Aug 09 2017

News - Nuvyyo Tablo OTA DVR Reviewed @ HTR

We haven't paid for cable in a few years, but it would be hard to go without access to OTA TV. Personally, I've been using the SiliconDust DVR but obviously that's not for everyone. If you've been looking for an OTA DVR, might want to check out this review.

Sep 01 2016

News - Plex adds DVR feature

If you're rocking a Plex Pass you can have a play with their new DVR feature. It also requires a supported Silicon Dust HDHR tuner, so if you have one of those you're ready to roll. Awesome!

Well, that is, unless you're Plex server is sitting on an NVIDIA Shield Android TV. That's unsupported at this time Sad.

As a BETA, there are a few other caveats (e.g. Copy-Once no-go). So make sure to check out the full release and forum post.

Apr 20 2016

News - HTR Review DISH Hopper 3

DISH network is one of the few MSOs that pushes the evelope when it comes to home DVR capability. So I always make a point to check out their CES announcements. The devices aren't reviewed that often so it's nice to see a reputable 3rd party take a look.

May 18 2015

News - SiliconDust Annouces Kickstarter Campaign for HDHomeRun DVR

I have to admit to being struck a bit speechless by the scope of the HDHomeRun DVR project here are some highlights, but frankly there's so much awesome that it's probably best to check out the Kickstarter page for the full scoop.

  • Will supprot projected CableCARD content
  • Backends for Windows, Mac, Linux, WD MyCloud NAS, & QNAP NAS
  • Clients for Windows, Mac, & Android
  • Potential clients for Kodi & iOS
  • US, Canada, UK, & Australia regions supported
  • Update: Plex Support, Direct DVR playing, Live TV Channel Support



I got a chance to ask SD about the time frames for the project:

Target is Fall / Holiday release for  US / CA / UK / AU  with European  regional EPG roll outs after that  (not the  HDHR4-2DT level for DVB-T and T2 customers)
if stretch goal are met then we will continue to develop on iOS and Kodi  and work with other desired devices...

UPDATE 5/18:

Less than 2 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so help them out if you haven't yet checked out the plan!

UPDATE 5/19:

They passed the PLEX flex goal, and we will not see Live TV and DVR connection right in PLEX for all the platforms. They are working with PLEX to make this happen faster. Stay tuned, we are getting a release calendar from SiliconDust to help with any confusion. -Kyle


SiliconDust is working directly with Plex for playback support for DVR content in the native application, Live TV in a Plex Channel, and Scheduling of Recording right inside Plex.

Release calendar:

First Beta for software in June, Plex playback soon after first release, full Plex Channel in July. Shooting for early fall for Official Release.

Oct 02 2012

News - Toshiba Unveils New Regza J7 and Z7 HDTVs

CREATEC 2012, Japan's annual electronics expo, is underway, and although CREATEC tends to cast a much wider net over the electronics and IT industry than a show like CES, it can still be a place for companies to take the wraps off the latest in consumer electronics. Toshiba took to CREATEC to show of their new Regza HDTVs, the J7 Series and the Z7 Series. The J7 Series is the more entry-level of the two lines, relatively speaking, ranging from 32" to 65". The higher-end Z7 Series only offers three models ranging from 42" to 55", but comes packed with a pseudo-DVR that automatically records up to 40 hours of content and offers up programming suggestions. I'm not sure the price difference is enough to justify a feature that fails to replace even the most basic HTPC or TiVo, but it is a differentiating feature.

 Regza J7 and Z7

 The J7 Series offers 32-, 40, 50- and 65-inch options, all of which boast 1080p resolutions save for the 32-incher. Pricing starts at ¥75,000 (about $961) and tops off at ¥370,000 for the largest model. The slightly higher-end Z7 Series includes 42-, 47- and 55-inch models, with pricing ranging from ¥180,000 to ¥370,000. 


