My Reintroduction to a Digital Home

Oct 15 2013

I've spent the past few years under a (digital) rock with limited space and opportunity to develop, create and maintain a digital home ecosystem. I've focused more on my trade than my entertainment, and now it shows as I'm reintroducing myself to the ideas and concepts of a digital home.

Many of you don't know me, so here's a brief background of why you may become dumber from having read what I have to say…

Mike and I go back, both personally and professionally, over a decade. We met through Craigslist (Casual Encounters) and explored the world of HTPC's together for a few years before we each moved on. A few years later, I was fortunate enough to become a Microsoft MVP for Windows Media Center and worked for one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, providing a bridge between the Windows Media Center community and the product managers and engineers I worked with daily. I, literally, had my hands in HTPC's every day and shared my knowledge and experiences with others (since I could afford to make mistakes others couldn't).

Fast forward half a decade and a dramatic sob story not even fitting for a Ron Howard script, I return to a once familiar scene, rebuilding an ecosystem fit for my digital life and those around me.

So, for now, this space will be my reintroduction to a digital home…


LOL, wow, i forgot that's how we met! (On craigslist FS, not casual encounters! I think i was buying, what, a TV tuner?) Time flies man, good to have you back in this world

Come'on man! You don't have to lie, but I get it, we have to use code around here...

So if you got a "TV Tuner," what would a "Video Card" be?


More Garcen stories please.

mikinho wrote:

More Garcen stories please.

Don't tempt him!!! 

Mike Garcen wrote:

mikinho wrote:

More Garcen stories please.

Don't tempt him!!! 

Yes please do... 

Sounds like an interesting blog to follow...  What systems to choose when starting out on this adventure again. Things have moved on significantly in the past couple of years, players have come and gone, apps no longer being developed, etc.

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