Jan 05 2017

News - D-Link announces first Apple HomeKit compatible camera

The Apple HomeKit ecosystem has been a bit sluggish (relative to other Apple kit), so it's nice that their finally getting a camera via the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD (DSH-C310). No word on price though...

Full PR after the break.

Apr 22 2016

News - D-Link EXO AC1900 Wi-Fi router now shipping

Not everyone wants, or needs, a monster Wi-Fi router that costs $200-300 so it's great to see that D-Link is bringing out devices like the EXO, that with AC1900 speeds should be plenty in many scenerios and still ahve that angry insect look (that I like) going on.

Apr 14 2016

News - D-Link Connected Home Ecosystem Connects with Amazon Echo


I haven't had a chance to play with Amazon's Echo (Alexa) ecosystem yet, but they sure seem to be getting a lot of good press, and OEM support. I think that's a great thing; we really need some cohesion in the devices market. Today, D-Link announced that their Wi-Fi HA devices will play nice with Echo and IFTTT - full PR after the click.

Jan 06 2016

News - D-Link CES 2016 announcements

D-Link made a few announcements earlier today around new products and features (IFTTT!), but I think the most interesting is a home 802.11AC kit with adaptive roaming. Of all the questions I get asked about Wi-Fi, how to seemlessly extend a wireless network is the most common. Adaptive roaming has been around for ages in the enterprise space, but AFAIK this is the first really consumer oriented product to offer the automated AP hand-off feature. I'm really looking forwared to testing it - if it lives up to the billing, D-Link will have a fantastic feature advantage. Here's to hoping that it's not just a kit feature, but also something that can be added to their existing routers as well.

Dec 10 2015

News - D-Link announces DIR-885L/R AC3150 802.11AC Wi-Fi router

Just when you thought the pace of change in the 802.11AC market might be slowing, it looks like it's time for another refresh - this time bringing AC3150 forward. The 2nd Ultra (read big-red-spaceship, which I happen to like BTW) model is a "MU-MIMO capable" device based on Broadcom's 4x4 hardware. Like all the competative models running the same SoC it will require a FW update to get full Wave 2 capability. There are quite a few other features alongside the jump to 2167 Mbps(5GHz) + 1000 Mbps (2.4GHz); all covered in the PR.

Nov 19 2015

News - D-Link Introduces Komfy Light Switch Camera

If I'm honest, I don't really get the camera aspect of this light switch. I mean it's cool and all, but as a light switch is in a fixed location it might not be optimal to monitor the room from where it is. The $299 DKZ-201S is packed with environmental sensors though, so from that perspective it makes a lot of sense, but I certainly hope D-Link has a cheaper non-camera model in the product pipeline as well.

Nov 18 2015

News - BigBruin Reviews D-Link DCS-2210L HD IP Camera

As nice as Wi-Fi cameras are, sometimes putting a little bit of PoE in your life can provide the reliability and continuous recording magic you've been missing in your home monitoring system.

The D-Link DCS-2210L looks to do exactly that, and offer a non-Cloud solution for recordings.

Aug 07 2015

News - D-Link Now Shipping DCH-S160 Wi-Fi Water Sensor

If you've ever had a pipe burst or your basement flooded, you know that finding out ASAP is critical. The sooner you know, the greater the ability to pull things out, or turn the water off and start dealing with the problem. Once you've made the jump to home automation (HA), adding water detection sensors is a no brainer, but can be a hard sell if you don't already have a hub on premises - which is one of the key differentiators between most HA sensors and a Wi-Fi sensor like the $60 DCH-S160. It doesn't require a hub, linking to your smartphone and/or to D-Link's companion DCH-S220 ($50) siren. Assuming it does what it says on the tin it is money well spent IMO.

PR after the click

May 14 2015

News - D-Link Shipping DCS-935L 802.11AC Wi-Fi Camera

Wi-Fi enabled cameras are a great way to monitor areas in the home in a flexible way, so it's great to see D-Link expanding its product portfolio to include a 802.11AC model - espcially because its power interface is microUSB. This 720p camera also has night vision and motion/sound detection. Full PR after the click.

Apr 10 2015

News - D-Link AV2 2000 PowerLine Kit Now Available


As convenient as wireless networking is, there are some situations where it either doesn't work or isn't the most efficient mechanism to bring networking support into a remote location of the home. PowerLine devices generally fill this void quite nicely, but haven't done a great job of keeping up with what is possible with modern 802.11AC. With the announcement of the DHP-701AV, D-Link aims to fix that gap with the MIMO enabled 2000Mbps (best case) capable PowerLine kit. If it can achive 1/2 that, and still bring the when-not-in-use power savings PowerLine historically has excelled at - they could have a real winner on their hands with the $130 kit.

Full PR after the click.

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