Seeking advice on a HTPC/gaming keyboard...

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Seeking advice on a HTPC/gaming keyboard...

I'm putting together my first HTPC, and it's going to double as a gaming rig (see specs in sig). After reading many posts it doesn't seem like there is a really good HTPC keyboard that's good for gaming as well. I play mostly MMORPG's with the occasional mix of FPS and RTS games, but I'd say 80% of the time I'm playing MMORPG's. So I'm really just looking for a good HTPC keyboard that'll allow me to play MMORPG's as well. From various posts and reviews I've found the following boards, but was hoping someone with some first hand experience could chime in, and help me choose the best board for my needs. I'm not really concerned about price, so whatever help ya’ll can offer is appreciated.


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i own the BTC (your second link), had it for about two years now, it has stood up to the abuse of dropping several times on concrete floor.  i am not sure you want it for gaming though, check out the key arrangement, the most nagging thing about this BTC keyboard is the placement of the "ctrl" key in the lower left hand corner, i still to this day hit that corner key thinking it is the ctrl key.  i would try a different kb today if i had to replace it.
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I use the Gyration at work and I would definitely not suggest using it for any sort of gaming. It's very small and awkward... and more like a laptop keyboard in terms of key depth and tactile response. And the key layout suffers from the same thing as mentioned in the above post. Good enough for HTPC duties only though.

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