The Best Degree Programs for E-Commerce Store Owners

Dec 14 2016

The Best Degree Programs for E-Commerce Store Owners

Today, owning an e-commerce store can be a very lucrative business idea with much potential for growth and success. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people embrace the convenience and ease of shopping online for a huge assortment of different products and services. However, thanks to big e-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay, starting and running a successful, profitable online store often takes a lot of hard work in order to beat the competition. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for e-commerce store owners to return to college in their plight to improve their own skills and knowledge, eventually improving their company. We’ve put together some of the best degree programs for e-commerce store owners.


As an e-commerce store owner you’re probably more than aware that your marketing department needs to be the most important. When you sell your products online, it’s even harder to gain an edge over your competition as the very nature of shopping online means that customers can quickly decide to shop with a competitor instead within a matter of seconds. Because of this, your marketing campaigns and strategies need to be given much thought and consideration, therefore studying it in more depth, for example by taking a marketing degree online can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make it big in e-commerce.


If you are a business owner who has already been to college and earned your bachelor’s degree, your next choice of study is probably going to be an advanced degree such as a master’s degree in order to build on your existing qualifications. As a business owner, studying for an MBA can be an awesome option as this will provide you with a well-rounded knowledge of business, not only improving your skills and knowledge of running and marketing an e-commerce store, but providing you with many other skills that you could use for any future business ventures or pursuing employment. An MBA is one of the most respected qualifications in the business world, and could even help you get business funding!


Running an e-commerce store may not require a huge amount of start-up capital, but you’ll need to have a good idea of finance, tax and accounting in order to ensure that your company runs smoothly and maintains a positive cash flow. As an e-commerce store owner, studying for a finance degree could mean that you can take care of your own business’ finances competently, meaning that you’ll save money on an accountant.

Business Management

If you are hoping to employ workers or hire freelancers to help you put your business together and eventually run it, one thing that you will certainly need to work on is your management skills. Even if you’re already a good manager with plenty of experience, working towards becoming the best leader possible is one of the best ways to be successful as a business owner. Business management and online marketing degrees are widely available at all levels, and can be one of the best ways to transform the way you lead your business.

Are you an e-commerce store owner with a college degree? What did you study, and why? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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