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Oct 27 2010

About Us

MissingRemote is a home for all things home theater and HTPC related products. MissingRemote was launched in 2006 by former HTPCNews.com editors Alan Cooke and John Clabaugh. In July 2009 Mike Garcen took over the site, and handed it off to Andrew Van Til in 2015.


Andrew Van Til | andrew@missingremote.com | @babgvant

Andrew has been with MissingRemote since August, 2009. A longtime home theater enthusiast, he got started with HTPC in 1999 after installing a DVD-ROM drive and pulling A/V cables from the office to the TV. In addition to MissingRemote, Andrew also maintains several free HTPC software applications including DVRMSToolbox and LcdWriter at babgvant.com.


Senior Editors:

Mike Garcen | mike@missingremote.com | @mikegarcen

Mike has been with MissingRemote.com since 2006 and owner since 2009. Additionally, he is an editor/moderator at Media Center forum TheGreenButton.com since 2003, and has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2005 until present. He has been an avid Home Theater PC (HTPC) enthusiast since 1999 when he built his first with an AMD K6-2 400mhz system, and also served as Senior Product Manager at boutique home theater PC company Niveus Media, Inc from 2007 through 2010. Since late 2011, Mike has worked as regional product manager for the mobility division at Belkin, International.

Kyle Button | kyle@missingremote.com | @techbutton

Contributing Editors:

David Norman | david@missingremote.com
Matt Wright | matt@missingremote.com
George Schmauch | george@missingremote.com
Ryean Vergara | crazy@missingremote.com
Daniel Schoerner | dan@missingremote.com
John Clabaugh | john@missingremote.com
Alan Cooke | alan@missingremote.com
Tim | lothar@missingremote.com

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