Sep 17 2013

Blog - An Experience with HDMI Handshake Issues

If you have an HTPC, many of you may have experienced a problem with no picture or sound with your Home Theater setup connected through an HDMI cable at one time or another. This article is to cover some of the nuances that can come with them along with possible solutions as well as open up a discussion for better solutions. Many of you already know the many advantages of the HDMI cable and what a great piece of technology it is. As a recap, it allows one to simplify an audio and video setup for a home entertainment center by using one cable compared to several. The HDMI cable will also maximize the performance of your home entertainment systems by passing through the streams of DTS HD Master and Dolby True HD lossless audio as well as having the ability to send 3-D video to a 3D capable TV. In addition, the HDMI cable provides ARC or Audio Return Channel support which allows components to talk to each other and transfer audio without any additional cables. That being said, along with newer technology sometimes come new problems in the HTPC (home theater PC) world.

Jan 01 2012

Blog - Home Theater Sound Tips to Remember

Home Theater Sound Tips To Remember

You may be happy with all aspects of your home theater…except for the sound. If you haven’t been completely happy with your sound, that’s okay. There are plenty of sound tips that can be used within your home theater to ensure you have the best sound possible. Best of all, the tips provided aren’t going to cost you much (if anything at all).

Look at the quality of your music

When you have a well-engineered recording, it’s going to make all the difference in the world with sound. If you are downloading or streaming music, be sure you are looking at the sound quality. There are some sites that provide ratings for sound quality so you are never wasting your time or money on poor quality sound. You also want to look at the compression of your own music files. 90 percent of the sound quality may be ripped away when you burn a CD, leaving you with a sound you aren’t happy with.

Also keep in mind that to get the best audio when watching TV you will also want access to the most HD channels possible.  DirecTV is one source that you should review as in addition to a wide coverage of HD movies, they also have a huge amount of HD sports channels.  Check out if you are interested in picking up DirecTV.  Currently you can also get three free months of HBO when signing up.

Place your speakers prominently

The speakers are providing the sound for your system, so you have to set them carefully about the room. The smallest angle can dramatically affect the sound. Front speakers should face the room directly or angled inwards slightly toward you, the listener. The center channel should be above or below the TV. Surround speakers need to be facing straight or angled toward you as well. Don’t hide them behind anything as it will muffle the sound.

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