SageTV News: Sage HD Theater Sale and SageMC 6.3.9 Released

Mar 30 2009

Just got back from Tahoe and saw a few tasty tidbits in my inbox. For those looking at buying SageTV extenders, Sage is running a March Madness Sale (until end of month).

Enter the coupon code MMAD09 when checking out to get the indicated discount. (Coupon expires April 1, 2009)

- $20 off SageTV HD Theater (only $179.95)
- $25 off SageTV HD Theater and SageTV Media Center for Windows software (only $224.95)

MeinMaui also just announced the latest release of SageMC. Here's a look at the new features. Things that caught my eye - Intelligent Sorting of Recorded TV Screen (that might do something for you Autoboy), Subtitle Support, Cycling through Fan Art, and Screen Capping Fan Art from Video

Click Read More for the full list of fixes and changes.



Almost Full List of SageMC 6.3.9 Fixes and Changes

Improvements & Fixes

* Change: Added Intelligent Sorting to Recorded TV screen
* Change: Storage device popup now obeys the setting in "ui/notify_on_new_drive".
* Fix: Recorded TV list not filling in completely, leaving gaps.
* Fix: Dock menu style menu item did not revert to unfocused size when dock lost focus.
* Fix: DVD Profiler searches included music with same title as video.
* Fix: Menu graphic display order issues
* Added: SageTV core subtitle support
* Added: Sort video library by media file time stamp (‘Date Added’ sort option). Useful for displaying most recently added videos at the top of the list.
* Change: Made Compress option in Send To menu available to all transcodable video files.
* Fix: Video OSD Info Panel would sometimes take up full screen. Limited size to top 30% of screen.


Fan Art Improvements & Fixes

* Change: Shaded menu options now are Fan art Only (default), Always, and Never. (Choose Always for use with busy backgrounds where reading the text may become difficult.)
* Added: If multiple fan art backgrounds are available, the background will cycle between them with user defined period. Transitions are animated (fade).
* Added: Fan art can be displayed for non-recorded TV Airings.
* Added: Fan art displayed when item selected in Recent/Upcoming recordings widgets on Main Menu.
* Added: Context sensitive Fan art can be displayed in Guide, My TV, Recorded TV, and Archived TV screens when ‘Context Sensitive Fan Art’ is enabled under Global Display settings. Feature can be separately disabled in the Guide under the EPG screen specific settings.
* Added: Capture frame from video as fan art background. (Thanks EvilPenguin!) Note: does not work with DVD’s.
* Fix: Disable context sensitive fan art in My TV and Recorded TV screens.


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