Dec 04 2015

News - Skylake cannot handle the pressure.

Stress is difficult. Sometime almost impossible to deal with, and when that happens you're forced to break, or bend, if you happen to be a CPU. Thankfully there doesn't appear to be a "gate" associated with what is turning out to be quite an issue for some third-party HSF suppliers (see the Ars article for more detail and links). With ARCTIC (my favorite budget HSF OEM) proactively stating that all of their coolers are fine, but shipping could be the problem...

Feb 05 2013

News - ARCTIC Bundles OpenELEC with Lower Priced MC001-XBMC

When I'm building a dedicated XBMC box, I often turn to the "embeddded" OpenELEC distro because of its drop-dead simple installation process and just-works feature set. And now with XBMC 12 is out, bringing a modern audio pipeline and Live TV to the platform, it's a great time to upgrade or check out the HTPC software. If you need a box to do this, it would be worth taking a look at ARCTIC's MC001-XMBC which offers an Atom CPU, AMD 5430, DVD drive and OpenELEC 3.0 pre-installed for $229 out the door. Of course if you're interested, you'll need to hurry; this offer is only good until they run out of stock.

Apr 23 2012

News - ARCTIC Announces Continuous Operation (CO) PWM Fans


I use ARCTIC's PWM fans in most of my personal systems because they're quiet and they do a good job cooling the PC so it's great to see the lineup expanding to include options directly targeting always on systems - like the file server.

Full PR after the click.

Feb 07 2012

News - Arctic Announces AMD Trinity Based SFF HTPC

Arctic MC101

With AMD's Trinity APU/IPG coming in the near future it is great to see what OEMs are planning to do with the part. No word on price or timing, but Arctic has released a picture and some [subject to change without notice] specs for their next generation small form factor (SFF) HTPC built on the CPU/GPU combo. I think it looks great, but I'm a sucker for brushed aluminum; hopefully we'll see something with Zacate like power use and better than Llano performance in the A/V stack.

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