FLIR ONE + USB-C mobile solution

Oct 15 2016

Like an increasing number of people my mobile uses a USB-C connector, so my FLIR ONE won't work without an adapter. Having tired of pulling my old phone out of storage everytime I want to use the thermal camera, I contacted FLIR ONE support this week. Unfortunately, they were no help at all. Seemingly unaware that the world has moved on from Micro USB, and unable (unwilling) to provide any guidence on a specific adapter, or what I would need to look for in one.

Fortunatley with a bit of sleuthing I figured out what was wrong with the set I had on hand - no OTG (On The Go) support. I settled on the "MAXAH USB Type C to Micro USB Adapter" (UK | US), but it wouldn't surprise me if another make/model would also work, as long as it also supports OTG.

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