Nov 19 2015

News - AnandTech Reviews AMD A8-7670K APU

AMD has struggled mightly over the last few years to define a niche where they could be profitable and sell CPU+GPU (aka APU or IPG depending on your preference) at the same time. This "Godvarai" based APU (AMD's term) runs $118, so in the middle of AMD's Kaveri lineup.

Oct 23 2012

News - Noctua announces NH-L9 low profile HSF for LGA1155 and FM1/2 IPG

Noctua NH-L9

Finding a good low profile heat sink and fan (HSF) that isn't also incredibly wide is a lot harder than it should be, especially for AMD's FM1/2 socket. Fortunately this will be much easier now that Noctua has announced its NH-L9 HSF for that platform (NH-L9a) and Intel's LGA 1155 socket (NH-L9i). It's hard not to like Noctua's cooling solutions, but they can be a bit pricey for a budget build and at ~$50 the NH-L9 is no exception.

Full PR and links to more pictures after the click.

Sep 04 2012

News - PSA - Intel Ivy Bridge (IVB) Core i3 CPUs Shipping

Intel Core i3-3220

It's been a while since we last talked about IVB, and for good reason as none of the more interesting HTPC chips were available at launch (or trickled out of OEM status later on). That has chanced, at least in part with HD 2500 Core i3's available from Newegg and Amazon right now. If you're holding out for the HD 4000 parts (e.g. Core i3-3225), those don't seem to have made it out on the same schedule though with it absent from most sites or listed "out-of-stock". Although, if you don't mind paying a bit more for shipping it looks like TigerDirect has them.

Nov 15 2011

News - Intel Launches Sandy Bridge-E CPU and X79 Chipset

Those crazy engineers over at Intel are at it again. They have officially launched the followup to Sandy Bridge, the Sandy Bridge-E, along with the new X79 chipset to support it. Sandy Bridge-E looks set to bring some nice performance increases, at least at the high end. Of course, these new Sandy Bridge-E processors aren't likely to make their way into the average person's HTPC in the immediate future. That's what Ivy Bridge will be for. Platform launches are always exciting, even when the codename isn't, and even though Sandy Bridge-E is intended for enthusiast and enterprise users it is only a matter of time before some of its more interesting features such as the quad-channel memory controller and PCIe 3.0 support work they way down to the mainstream.

For the LGA2011 platform, Intel is introducing three new chips: The top-end Core 7-3960X at $990—yup, that’s $9 cheaper than the existing Core i7-990X chip (gee thanks, Intel!) that this Extreme chip is meant to replace. Intel is also introducing two other chips. The mid-tier 3.2GHz Core i7-3930K will sell for $555. Besides the lower stock clock, the chip will shed some of the L3 cache, for a total of 12MB. For the budget enthusiast, Intel has plans to release a quad-core, Hyper-Threaded Sandy Bridge-E with 10MB of L3 cache early next year. 


Jun 23 2011

News - Scythe Kozuti Low Profile CPU Heatsink

Scythe has been around a while now, after bursting on the scene with their awesome tower cooler. But luckily they understand the need for quiet cooling in HTPC chassis. Here's a new one that's pretty darned tiny.


The Scythe Kozuti is the first candidate we've seen that might have the capability of beating one of these low profile stock coolers while generating better acoustics. The latter shouldn't be hard as stock cooling units are their well-known for being lousy when it comes to noise. The Kozuti is built in the same mold as the Shuriken and Big Shuriken but with smaller dimensions. It features three copper heatpipes, 57 aluminum fins, and stands just 40 mm tall.


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