Feb 23 2014

News - Intel D54250WYK NUC Custom Solutions Header (CSH) 3.3V Flaw

I was really excited when I found out Intel had placed the HDMI-CEC enabling Custom Solutions Header (CSH) on the D54250WYK NUC. It was exactly the kind of feature that belongs on this near-perfect mini-HTPC. Unfortunately, as we can see in the gallery, something isn't right with its ability to maintain 3.3V under load.

What this means in practice is that we can't use the 3.3V pin on the D54250WYK's CSH for Pulse-Eight's Internal CEC adapter - disappointing would be an understatement. Now it is possible to find 3.3V elsewhere on the board; I was able to pull it from the SATA power connector, but since that only powered when the system is in S0 (on) it's less than ideal. Intel has been contacted with these findings. Hopefully it's something that can be addressed with a BIOS update, but I'm not confident.

Dec 28 2013

News - ASUS Q87T Thin-ITX Has Custom Solutions Header (aka HTPC_HEADER)


I've been in a bit of a motherboard funk ever since Intel announced that they were leaving the business. While other OEMs make solid kit, none have embraced the the HTPC niche in the same way that Intel has. It looks like that may be changing though, because it looks like ASUS may have picked up the mantle with their new Q87T Haswell Thin-ITX which includes a Custom Solutions Header (HTPC_HEADER) that will work with Pulse-Eight's internal CEC adapter. Internal CIR is sadly missing, but at least that's easy to fix. Well done ASUS.

Sep 18 2013

News - Intel Haswell NUC D54250WYK Includes HTPC Header

If you saw the recent Intel Haswell NUC D54250WYK announcment and thought "hey, that would make a pretty slick HTPC" - go ahead and sit down. Not only does it have all the good stuff like IR, SATA, USB 3.0, etc. that we mentioned before. It also has the HTPC_HEADER on board.

Unfortunately, there isn't space in the stock chassis to mount the Pulse-Eight internal CEC adapter so a custom enclosure will be required to get the most out of it. That said, frankly I don't care - this is awesome news!

Hopefully someone steps up to make a suitible enclosure or we will have to do something on Kickstarter Smile.

Jan 11 2012

News - Pulse-Eight - CES 2012

Pulse-EightWhen Missing Remote reviewed the DH61AG, its unique HTPC_HEADER feature was highlighted as an incredible value-add that would require some extra hardware to completely enable its HDMI CEC capabilities. Thankfully, Pulse-Eight has developed and will be selling exactly that before long. The exact date and price is undisclosed at this time, but it should cost less than their existing external CEC adapter. Click through to check out a couple shots of the device.

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