Feb 28 2013

News - Onkyo Releases Fix for TX-NR818 24p Issue

As the months dragged on I was a bit concerned that the issue noted in our review of the TX-NR818 where it converted 23.976 content to 24.000 was not going to get fixed. Thankfully that is not the case because today Onkyo released a firmware update that resolves it (and a couple other issues) - Huzzah!

I've been running a beta version for a few weeks and it's been working great, so if you have a 2012 Onkyo AVR grab a USB stick and get updating.

Also, it's worth thanking Onkyo (and the people there who advocated for us) for doing the right thing here; not every company does.

Jul 26 2011

News - 24p Works on Intel Sandy Bridge With UAC Enabled

Last week we posted an update on the need to disable User Account Control (UAC) on Intel's second generation HD Graphics IPG (Sandy Bridge) systems, but we still weren't sure how to reliably reproduce the results.  Well a new DH67BL showed up today along with instructions on how to enable the feature on existing hardware which explains why we couldn't nail it down before.

Jul 17 2011

News - Intel SandyBridge UAC Update

In the last podcast I mentioned that I'd heard some talk that Intel was working on a fix for the UAC work around requirement for better refresh rate precision with Sandy Bridge GPUs, but hadn't figured out how to reproduce it yet...  Well I found a semi-public driver that might just be the key.

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