Sep 29 2012

News - Verizon to Pay TiVo $250.4M in Patent Dispute

TiVo Cash

TiVo has established a brand that is virtually synonymous with DVRs, but has always struggled to capitalize on that brand recognition with consumers. Fortunately, the company has not only built up brand cachet, but also a sizable patent portfolio, and that patent portfolio has been quite useful. In the last couple of years TiVo has forced some big companies to settle patent infringement lawsuits. Last year it was $500M from DISH/Echostar and then another $215M from AT&T. This week, TiVo forced Verizon to cough up some cash. Verizon settled with TiVo for $250.4M. As with the AT&T and DISH/Echostar settlements, there is also a whole lot of patent cross-licensing and marketing agreements bundled in with the settlement, so the possiblity of some Verizon-Redbox love coming to TiVo at some point definitely should not be too surprising. At the same time, be on the lookout for further settlement news as TiVo's continued success has got to be making companies still facing lawsuits from TiVo such as Motorola and Cisco nervous.

TiVo announced today that Verizon will pay it a total of $250.4 million in compensation through July 2018 in order to settle an ongoing patent dispute between the two companies. The companies will also be looking at future combined distribution of streaming video services through Redbox, of which Verizon has a key stake, and TiVo’s DVRs.

Sep 06 2012

News - TiVo Stream Reviewed

 TiVo Stream

We've seen the new TiVo Stream previewed, so it was only matter of time before someone would put together a full-on review. The TiVo Stream is TiVo's new IP trancoder, a small box that sits on one's network and provides mobile devices with streaming access to recordings and live TV from a TiVo Premire DVR. The Stream can also convert and transfer recorded shows to mobile devices for watching later on the go. It sounds like the TiVo Stream works better with recordings then with live TV streams, but with support for up to four iOS devices, it would still be a solid solution for the Apple/TiVo devotee household. I woudn't be surprised to see the Stream's functionality integrated into a future version of the TiVo Premiere, but hopefully TiVo will find a  long-term spot in their product line-up for the Stream to accomodate legacy Premiere owners and to serve as an upgrade option with a less expensive Premiere.

User interface elements aside, the TiVo Stream does just what it sets out to, but with a few quirks. The first is that it only streams recordings, so selecting "Watch on iPad" while browsing the guide is tantamount to starting a recording on the fly. That means it takes about eight seconds to start streaming, whereas it would take less time to begin streaming something that was already recorded. That isn't a big deal, but it is a bit odd when a show ends and the next one doesn't begin. 


Aug 24 2012

News - TiVo Mini to Bring Multi-Room TiVo to Life

Extenders are back in vogue. There have been a number of intriguing extender-based, multi-room streaming systems to talk about this year. DISH has their Hopper and Joey combo, and of course, many of us around here are eagerly anticipating the Ceton Q and Echo, but before the year is out we should also have TiVo's version. TiVo first signaled their interest in moving in this DVR-less extender direction with the release of an Insignia TV that offered built-in TiVo streaming, but the stand-alone TiVo extender is coming soon and it now has a name. 

TiVo’s upcoming IP-STB has been been christened as the “TiVo Mini.” This wasn’t entirely unexpected, as I’d learned of it being referenced as such internally and believe it’s popped up at a TiVo investor or industry talk recently.

Zatz Not Funny

Jun 05 2012

News - Ceton Talks DVRs at the Cable Show


This video shot at the Cable Show doesn't show anything new for those of us interested in the retail space, but it does show off some Q/Echo hardware porn if you can't get enough. More interesting though is a bit into the discussion where Gary talks about Ceton's UCrypt solution for hotels and stadiums.

May 10 2012

News - DISH Adds Automated Commercial Skipping “Auto Hop” Feature To Hopper DVRs

Dish Network

I'll forgive you if you need a few minutes to check for flying pigs (I certainly did) after discovering that a major MSO has enabled [limited] automatic commercial skipping on their best DVR. Now it's not quite the same as we in the HTPC community have grown accustomed to since it only applies to PrimeTime Anytime content viewed after 1AM ET, but it is a HUGE step towards actually providing useful features to their customers.

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