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Mar 25 2013

News - OpenELEC 3.0 Released

OpenELEC 3

It seems like just yesterday that the OpenElec team announced that they were hard at work on OpenELEC 3.0 and were ready for people to begin beta testing. The final release of OpenELEC 3.0 is now available. OpenELEC 3.0 is based on the ambitious "Frodo" release of XBMC and actually ships with the recently released 12.1 version of XBMC which rolled in a number of improvements and bug fixes submitted by the OpenELEC team, particualrly for XBMC's new AudioEngine. With version 3.0, OpenELEC becomes the first XBMC distro with full XVBA support for AMD GPUs and with dedicated builds for Intel, Nvidia ION, AMD Fusion, Raspeberry Pi, Apple TV, Xtreamer, and the Arctic MC001 that the OpenELEC team recently partnered on, OpenELEC 3.0 is the most versatile release of the XBMC distro to date. Unfortuantley, for some of us, the release of OpenELEC 3.0 will also be somewhat bittersweet as the team has announced that this will be the penultimate release for 32-bit ION and Intel systems. My first generation ION nettop gained a new lease on life with OpenELEC, but its days may finally be numbered.

The OpenELEC team is proud to release OpenELEC 3.0.0

OpenELEC 3.0 is built to support XBMC Frodo 12.1 and almost every part of the core OS has been updated and improved since the 2.0 release. The project now supports a broader range of mediacentre hardware than ever before, including dedicated OS images for the budget friendly Arctic MC001 and ultra-low-cost Raspberry Pi systems.


Mar 25 2013

News - Linux Gets Plasma Media Center from KDE

Linux users have a new media center frontend option in the form of Plasma Media Center, a new release from KDE, the development team behind one of the more popular graphical desktop environments for Linux. PMC provides unified access to movies, photos and music across PCs, TVs, tablets and other devices capable of running KDE. The 1.0 version can access local files and network files, as well as access photos from Flickr and Picasa. PMC also includes a plug-in framework for developers to create custom plug-ins to extend PMC's functionality. The intial release might look a little barebones next to something like XBMC, but I suspect it will be a media center application worth watching.

Plasma Media Center

There is a new Media Center system for Linux users called Plasma Media Center. It’s from KDE the graphical desktop for Linux and is built on KDE’s Plasma and KDE technologies and is designed to be a rich media experience. KDE say the aim is to unify media experience on the PC,tablets, netbooks and TVs running KDE.



Nov 23 2012

News - Plex Media Server v0.9.7.3, Plex/Web Released

A couple of months ago, coinciding with the release of Plex Media Server version, the Plex team made a couple of big announcements. The first announcement was the introduction of PlexPass, a new subscription system that would provide Plex supporters with early access to new features in develpoment. The second announcement was the introduction of a new Plex web client, which would also be the first new beta feature made available to PlexPass members. The new web client, dubbed Plex/Web has evidently been given a thorough working over by the PlexPass community and is now ready to break cover into general availability with the release of Plex Media Server version There are new multi-selection options, remote playback tools, and universal search all on tap with Plex/Web, and the Plex team is touting a greatly improved first-run experience with a new setup wizard. As for Plex Media Server, there are updates to support Plex/Web, but more importantly, a brand-new transcoder that should be more efficient in how it uses CPU resources and a host of API updates to improve metadata management. The Plex team is pretty excited about this new release, and with so many new features it is easy to see why.


We’re super excited about Plex/Web, and we suspect you will be too. It’s the fastest and richest Plex client that exists today for managing, browsing and playing your content. No, it’s not a replacement for the gorgeous Plex Media Center, but you can run Plex/Web from anywhere in the world in any (reasonably modern) web browser.

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