Dec 12 2016

News - Might want to turn off some NETGEAR routers...

If you have a NETGEAR R6400, R7000, or R8000 there is [potentially] a serious security issue with the routers which could lead to a complete compromise of the device. CERT is recommending that owners should disable the popular routers until a patch is released. NETGEAR hasn't yet confirmed the hole, but they have put up an article that should be used to monitor the issue as it developes.

Dec 08 2016

News - ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta

I've played with a couple NVR solutions in the past, but haven't quite found one where the software really lived up to what I wanted to have from a security camera solution. While I don't have the necessary hardware to play with the ASUSTOR solution, putting it on a NAS and providing the wide-ranging BYOC[amera] support certainly hint at the kind of flexibility and capability that would be more to my liking.

Dec 07 2016

News - TinkerTry writes up a few M.2 NVMe PCIe adapters

No M.2 NVMe support built into your motherboard? No problem, check out one of adapters TinkerTry has played with.

Dec 07 2016

News - Vera Control opens beta for Amazon Alexa control

I've quite pleased with how HA Bridge exposes Vera devices and scenes to my Amazon Alexa, so I'm a little conflicted about signing up. But, if you don't have that setup, this is perfect for you.

Dec 03 2016

News - ASUS Announces BRT-AC828 802.11AC AC2600 4x4 Wi-Fi router

I wasn't able to run down price or exact availabilty, but this is still quite an interesting looking device, even though it's not the latest wireless technology. As we can see from the photo above, the business oriented BRT-AC828 sports two WAN and eight LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports. Providing fail-over and enought connectivity that those of us who need a swtich next to the router should give this a once over. It's also the first router I'm aware of that offers M.2 storage capability on device.

Dec 03 2016

News - CyberLink PowerDVD certified for Ultra HD Blu-ray playback

We haven't heard much from CyberLink about PowerDVD in a while, and I guess it made sense because there really wasn't much going on with the player, or space. That has changed however, with PowerDVD becoming the first PC player for Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. This is welcome news on two fronts. First, the HTPC as the best universal player dream is still alive, and second Ultra HD Blu-ray drives for the PC have to be coming to market soon.

Nov 30 2016

News - Storage speed differences made real

If you pay attention to computer hardware, it's obvious that NVMe rules the roost. All the benchmarks back this up, but seeing it on a chart doesn't really have the same impact as seeing it. Which is why I really like the video that Techspot did highlighting the differences. It does get a little repetitive, so it's OK to just watch the first few clips. There won't be a test after.

Nov 22 2016

News - VidaBox addes two Apple device wall mounts to their collection

Placing a tablet or similar "smart" device in, or on, a wall is a very popular way to get touchscreen control device around the house at a faction of the price of a proprietary, and less functional, alternative. Depending on your preference, iPad or iPod and budget you should be covered.

Nov 17 2016

Review - D-Link DIR-885L/R AC3150 Ultra Wi-Fi Router


I like the recent trend to make higher-end Wi-Fi routers look interesting. Stepping away from the old-school canister or plain shell with antenna is especially pleasing. No one has embraced this more fully than D-Link, with the DIR-855L/R being one of the latest crop of performance routers. Sporting a dual-core 1.4GHz Broadcom BCM4709C0 SoC, this 4x4 stream AC3150 (1000Mbps 2.4GHz + 2167Mbps 5GHz) class Wave2 802.11AC with MU-MIMO should provide excellent performance for most homes and users, and at $280 SRP ($200 street), it won’t break the bank either.

Nov 10 2016

News - Amped Wireless ships APOLLO & APOLLP PRO long range HD Wi-Fi cameras

I like Wi-Fi cameras, and making them long range is clearly better, but I'm not sold on the subscription fee to make them, um... useful. Maybe I'm just cheap, er..., value oriented, but that really galls me. There might be a BYOS[torage] option, but I didn't see one in the quick look over the PR.

Nov 03 2016

News - Fractal Design launches Define C full ATX chassis

It's hard to beat Fractal Design cases when it comes to build quality, cooling and value, so it's great to see another Define chassis added to the mix. Will be interesting to see how its magnetic dust filter works Smile.

Nov 03 2016

News - Netamo launches Presence Wi-Fi camera

I almost didn't read the press release for the Netamo Presence. If I'm not interested in something, I figure why would you be? And what's that interesting about yet another IoT Wi-Fi camera? I am glad I did read it though, because there's a lot of neat things going on with the camera including:

  • Local SD storage
  • Innovative installation mechanism (you replace an exterior light with it for power)
  • Intelligent image detection, so it will determine if the moving object is a person, animal, or car and provide configurable decision login around that.
  • IFTT support
  • Dropbox or FTP cloud storage

And that's not all. There's quite a few other really compelling features provided by the £250 camera.

Oct 26 2016

News - XBox One S will get Dolby Atmos support

One of my biggest gripes with the XBox One S's support for UHD BD looks to be getting fixed in a future firmware update. When this happens, it should move from "value-with-caveats" to "best value" player for the next-gen format.

Oct 25 2016

News - Amazon Echo now controls Harmony via "Skill"

If you have an Amazon Echo (or Echo Dot) you can now natively control your Logitech Harmony Smart Hub via a "Skill". It is US only for the moment (suck), but I was able to have a brief play with it anyway (shhh). Overall, it's nice that it's there. But, lacks some of the flexibility avaiable with ha-bridge integration (e.g. renaming activities to whatever you want). That said, not everyone want to spin up a box to host a 3rd party bridge app.

Oct 19 2016

News - NETGEAR announces NIGHTHAWK X10 R9000 802.11ac/ad Wi-Fi router with Plex

If you have $500 burning a hole in your pocket, and a desperate need to be the first one on your block to have an 802.11ad Wi-Fi router with 10Gbe fiber support (?) - the newly announced NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK X10 is just the thing for you. That's not to say, it doesn't have some useful features though; like powererd TX/RX (new v. X8) anntennas and Plex support (!) built into the box. That said, I've very curious about the transcoding limitations. Anandtech is listing the SoC as one quite similar to what was in the RN212 - which works, but had some caveats attached. Either way, exciting times. For the well heeled anyway Smile. BTW, anyone know where I can find an 802.11ad Wi-Fi adapter?

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