Feb 11 2016

News - madVR adds to its awesome with HDMI 1.4 3D support

I don't care what you think. 3D creates a more immersive viewing experience. OK, the glasses aren't awesome, but frankly the modern ones are light enough that it doesn't bother me at all. Needing to use a standalone player, or commercial software with all the cruft it brings along for the ride has made it less enticing for me personally. So the news that 3D has been added to madVR is fantastic. Now, it's not quite ready for primetime, but if you're feeling adventurous go ahead and give it a go Smile.

Apr 13 2015

News - madVR, now with 64 bits...

With madVR being 32-bit only, it was a blocking issue for moving to 64-bit players. Now, that's no longer a problem.


Feb 20 2013

News - madVR v0.86.0 Frees HTPC Users from 3:2 Pulldown Judder

Using a HTPC isn't always the easiest way to watch content, but nothing combines the flexibility, capability and potential into a single consumption point like it does. Those that demand the highest quality often rail against the complexity required, and to be fair they have a point, but it's there and few products demonstrate this like the high quality video renderer madVR. As an HTPC advocate, I love it when new features arrive and it's even better when they are exclusive Smile.

For the techincally challenged it can be a little challenging to get madVR installed and configured, so if you fall into this group you may want to wait until the next JMC build to incorportate madVR's newest feature:

Introducing the new "smooth motion" frame rate changer (FRC) with the following main features / benefits:
(1) Can convert any source frame rate to any display refresh rate, while maintaining smooth motion.
(2) Endless playback without frame drops/repeats (if your PC is fast enough) without needing Reclock.


Technically the FRC algorithm simulates a display with infinite refresh rate. Which means that every video frame is displayed exactly when the timestamps ask for it. Consequently the motion smoothness depends on proper timestamps. If the timestamps (or audio clock) contain jitter, the playback will contain jitter, too. So even if Reclock might not be needed to avoid frame drops/repeats, anymore, when using madVR's new FRC algorithm, you might still want to use Reclock, because it provides a stable and reliable audio clock with very low jitter, and it supports WSAPI exclusive mode, too. You can however slave Reclock to the audio hardware clock, if you want. Having Reclock fully enabled with audio resampling is still possible, though, it shouldn't harm madVR's FRC algorithm.

To my best knowledge madVR is now the only way to playback Blu-Ray/DVD movies without 3:2 pulldown judder on displays which don't support 23.976Hz playback properly. I don't think any hardware Blu-Ray player can do that, or even any of the expensive video processors. (Correct me if I'm wrong). 

madVR (@Doom9)

Otherwise grab the latest release and have at it. I know I will (with MPC-HC) later tonight; and for those who are asking (I did) - it should run well on HD4000 GPUs.

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