stand-alone Google TV set top box. 

It’s been far too long, in our opinion, since the last release of Plex for Android. Despite all appearances to the contrary, we’ve not been idling. In addition to being at GoogleIO and demoing on the new Vizio Google TV, we’ve been deep in the bowels of the labs at Plex working on some new features.

Plex Android Blog

May 22 2012

News - Big Week for Plex: Local Media Agent, New Releases, Sony Google TV

The folks behind Plex have been busy this last week. First up was the release of a new Local Media Agent to make it easier to add custom posters and background art to the TV library. I tend to be picky about my metadata, especially the images I use, and few things drive me crazier than software that overrides my choice of artwork or refuses to allow me to specify my own artwork when none is available online, so this will be a welcome addition.

TheTVDB might not have a show, or maybe you want to create a completely custom section to organize your home videos into seasons and episodes. We just pushed a new Local Media Agent (which you’ll automatically get in the next few hours), that makes it really easy!

Plex Blog

Of course, that was just the beginning of the new releases as Plex Media Server and the Plex desktop client both got updates as well. There are a ton of bug fixes for both, particularly for the Mac OS X versions, as well as several new features. Plex Media Server undoubtedly got the most exciting new features with the addition of a new media analysis scanner that should result in better transcoding later and the feature I am most looking forward to trying out: support for non-DRM iTUnes video and iTUnes U. I still like to download my video podcasts, but have had little luck finding a 10 foot UI-friendly way of displaying those podcasts with the embedded metadata.

 The media server analyzes your media for a few reasons: In order to extract a thumbnail, and to glean details about the exact format and codecs in the file. The latter is critical in order for players to determine what files they can consume without transcoding, which can be Direct Streamed (remuxed), and which need to be transcoded.

Plex Blog

Finally, the last bit of Plex news comes not from Elan and his team, but rather, courtesy of Sony. Sony has let slip that they will be shipping their forthcoming Google TV devices with the Plex app pre-installed. With Plex pre-installed, Sony's Google will be better prepared out of the box to handle local media and offer another outlet for accessing online streaming content. Sony's device will receive a customized version of Plex and there's no word yet on how it differs.

Sony hearts Plex: The CE maker will deliver its next generation of Google TV devices, scheduled to be released in the U.S. and beyond this summer, with the Plex app pre-installed to give users simple access to local media and add cloud media sharing to the Google TV platform.


May 10 2012

News - Plex Media Server v0.9.6.1 Now Available

The last release of the Plex Media Server brought the beta platform to version 0.9.6 and added some pretty big features, including DLNA and Silverlight Smooth Streaming service support. The new release pushes the version number slightly higher to version and does offer several new features including support for the Netgear ReadyNAS Duo v2 and more streaming choices over 3G, but nothing quite as headline-grabbing. Instead, this release is much more focused on squashing bugs. Many of the fixes are related to DLNA and SLSS, but there are are also the usual round of general fixes for issues with things like subtitles and transcoders.

We’re happy to announce a new release of the Plex Media Server; this is a followup to the last beta release, which was the first to support DLNA and Silverlight Smooth Streaming, and fixes a number of issues in those areas, along with some other things.

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Mar 28 2012

News - Plex Roku Channel Available Officially

Plex has offered a private channel for the Roku family of streamers for quite awhile, but the Plex team has announced that the official Plex Roku Channel in finally available in the Roku Channel Store. It's not just a change in status either. Roku for Plex has also been updated with a number of new features. The new version includes a revamped UI with a grid layout similar to the recently updated Plex for Google TV UI. There is also full myPlex support to simplify setup, audio and photo support, and Direct Play to avoid transcoding when possible. Roku boxes have a tendency to be a bit picky about accepting file encoding, so I wonder how often turning on Direct Play will prove to be hindrance rather than an asset

Plex for Roku

They have a line of lovely little devices, starting at just fifty bucks, capable of 720p on the low end, and 1080p and Angry Birds on the high end. They also have a great SDK which allows third parties to write Roku Channels, and we’re extremely happy to let you know that as of today, the Plex Roku Channel is now officially available in the Roku Channel Store.

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Mar 15 2012

News - Plex for Google TV Gets Home Screen Overhaul

Plex for Google TV has been updated with a fancy new look. The app's home screen has been overhauled to make moving through media categories and finding new media easier. The new home screen also makes it easier to access the most recently used online content channels. Plex has always had a clean look and the new Google TV home screen appears to do a nice job of exposing more media at the top level without cluttering the screen. I hope we will see this new, more refined look extend to other Plex clients in the future. As always, Plex for Google TV is available through the Android Marketplace. The Plex team is promising that the new home screen is just the first in a series of updates coming to the Google TV client. Any thoughts on what you would like to see next?

Plex for Google TV

The home page is divided into two parts – on the left are the movie, TV shows, photo and music sections that you added to the media server during setup. You’ll also see sections for recently used channels, your myPlex queue as well as sections others are sharing with you. The right side will show you details as you flip through items on the left. Plex shows you the most important information from each section so that you spend less time looking for media and more time enjoying it.

Plex Android Blog

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