Upcoming Extender Reviews....what do YOU want?

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Upcoming Extender Reviews....what do YOU want?

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File types and UI experience (fluid animation etc) are the two biggest things I look for in extenders.

Specifically, outline if you can stream direct DVD rips, Blu-rips (.mts) or .mkv rips etc.

Any plugin issues with the extenders? Does Netflix work?

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I would echo what Alan has said.
1) Fluid Animation
2) File types (divx, xvid, mp4, mkv) and how well they work if they do
3) Plugins (definitely Netflix streaming)

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I'm completely dense when it comes to these extenders, so bare with me for a moment.  I come from an HTPC in the living room, streaming via Sage from my upstairs computer.

1.  How is the file management done?  Do I need to go to the server to organize or move things?
2.  What are my options for sound output?  Any limitations for getting DD 5.1?  (i.e. file type, etc.)  Is TrueHD possible (i.e. analog hole or otherwise)?
3.  I'm big on .mkv files, so those need to be played seemlessly.  Any formats that won't work?
4.  Can *you* customize the interface?  (i.e. rearrange, rename, skin, themes, etc.)
5.  How does the extender organize your media collection?  Does it only pull from folder names?  Does it support genres or series/season grouping?  Is any of this automated?
6.  Does it support screenshots or thumbnail pictures when browsing for something to watch?
7.  Is it easy to program a Harmony remote to control it?
8.  Given the recent HD-PVR heat issues, any heat/performance related issues with these extenders?
9.  Are network shares supported?  Do they need to be mapped as drive letters or do UNC paths work?
10.  Is there a filesize limitation or any playback issues with huge files?  Does it take extra long to start buffering before playback?  Does it stutter at all?  Does it "re-buffer" in the middle of playback?

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option 7 is a given, as soon as someone does it it will be in the database:)

as most of these players use the same chips, a general part would cover a lot, so that leaves the user experience, ui and the all important if the network connections are fast enough

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Another vote for supported file types (esp. XviD and DivX, and DVD rips).

Also, wireless vs. wired performance for the above.

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I'd like to see the following things covered:

  • Is HP's media aggregation service incorporated into MC interface or do you have to log out of MC and go into another service (e.g. much like you have to do with XBox360 to playback Divx/Xvid/H.264)[/*:m]
  • GUI responsiveness with animations enabled, comparing it to VMC/XBox360/Linksys[/*:m]
  • Can the HP resume a VMC that has entered into hibernation mode[/*:m]
  • Quality of the remote control and whether the layout follow VMC standard layout (unlike the Linksys remotes)[/*:m]
  • Is the remote control programmable, and can the HP extender be controlled with a standard VMC remote (e.g. Phillips SRM5100)[/*:m]
  • How long it takes to boot up from various states, e.g. from cold, standby, etc.[/*:m]


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