Jun 05 2012

News - AnandTech - Llano HTPC Builder's Guide


Trinity is just around the corner, but there's no reason not to take a look at its aging sibling Llano with a builder's guide for HTPC since most of it should carry over to the new platform. All told, it looks like they did a pretty solid job with it except for the cases, where there is a serious lack of anything slim, sleek or CEesqe - which for me is the whole point behind lusting after low-TDP IPG/APU.

AMD's Llano lineup includes a range of processors with TDP ranging from 65 to 100W. Note that simple playback tasks are going to be quite power-efficient, thanks to integrated hardware decoding. The high TDPs shouldn't put one off. There are plenty of FM1 socket motherboards based on the A55 / A75 FCHs (Fusion Controller Hubs). The choice of the Llano APU, motherboard form factor and other components should be made depending on the desired usage scenario. In the next few sections, we will take a look at the choices available.


Oct 05 2011

News - Llano Mini-ITX motherboard face off

Having seen what Llano can do you may be wondering what the perfect motherboard would be for your SFF system.  Looks like TECH REPORT is helping us out today with their shootout between two mini-ITX boards from ASUS and ZOTAC.

AMD's latest mainstream desktop platform boasts arguably the most potent two-chip combo in the industry. At the head, you've got an A-series APU powered by the latest Llano silicon, which offers four reasonably fast CPU cores backed by a DirectX 11-class Radeon that puts competing integrated graphics solutions to shame. Baby's got back, too. The tail end features a Hudson-based platform hub that's loaded with 6Gbps Serial ATA and USB 3.0 connectivity. No other tag team offers such a cutting-edge array of baked-in goodness, making this Lynx platform perfect for the next wave of small-form-factor systems.


Jun 30 2011

News - AnandTech Does Lnyx (Llano) HTPC Style

I'm really happy to see that in addition to the standard "PC" reviews on Lynx (desktop Llano) launch day, there's at least one HTPC perspective on the platform.  You'll have to read it to get the full story, but it definitely looks like AMD could have a solid competitor to SNB's in our niche once they nail down some driver issues.

Present day consumers use their PCs for multimedia intensive tasks such as HD video playback. These HTPC tasks are not very power efficient when done using the x86 processor alone. Gamers have remained the main focus of the GPU developers. However, the GPU architecture (coupled with a dedicated video decoder on the same silicon) is quite useful for video playback and post processing also. This lightens the load on the x86 processor, and so, even consumers who rarely game opt to go for a discrete HTPC graphics card.


Jun 30 2011

News - AMD Llano vs Intel Sandy Bridge HTPC Analysis Review

This is a fairly high level comparison of the two, but given the recent surge in reviews of the new AMD platform I thought it was beneficial. Looks like we have a nice competition brewing!

The Lynx system (A3850 + Gigabyte A75 motherboard) performs well and matches the Core i3-2100T system. The first Fusion APU, the E350N, manages even lower power consumption, but that is a 19W TDP chip and it’s CPU is weak compared to the A3850, so it is like comparing an Intel Atom to a Core i series CPU.


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