Feb 07 2017

News - Valens and Lattice Semiconductor deliver HDBaseT 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 reference design

Reference designs aren't intrinsically news, but since they are an essential tool to enable product flexibilty (i.e. smaller OEMs can play too). I think it's worth highlighting this announcement. Afterall, who doesn't want to see a plethera of 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 devices; creating a more competative market Smile.

Feb 07 2017

News - HDBaseT over IP announced at ISE

It's not a huge drawback if you only use your Ethernet network for A/V, but if you have other goals HDBaseT's exclusive use of the HW is a limitation. Or, was a limitation. Because the technology will now work over IP networks. Now it will probably take a while for product to hit the market, so we'll be sure to keep an eye on it here.

Jan 27 2016

News - Pulse-Eight launches neo:4 Professional HDBaseT Matrix switch

I was vaguely aware that Pulse-Eight (yep, the PC HDMI-CEC gurus) had moved into the custom installer (CI) market, but must admit to not really following it that closely. Having looked at what their new neo:4 HDMI matrix switch can do, I'm quite impressed. 4K, HDCP 2.2, and four HDBaseT ports + intelligent HDMI CEC control - yum!

Jan 06 2015

News - HDBaseT To Become IEEE standard

HDBaseT Logo

For the podcast fans, you already know we are all huge fans of HDBaseT. It makes the most sense to find new, better ways to use existing infrastructure rather than require a whole new wiring scheme, which is what HDBaseT at its core accomplishes. While to this point applications have primarily been in businesses, the standard has slowly worked its way into homes as well.

That pace may speed up dramatically now that HDBaseT will become a IEEE standard. As the press release states, the IEEE certification, "...help enhance HDBaseT’s impact and influence in today’s connected world." This is great news for consumers as it should help get more products in the market, increasing selection and maybe even lower the prices.

This is one of the most exciting pieces of news for me from CES 2015. PR after the break.

Jan 16 2014

News - HDBaseT @ CES 2014

2014 will not be the year that HDBaseT becomes a mainstream DIY technology, but it is getting much closer. When we stopped by their booth this year, they had products – yes, actual products that you can buy, on display including AVR, projectors, and TVs. Now, most of kit won’t come cheap, after all HDBaseT is still targeted mostly at business and custom installer markets, but it is a huge step forward versus last time. Also, with version 2.0 devices just around the corner all the A/V goodness over a single wire will only get better. Hopefully we’ll see even more components entering the market and the prices start to approach attainable instead of just aspirational Smile.

Aug 15 2013

News - HDBaseT 2.0 Specification Released

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I find HDBaseT an incredibly interesting technology. What's not to love about simplified distribution of audio, video, Ethernet and control over a single cable? OK, there is one thing - price. HDBaseT is expensive, so it only ends up in the high-end components. Fortunately this is something that they are aware of and are hoping to fix with HDBaseT 2.0 which should lower switch cost and also adds support for USB 2.0.

Of course we can't get too excited until actual products hit the shelves, but there's no reason not to celebrate a cool technology getting cooler. Full PR after the click.

Jul 23 2013

News - Integra Announces DHC-60.5 and DTR-60.5: HDBaseT Enabled AV Preamp and A/V Receiver

Integra DHC-60.5

I like to see my AVR (pretty lights and all that Smile), but if a no-visible-AVR install or displays in HDMI-ain't-gunna-get-there locations is on your wish list, HDBaseT is a great way to make it happen. Integra just announced the DHC-60.5 (pre-amp) and DTR-60.5 (AVR) with HDBaseT, so we can add two more options for the custom installer (CI) to push audio, video, Ethernet & control over a single Cat 5e/6. Unfortunately the tech is still pretty much limited to high-end CI switches and AVR, but as the footprint expands I'd love to see it trickle down into retail kit.

Full PR after the click.

Jan 15 2013

News - HDBaseT @ CES 2013

HDBaseTI love the concept of HDBaseT. Run some Cat5e/6, add a switch and some devices that support HDBaseT (or adapters if using "legacy" devices) into the mix and you get a whole home media distribution network capable of pushing 100MB, 100W of power, audio/video, and control anywhere. With the right devices, you can do everything with just one cable.

There are a few problems with the current implementation though, well actually just one - it's not available to DIYer right now, you need to engage a custom installer in the process. If you're OK with that, and the $ it entails: first I envy you and second congratulations I'm confident that you will enjoy it. This will not always be the case though with retail availability on the road map (somewhere ;)), and an increasingly larger pool of devices to choose from we should be able to take advantage of a really slick way to push all the good stuff we want around the home.

Check out the photos from the visit on the next page.

Sep 15 2011

News - Cedia 2011 - HDBaseT

One cable to rule them all!  The promise has been made many times, but HDBaseT seems poised to actually pull it off.  The question is how long until everyone can get it?  The HDBaseT Alliance was showing off some of the early hardware at Cedia and it definitely looks impressive.  The TV in the picture is not only getting audio and video via a single wire, but power, as well!  This is thanks to the new power over HDBaseT spec (PoH?).  Click on over to CoccoonTech to see their video coverage from Cedia.


The HDBaseT Alliance was founded by LG, Samsung, Sony and Valens Semiconductor in June of 2010, so things have been moving pretty fast.  With several products already supporting HDBaseT, it's poised to become a major player in the home theater industry.  They also JUST released the Power Over HDBaseT (HDBT) specification.


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