24" HDMI LCD Monitor $199 + Free Shipping

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24" HDMI LCD Monitor $199 + Free Shipping


About 9 months a go my old BenQ 19" monitor went on an unexpected vacation.  I upgraded to a 22" Samsung for significantly more than what this Asus is going for.  My, my, how quickly some of these hardware prices can drop.

Now if I only had justification......hmmm.

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if you don't need the 2ms response and a 23" at the same resolution is fine you can save 20-30$ over that with this acer:

and i know i have seen it as low as 140$.

i actually bought one to use as a bedroom television. there is a pair of old computer speakers that are a bit ugly paired with it (and you have to use a cable box, but i was going to do that anyways) but the picture is real nice. the blacks are noticeably better than my 42" westinghouse (which of course was known for having poor black levels when i bought it, but whatever) and the colors are unscientifically "real nice".

I am also trying to come up with a reason to upgrade. my current 19" lcd is VGA only  and 4:3:(

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or for $30 more you could get a Dell Monitor at regular price, probably will be some deals soon on it soon.


I just looked at Dell.com and their 23" (no HDMI) is only $170.  Wow are those prices coming down.

I bought a 22" Acer for $150 during black friday last year to use as a movie playing screen in the office.  That's the first time I bought a non-dell monitor, and the picture quality is just aweful compared to the Dell.  Text isn't very clear, the color is off.  Just not very good.  Its fine for the purpose I got it for, but I'm glad it isn't my main monitor.

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