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Contest Announcement

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Skirge has officially withdrawn from the contest. This means the rest of you have a chance. Thanks to Skirge for his participation and good luck to the rest of you Smile

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Don't let me scare you off either.  Obviously I can't win this either (I assume) since I'm a mod. :)  Good luck to you guys.

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Not in the least, Lothar.  No worries there, buddy!

There were several reasons for my withdrawal, all of them just as relevant.  First, I'm not yet recording TV with my HTPC.  Second, I don't even run MCE, so I can't use Webguide in the first place.  Third, I've won 2 contest on the site already and would have felt a little guilty on the off chance I had won again.  Don't worry, though, I'll still be entering any future contests... and I'll be submitting news as I find it and have time.  ;D

I realized I had a few "entries" in the pot and, given all of the above, I just thought I'd let someone who will actually use Webguide have a chance to win.

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