Apr 14 2016

News - D-Link Connected Home Ecosystem Connects with Amazon Echo


I haven't had a chance to play with Amazon's Echo (Alexa) ecosystem yet, but they sure seem to be getting a lot of good press, and OEM support. I think that's a great thing; we really need some cohesion in the devices market. Today, D-Link announced that their Wi-Fi HA devices will play nice with Echo and IFTTT - full PR after the click.

Feb 27 2013

News - Ceton shows off Android on the Echo and Media Center on Android

Ceton is trying to bring an integrated experience over to the Echo. They made mention that they are trying to get Android to run on the Echo. They are also trying to get Netflix integration, one of the best new coming off this announcement is trying to get Media Center to run natively in Android on the Echo.

Most interestingly, one of those changes is integrating Windows Media Center into Android, allowing users to access all the content that both platforms have to offer in a single user interface. A hefty goal indeed and one worth waiting for, but the question of when remains. 


Dec 12 2012

News - Ceton Patches Echo's Interlaced Video Issue

Ceton Echo

I knew that Ceton would fix the issues with the Echo, but I did not expect the to make up ground as quickly as they have. While there is still some work to do, what is probably the most serious issue with the Windows Media Extender seems to be fixed in the latest (2012.1212.1449) firmware currently making it's way through validation. I've tested a few 1080i (interlaced) files so far, and it's looking good (literally) for both WMC TV viewing and the Echo.

Dec 08 2012

News - Ceton Extends Echo Return & Warrantey Periods

Ceton Echo

In what must be an attempt to define a B-School case study in how to triage a product launch, Ceton announced today that they are extending the return period to 90 days for everyone who buys an Echo before January 1, 2013, doubling the warranty to two years and defining the purchase date for beta participants as November 26 - giving everyone until the end of February to make up their mind on the Windows Media Center Extender. Obviously this buys them more time to get everything working right, but it's also fantastic to see a company being honest and putting the customer first.

 That level of customer passion is a precious asset to attain and even more valuable to hold on to.  We know the launch of the Echo hasn’t lived up to the standards you expect of us and that we set for ourselves.  We won’t make excuses or try to spin a story about new typical new product glitches.  The bottom line is that the Echo isn’t performing to the level we expect and we want you to know that we stand behind our products and are working non-stop to make things better.  Those of you who have had an Echo since the beta program have seen us roll out some significant improvements over the last few weeks but we’re not yet where we want to be in terms of performance, stability and features.  We’re confident that, in the end, everyone who purchased an Echo will be glad they did.



Dec 05 2012

News - Ceton Blogs - State of the Echo

It's great when a product launch goes perfectly, but it doesn't always and what separates a good company from the rest is how well they handle the criticism and communicate with their customers. In this case it's Ceton who is having to talk Echo - and I think they did a great job outlining the current issues. Unfortunately, there isn't a timeline for when the most serious set will be resolved though. Head over to their blog for the full post.

The Echo may look like a tiny, seemingly-simple device but in reality it’s a large and complex project.  It involves hundreds of different components, many of them custom-designed by us, from dozens of partners around the world.  Like any complex project, it’s a significant effort to make sure all the pieces come together at the same time in order to have a flawless launch.  Despite our best efforts, we know now that we didn't achieve that in this case.  While we think the Echo is a good product today, the team has been working around the clock to make it the great product we know our customers demand and that we demand of ourselves.


Nov 27 2012

News - Ceton Echo Getting Android (ICS)

With retail availability just a few days away it turns out that Ceton still has a few tricks up their sleeves - with an announcement going out tonight that they will be adding the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) rev of  Android to the Echo. Not much is known about what that means exactly with queries around Play access gleaning nothing useful (I'm hoping that we'll get Netflix at the very least). Either way it sounds good.

Adding Android Support

Speaking of new features, one of the big projects we’ve been working on is adding the Android platform to Echo!  As you might imagine, having Android will give us lots of opportunity to extend the Echo in interesting new ways with more capabilities and apps.  Android is not included in this week’s update but we’re working hard to get it out as a Christmas present Smile   Since you’re probably wondering … it’s the Ice Cream Sandwich version.

Oct 11 2012

News - Ceton Echo Beta Begins

Ceton Echo

Anyone already in Ceton's Echo Windows Media Center Extender beta program found out this morning that they will start shipping the units in the next few days. Taken on its own this is less news than continued taunt aimed at those unlucky enough to be left out, but we did find out something very interesting in the mailer - the Echo is coming in a vastly sleeker form factor compared to what we saw at CES.

Jul 15 2012

News - Ceton Echo Lives - Beta Begins in September

CetonIt's been a while since we've checked the Echo's pulse, so today's news that the beta invitations went out today and will be starting up in September is welcome news. With no news on the fate of SageTV and Microsoft's indifference towards Media Center in Windows 8, it's awesome to have a touch of hope for those of us who feel pain at the thought of using a MSO provided DVR. Of course the real thrill will be when we hear that the Q is finally coming (looks like we'll have to wait for September for status), but I'll take what I can get.

Full PR after the click.

Jan 14 2012

News - Ceton - CES 2012

Ceton CorpWhen Ceton brought a four tuner CableCARD to the Windows Media Center community, they breathed new life into a product languishing from neglect. Not content to only do this, or be entirely dependent on the continued presence of Media Center in subsequent releases of Windows; they have created a "turnkey" competitor to TiVo (and hopefully an exit strategy for SageTV refugees) with a new solution called the "Q". In addition to the Q, they also announced an extender device named "Echo"; which besides [finally] providing an alternative to the Xbox 360 to those who prefer TV without fan-based accompaniment for Windows Media Center PCs also enhances the current extender experience with additional media features when used with the Q.

More details and some pictures are in the next section.

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