The Best Laptops for Masters Students

Nov 22 2016

The Best Laptops for Masters Students

When you’re working toward a master's degree, you need a computer that will put in as much work as you do. Countless advanced degree students have attempted to complete their research papers and dissertations on old computers that could not keep up with their vigorous workloads, crashing, quitting or destroying valuable data at the most inconvenient of times. If you have a masters in business administration online degree that you are working on, and you know that you need a laptop that is fast, advanced and backed by a comprehensive warranty, check out these options. The best laptops for master’s students are affordable, powerful and designed to help students complete their studies better than most other computers.

HP EliteBook Folio G1

Online MBA degree students have a friend in the HP EliteBook Folio G1 model laptop. Featuring a battery designed for extended, continuous use, you can take this laptop with you while you run errands, make entries, check your email and update your class schedule without needing to stop and charge it very often. The HP EliteBook Folio G1 is another laptop that has a sleek, thin design that makes it possible to store it in the unlikeliest of places. There’s a ton of USB ports so that you can attach all of your accessories at once, and your laptop will still run strong.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This is the best-selling Microsoft laptop now available for sale. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is popular with AACSB online MBA students, mainly because it is versatile, portable and easy to setup. You can use the Surface Pro as a tablet, saving space and getting fast results. Alternatively, you can pull out the retractable keyboard and use the Surface Pro 4 as a full scale laptop. The choice is entirely yours, and users are reporting that they thoroughly enjoy having the option.

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple products are well-known for being durable and long lasting, and the newest MacBook Pro is no different. Students have been a fan of the MacBook Pro series for a long time as it provides access to exclusive programs and benefits that aren’t available on Microsoft compatible devices. You are guaranteed to have access to a dynamic computing experience with the MacBook Pro, and the laptop’s automatic syncing feature enables you to easily backup your data via the iCloud with minimal effort. If you need a computer that you will continue to use even after you graduate college, this laptop may be up your alley.

Many master’s degree students keep their most important research, notes and documents on their computers, as many can’t be bothered to back-up their data every time they add something new. This means that the computers used for completing master’s degrees should be stable and feature built-in tools that keep personal information safe. The great laptop options listed above contain some of the newest and innovative model laptops on the market currently. Focus more on your studies and graduate without worrying about your laptop quitting on you before you have degree in hand.

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