4 Features to Consider Before Buying A Home Theater System

Nov 13 2017

4 Features to Consider Before Buying A Home Theater System

Well, to delve into the fantastic audio-quality intended by the perfect filmmakers and other entertainers of today’s era, it has become something mandatory to have a surrounding sound system with the television. You might think that your HDTV would equally serve the purpose but the scenario is definitely somewhat different! It will certainly not sound like the real big thing which is nothing but a home theater system of premium quality.

So, if you are still not having one in your home then just make a move soon! You can even grab the exhilarating deals from the websites like Dealslands and save huge bucks while making a purchase.

But, before you hop into the store, just ensure that you know well about what should you look for while buying a home theater system?

Don’t really have an idea? Then, just read ahead and know!

1. DVD quality is important

In most of the home theater systems, you will get an output of 480i which is the type of signal that is used by the common TV broadcasts. Some of such systems also offer 480p which sounds fantastic on a high-definition TV like Plasma or LCD.

So, if you have such kind of television in your home then just opt for a player which can easily upconvert the standard-definition content to 1080p.

2. Check out the video output

When it comes to the DVD player of the home-theater systems then make sure that it must have a component video connection of higher quality when compared to the S-video or composite video. It’s because, at the same point of time when the latter two are able to transmit up to 480p video, the component video ensures that the transfer of upconverted and HD video signals occurs in a hassle free way.

3. Look for variety of ports

The DVD player in the home theater system should have a multiple number of ports to let you hook up other types of gadgets with it. So, make sure the home theater that you intend to buy must possess this feature. A USB port is quite obligatory when you are about to attach a pen drive or hard disk drive. And, when it comes to attaching a laptop then an HDMI port is useful.

Also, if you plan to connect an MP3 player then make sure that there is a mini-jack input present.

4. Choose the channels cautiously

You can usually find the home theater systems in the market which have things like 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 etc. mentioned over the same. Here, the first digit signifies the number of speakers and .1 refers to the sub-woofer.


Well, this sub-woofer is quite an important feature. You can’t get the required level of bass delivered with most of the speakers if you love to listen to music like classical, blues or jazz. For that, you need a sub-woofer! 

So, generally, you ought to buy such a home theater system which has a 10-12 inch woofer cone if you have a plan to place it in a spacious room.

However, if you are a cinephile then don’t go for anything else other than the 5.1. If you go for this one then you would get a couple of front speakers along with two surround speakers and a center-channel speaker with the system.

Your Turn

So, I hope now you are aware of the fact that these essential attributes are something that you must check out before you buy a home theater system. Then, what are you waiting for? Just consider these things and purchase an awesome home theater soon to spruce up the episodes of entertainment in your life immensely.  



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