May 30 2017

News - No display to rule them all - HDTVTest 2017 Sony A1/A1E v LG C7 comparison

If you are in the market for a OLED display I would recommend having a look at Vincent's comparison of two of the top contenders. While very thorough, there is an important thing not mentioned; the LG's significant price advantage. 

Personally, I took two things away: maybe it would be good to wait another year for OLED and it's great to have competition Smile.

May 24 2017

News - Get your HDR geek on thanks to HDTVTest

If you're into the details, and chances are good since you're here Smile. You will get a lot out of HDTVTest's video explaining HDR Tone-Mapping in various displays.

Mar 28 2016

News - Samsung UE55KS9000 4K display reviewed @ HDTVtest

As awesome as OLED displays are, they aren't for everyone. Whether it's cost or some other reason, maybe a curved LED backlit LCD is more your thing. From the looks of it the Samsung UEKS9000 would be a solid contender, even though it doesn't quite offer the same blacks as a full-array local dimming and has some issues with HDR content. That is unless you want a display that will support 3D content, because this guy, like all 2016 Samsungs, does not.

Feb 16 2016

News - LG Signature OLED first impression - impressive

LG announced their "Signature" OLED 4K displays at CES, and they are just starting to trickle out into a limited number of high-end showrooms. Until I get a chance to go have a look myself, I'll be relying on others to tell us what they think. HDTVtest is very reliable when it comes to this sort of thing so, if you're following developments in OLED closely it's a must read.

Nov 13 2015

News - HDTVtest Provides The Tech Bits To Its PDP v OLED Shootout

Forbes was the first to release the results, and I was happy to cover it here, but as their audience is less technical they left out some of the bits that you and I might find interesting. Thankfully HDTVtest, who handled the calibration, has posted up the specifics. Go ahead and get your geek on.

Nov 06 2015

News - HDTVtest Has The Scoop On LG + OLED + HDR

LG loves OLED, LG's OLED displays support two of the five (!) HDR standards and more. Including temptation for UK buyers at the end. Must resist Smile

Dec 16 2013

News - HDTVTest: 4K vs 1080p Blind Test Results

I'm not surprised by HDTVTest's finding that 97% of people could correctly identify a 4K display vs. 1080p, but I have to admit that they did it at 9' on a set of 55" displays was surprising. In my experience it's only really obvious after 65". They were fairly scientific in setting up the test to ensure it was as fair as it could be; make sure to click through to get a better understanding of the results and the conditions that generated them. Well done.

 Earlier this month, we set out to investigate if the extra resolution offered by 4K over 1080p is visible at normal viewing distance, as part of an Ultra HD and OLED television showcase event organised by British retailer Richer Sounds. A 55-inch 4K UHD (ultra high-definition) TV was lined up alongside a 1080p HDTV of the same size, each displaying content that’s 1:1 pixel-matched to its native screen resolution. Both TVs had their identities masked by custom-built cabinets which were spray-painted black. Standing 9 feet away (enforced using crowd control posts), attendees were then asked to pick out the 4K television after sampling the displayed material.



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