Nov 20 2015

News - Get a UK Chromecast for £10

Even though the Chromecast isn't a great standalone media streamer, it certainly does a decent job for a standin. This is even more true when traveling, as long as you also pack a travel router. I wouldn't spend £30 on one of these, but for £30-£20 (Play credit) = £10 the price is just about right for what it does.

Google UK

Mar 17 2015

News - Chromecast now working with HDMI-CEC Control Commands

Chromecast has a new firmware out and it has released HDMI-CEC control commands. 

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast has worked with HDMI-CEC since day one with the power and ability to change to the right input. Not all TV manufactures have HDMI-CEC turned on and Andrew Van Til has talked about it a lot with the HTPC and Intel NUC we have reviewed, but this is one of the first for streaming sticks. Try it out and let us know if you have had any luck.



This new feature is possible due to Chromecast’s use of HDMI-CEC, an extension of the HDMI protocol that’s capable of sending control commands back and forth between your TV and any attached device. HDMI-CEC is what allows your TV remote to control your Blu-ray player, and Chromecast has been using it since day one to turn on your TV and switch inputs whenever you start to cast media to the dongle — something I’ve called Chromecast’s secret weapon when the device was first released a little less than two years ago.

Mar 13 2014

News - Plex New Update includes Chromecast for All

Plex has released an update to the mobile apps today for Android and iOS devices. They hadve added Chromecast to both platforms and you no longer have to be a Plex Pass member to reapPlex Logo the benefits. We are going to be talking about Chromecast this week on the podcast, recorded Live every Sunday evening. We are excited to finally see this option out to the masses, Missing Remote checked it out at CES and it had a ton of potential. They have also releasing Music shuffle and Camera upload from your mobile device to your server to view your pictures on your Plex devices and listen to your music anywhere. Check out the update in the App stores and come back and let us know what you think. Check out the link to the post below.


Sep 18 2013

News - videonet Discusses the "Implications of Chromecast for pay-TV and content owners"

If you've been following the Chromecast, Google's latest foray into TV Land, there appears to be quite divergent opinions on how useful it is for consumers. What I haven't seen before, is a discussion on how the existing STB/pay-TV provider views the device. I'm not sure if I agree with the conclusions, but I won't spoil it. No matter where you, or they, fall in on the Chromecast and other attempts at disruption I think we can all agree that it will be interesting.

We all know by now that Google is up to something, perhaps big, with the launch of its Chromecast dongle-style screen-sharing device. Not only are there a lot of hushed discussions by industry professionals and openly by consumers about what this means for the future of TV, but there is also a lot of confusion around the device capabilities, Google’s strategy and whether this is a truly disruptive device or just a great form factor—essentially a replacement for an HDMI cable from your computer to the TV.


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