Sage My Movies Preview

Jul 01 2010

PluckyHD has done some amazing things with SageTV, the most popular being Sage Movie Wall.  Instead of converting the wall for Sage V7, he's been working on a port of MyMovies for Sage V7 conveniently called Sage MyMovies (SMM).  The private beta has been running for a couple months now and what he has accomplished not only gives V7 users a fantastic replacement for the stock video library but also highlights what the new animation and rendering system in V7 is capable of. 

Now SMM isn't quite ready for a public beta (probably not until the end of July), but Plucky has decided it's time to share some screen shots and a video that will give all the Sagies out there something to look forward to.

SMM provides a view for pretty much everyone, and each view has an incredible amount of options for how it is presented.

SageTV Movie Wall

Here is an example of the "Wall" view with the movies organized horizontally.  Even the little things, like how much space is inserted between each thumbnail is an option.  This is the one to "WOW" your guests with; literally dropped a few jaws.

SageTV Movie List

This is the "List" view, and at least for now my favorite (I have a hard time picking between this and the wall).

SageTV Cover Flow

The "Coverflow" is also really popular, but while it's great for checking out what movies you have - if you have a large movie library selecting a specific title in the "m's" can take a bit of browsing.

SageTV movie posters

The "Poster" view is my son's favorite.  He really likes that you can see the whole fanart image on the side.

SageTV Movie

Where like the other views it's behind the thumbnails in the "Sideways" view.

SageTV Movies Genre

I'm not a "Genre" browser, but for those who are - you have to like what Plucky's given you.

SageTV Movie Options

And finally, a screen shot of the configuration panel that slides out from the side.  It's really hard to do SMM justice with a bunch of pictures so check out the video that Plucky made that really shows off how fast and capable it is.



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