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Jan 24 2011

Those waiting for SageTV to get Copy Freely Digital Cable Tuner (aka CableCARD) support will just need to wait a litle bit longer.  I sent out a few copies of SageDCT to a private beta group earlier this evening Smile


I did an article about SageTV recently for Home Toys.  I would love to review this for either Home Toys, Home System Integration, or both!

Feel free to contact me, I'd appreciate it!


FX HD has some strange relationships. Here on TWC if you record it with a cableCARD device it's marked copy once. However it's also available as clearQAM and if you record that way, there is no protection.

There are other strange channels such as A&E HD which is SDV but copy freely and Cartoon HD which is SDV but copy freely. There you need a cableCARD tuner and a tuning resolver, but the content is copy freely. I would imagine that those channels would show up on Sage TV whereas on TWC if you use the cableCARD it wouldn't get FX HD.


a coule of quick questions

1) Does this removes the dependency on WMC to actually handle tuning the channel?

2) If the answer to 1 is correct, how long is the tuning delay? I'm hoping its significantly better than the hdpvr.



1- Yes

2- About 8 seconds

Sorry for being incredibly uninformed about sage (used it a very long time ago), but how does this work?  Is this 3rd party?  Will I be able to play all recorded content and live tv on the sage extender?  Thanks, this may get me to pick up a copy of Sage again!

It is 3rd party developed by Andrew Van Til (the author of the blog entry).

All Recorded TV content will be available on extenders.  It is limited to Copy-Freely content.

Thanks for the info!

Michael -


Are you using it networked or in the host PC?

Is this 64 bit compatible?

Is it expected to work with Silicon Dust and Hauppauge tuners as well?




And yes it should.

Ugadata wrote:

Is it expected to work with Silicon Dust and Hauppauge tuners as well?

A small amount of effort will be required to enable other devices (assuming they support copy freely content).

Would SAGEDCT work with Windows Home Server?

Not sure if the Ceton tuner will work with WHS... But I'd expect that HDHR Prime might.

Thank you for your work on this!


The InfiniTV installs w/o on WHS v2 (Vail).  It is not supported on WHS v1 since the driver base is Windows 2003.

mikinho wrote:

The InfiniTV installs w/o on WHS v2 (Vail).  It is not supported on WHS v1 since the driver base is Windows 2003.

That's what I thought.  Bummer.  I hadn't planned on downgrading to Vail.  Wink  Still scratching my head over the loss of Drive Extender and the continued absence of Media Center...

I wonder if there's a technical reason why a Server 2003 driver couldn't be developed for the Ceton tuner.   I understand that anything other than Windows 7 is outside the scope of what they thought the card would be used for, but if I understand the concept, SaceDCT could change this.

Anyway, hopefully the HDHR Prime will work with this solution.  I would expect both the HDHR Prime and SageTV/DCT would be OS agnostic (or at least would work with Server 2003).


Not to get too far OT, but the dropping of DE in Vail was actually a fairly bold move in that MS esssentially admitted the new DE failed to meet the requirements (it didn't work as intended).  I sort of have to applaud that admission on their part, even if I think they should have delayed the product until they could deliver a working DE for Vail.  In most people's (home users, at least) eyes, there simply aren't enough features to warrant an upgrade to Vail.

It isn't the only reason but 1 very simple reason comes to mind.  WHS v1 does not natively support network bridging.

Thank you for all the work on this. Really looking forward to getting it working on my system.  

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