A Few Of My Favorite Things

Oct 20 2009
A recent Engadget HD podcast got me thinking about the new and returning shows I like, and don't like.  To not be totally derivative a middle category has been added; so glad storage is cheap.  My list is below, share yours in the comments.

Watch Weekly:

  • Modern Family - This is my favorite new show, and could be tops this season.  The writing is clever, funny and perfectly awkward I wish it was a full 60 min.
  • Glee - To be honest I didn't expect to like this one; only watched the Pilot because my wife put it on while I was in the room.  The first episode (Pilot+1) was a let down, but making it to number two was worth it.  Consistently delivers lines so funny (and unrepeatable) I can't believe it's allowed on OTA.  Also the first show I've seen to slur my people, good stuff.
  • Sons of Anarchy - The first season of SOA was solidly in the "Taking Up Space" category, but season two has me hooked.  Maybe it's because I've been looking for something to replace the empty space left by "The Shield" (WOW, was the last season a disappointment), or maybe I just need some grit to wash away the "Single Ladies" that keeps rattling around my head.

Taking Up Space:

  • Fringe - Season one got me through the dry months of summer, and no movement here. 
  • Heroes -I'm afraid to even sample this one.  If it's anything like last season this one will be getting "Concrete Shoes".
  • Titan Maximum - I love "Robot Chicken" so when I heard about this show I was pretty excited.  The first show was pretty rough so while I decide if I'll make the time for #2...
  • Mad Men - Season one was really good, but I had a hard time maintaining momentum through season two.  Probably check it out over the winter break and see if I missed something or it can wait until summer. 
  • Dark Blue - I'm embarrassed to admit that this is even on my favorites list.  What can I say; it was summer and the heat must have gotten me :)  Very much mindless brain candy.

Concrete Shoes:

  • Flash Forward - Despite some initial promise, and really stunning visuals, the characters are flat and uninteresting.  It takes a special (read bad) show to not make it into the "Taking Up Space" category after two episodes.
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