Myths about HTPCs, or why they are worth the investment

Dec 07 2016

Myths about HTPCs, or why they are worth the investment

To buy a home theater PC is definitely a big decision, probably as big as the question every person who dreams of having this wonder of technology at home asks – why do I need it? Interestingly, price is not always the matter – after all, there is an opportunity to build an HTPC for less than $500, which makes it absolutely affordable. For many people it is much more important to find out whether HTPCs are indeed as worthy of investment as they seem to be. However, this question is not as rhetorical as it sounds. To answer it, one just needs to ask – why not to have an HTPC, actually? 

Those who have HTPCs at home would agree that it would take quite a lot of time to enumerate all their advantages. In any case, this wouldn’t make much sense because you may find this information here, as well as because advantages are definitely not what stops people from doing what they dream to do. Much easier (and more appropriate) task is to focus on disadvantages of HTPCs, or at least on what is often believed to be these disadvantages.

One of the most common misconceptions about HTPCs is that it is necessary to be a computer expert not just in order to install and maintain this system, but even to use it. In fact, if you think more deeply, you will see that this assumption sounds no less than ridiculous. Millions of people (including children) use multiple computing products, various tablets and smartphones, and other gadgets of all types on a daily basis. In other words, thinking that HTPCs are too complicated is similar to being afraid to buy the latest model of a mobile phone.

Another popular misconception suggests that the price for what HTPCs can do is unreasonably high. In fact, it may be as high as you want to make it. After all, there are numerous advices on how to build an HTPC on the cheap. Besides, where would you find a single device with such a functionality, starting from the opportunity to watch, record, pause and rewind live television to automatic protection of you music and video from hard drive crashes?    

Finally, an HTPC is a great chance to turn even an ordinary family home evening into an unforgettable experience. If you still think that a basic TV set or a DVD player may do the same, you are definitely mistaken. The difference lies in the quality of technology. Those who have experienced their favorite games or movies through an HTPC would never say that this is the same as a standard technology.

Don’t you agree that the mere opportunity to enrich your family life definitely deserves any investments? An HTPC is obviously the chance. If you are still hesitating, try to think what an investment actually is. Many people believe that a good investment should always offer some sort of monetary return. That’s exactly what makes long-term deposits, high frequency trading, Forex or any other finance-related methods of profit making so popular and lucrative. Nevertheless, this is only partially true. A good investment should not necessarily return money. After all, there are so many things that are much more important, don’t you think so?     

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