Apr 12 2017

News - CyberLink launches PowerDVD 17 with VR, HDR and Ultra HD Blu-ray support

There's no stopping CyberLink in their quest to keep PowerDVD at the forefront of PC content playback. It wasn't that long ago that they added support for Ultra HD Blu-ray, and now there's another update with adds support for VR. It's great to see them continuing to help make the HTPC the best solution for home media consumption.

Jan 25 2017

News - CyberLink Ships World’s First Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback Software to the PC Market

It looks like those UltraHD Blu-ray drives from Pioneer will come with a copy of CyberLinks UHD support PowerDVD (huzzah!), with retail copies available for purchase sometime later. CyberLink didn't mention how much said retail copy would be, but they did note that only the latest (and greatest) Intel Kaby Lakes would be able to handle it - more details in the PR. I made a point of asking about AMD's new Ryzen CPU (answer was "there are only plans to support Intel Platforms"), so... hmm...

Dec 03 2016

News - CyberLink PowerDVD certified for Ultra HD Blu-ray playback

We haven't heard much from CyberLink about PowerDVD in a while, and I guess it made sense because there really wasn't much going on with the player, or space. That has changed however, with PowerDVD becoming the first PC player for Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. This is welcome news on two fronts. First, the HTPC as the best universal player dream is still alive, and second Ultra HD Blu-ray drives for the PC have to be coming to market soon.

Mar 13 2014

News - CyberLink Clouds Director Suite

I'm not completely sold on subscription consumer-targeted software, but in enterprise it makes a lot more sense especially as the up-front cost of the applications rise. CyberLink has added their suite of content editing and creation to their cloud + yearly subscription model introduced with last year's rev of PowerDVD. I had a chance to play with the PowerDirector the other day, and was quite impressed with the ease of which I was able to accomplish an otherwise complex task with the software suite I was using, and best of all it supports Intel Quick Sync. So when I made a mistake the first time I generated the output, I only had to wait a few seconds 1) to discover it and 2) to create a new file after fixing it.

With features that facilitate working in a geographically diverse setting, I can see where the $99/yr adds value, do you think that and the value of always having the latest features also make sense for prosumers or is it really only for business?

Full PR after the click.

Oct 08 2013

News - CyberLink Shifts PowerDVD Towards Subscription Model

CyberLink PowerDVD Live

If you're a yearly CyberLink PowerDVD upgrader, they have just the thing for you - a subscription plan that runs $44.99/year, or 4x $14.99 if you prefer a quarterly payment schedule. For this persistent outlay you get the latest rev of PowerDVD and 10GB of online, er... Cloud, storage which, if you also have a Android or iOS device with PowerDVD mobile, could be a good way to maintain access to photos, music, and video files when you're not at home.

We had a chance to talk with CyberLink about their fresh new service, details and the full PR after the click.

Jan 14 2013

News - CyberLink @ CES 2013

CyberLink CES 2013It's always interesting to stop by CyberLink's suite at CES, they have good demos and I like to know what they're working on in our space. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot that we're allowed to talk about publicly (yet) so for now it's just some pictures (on the next page) of their "Metro" version of PowerDVD Mobile for Windows 8. The cool thing about this application is that it brings container/codec support not available out-of-the-box to W8 x86/RT tablets and touch PCs. The UI was responsive and made it easy to play with the entire media library through a single, consistent UI.

Oct 27 2012

News - Hulu Plus, CyberLink PowerDVD 12 and PowerDVD Mobile Arrive on Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, we are going to see a steady stream of streaming media apps make a splash on Windows 8 and the Windows Store. Netflix got in early, and this week brought a Hulu Plus app and new versions of CyberLink PowerDVD. The Hulu Plus app takes full advantage of the Metro/Modern/Windows 8 UI with touch controls, pin to Start screen, and Snap View. As a Hulu Plus app, it is only useful to Hulu Plus subscribers, so fortunately the free Hulu is just a website away.

At Hulu, we are relentless about creating beautiful, intuitive and engaging experiences that help you find and enjoy popular current season TV shows whenever you want, on whatever device you want. Which is why we are so proud to announce the Hulu Plus app is now available on one of the newest operating systems: Windows 8.

Hulu Blog

PowerDVD Mobile for Windows 8

CyberLink has announced two new versions of PowerDVD with the release of PowerDVD 12 and PowerDVD Mobile for Windows 8. PowerDVD 12 is a fairly standard upgrade to their traditional x86 desktop software. For $14.99, or for free with the purchase of PowerDVD 12, PowerDVD Mobile brings some basic video and photo editing, and MPEG and MKV support to the new Windows 8 UI. The company is also promising an Ultra version of PowerDVD Mobile for Windows 8 is in the works, but they are not offering any specific details at this point. Unfortunately, PowerDVD Mobile does not support Windows RT, so anyone who drank the Redmond Kool-Aid and picked up a Surface is going to have to look elsewhere for their MKV fix.

CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), a provider of innovative media creation solutions, today launched an updated version of its award-winning media player, PowerDVD 12, along with newPowerDVD Mobile to ensure users of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows® 8 operating system continue to enjoy a premium entertainment experience on their new Windows 8 PCs.


Sep 02 2011

News - PowerDVD Taps the Power of Honeycomb

PowerDVD MobileCyberLink has always done a good job of at least trying to move its flagship PowerDVD product beyond simply being a media player by jumping on new disc formats and building a social experience via MoovieLive, but now CyberLink is adding some mobility to its repertoire. Their new PowerDVD Mobile looks like a pretty solid Android media player with some iOS design cues for good measure, but it also taps into the power of DNLA for sharing and streaming between Android tablets and to other devices.

Given that media management and playback has been the clunkiest aspect of the Android platform in my experience, a streamlined, integrated app could be a nice addition to an Android tablet. It doesn't hurt that we haven't seen a lot of developers targeting Honeycomb exclusively and really designing their Android apps specifically with tablets in mind. CyberLink's focus on streaming media also suggests the company is smartly preparing for the distributed computing future that we all seem to be hurtling toward.

It's known as PowerDVD Mobile for Android, but don't let the name fool you, because smartphones need not apply. The software allows users to stream media from PowerDVD on their computer directly to the tablet, share media between tablets, and stream media from the tablet to DLNA-certified TVs.


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