May 04 2016

News - NETGEAR releases 10GbE Smart Switch family for business

It's probably a bit too early for wide adoption of 10GbE in the home, but it is becoming more important for small and medium sized business (large has been there for quite a while). Pricing is also still very business oriented, but it is nice to monitor and see what's available. There are three new managed switches available ranging from 8 to 48 ports.

Nov 13 2015

News - FCC Decides DD-WRT Is OK, But Still Not Really

It came out a few months ago that the FCC was seeking to ban the ability for users to install custom/third-party firmware on their routers, specifically calling out DD-WRT. Now they're back tracking a little; no longer is DD-WRT specifically called out, or that third-party firmware specifically banned, just that it isn't OK unless OEMs can guarentee that these won't do things that are illegal. That's my read anyway, feel free to comment if I missed something important.

Apr 10 2015

News - D-Link AV2 2000 PowerLine Kit Now Available


As convenient as wireless networking is, there are some situations where it either doesn't work or isn't the most efficient mechanism to bring networking support into a remote location of the home. PowerLine devices generally fill this void quite nicely, but haven't done a great job of keeping up with what is possible with modern 802.11AC. With the announcement of the DHP-701AV, D-Link aims to fix that gap with the MIMO enabled 2000Mbps (best case) capable PowerLine kit. If it can achive 1/2 that, and still bring the when-not-in-use power savings PowerLine historically has excelled at - they could have a real winner on their hands with the $130 kit.

Full PR after the click.

Jan 12 2015

News - D-Link @ CES 2015

I’ve never been a big fan of D-Link’s cylinder router device because it makes it hard to wall mount and external antennas perform better, so it has been good to see them shift away from that recently. I was surprised to see their stylish new line up of high-end 802.11AC routers including a three radio AC3200 available now, and two Wave2 MU-MIMO enabled (AC5300 & AC3100) coming later this year. Of particular interest was that the Wave2 routers are based on Broadcom’s chips (all the existing kit uses Quantenna) so it will be interesting to see how they stack up, both from a performance and power consumption standpoint. D-Link also had a cute little AC1900 USB Wi-Fi adapter, one of the first I’ve seen, and some new Powerline AV2 2000 Gb adapters on display.

Jan 14 2014

News - NETGEAR @ CES 2014

NETGEAR didn’t have a ton to show in the consumer space at CES, but they did have two very interesting 802.11AC range extenders on hand and their Trek travel router on hand.

Jan 14 2014

News - D-Link @ CES 2014

Oddly enough D-Link’s main product showing at CES this year wasn’t in networking, but cameras. My favorite was one that is intended for use as a baby monitor. I know that might sound a bit strange, but it’s all about the sensors – it includes audio and temperature beside the camera. Having a device like that would be slick in some home automation scenarios, and since it includes a standard camera style screw mount on the bottom would be easy to slap on the wall.

Oct 23 2013

News - D-Link Adds "Private Cloud" Feature to Routers

Exposing USB connected storage through the router isn't a new concept, but it is nice to see D-Link catching up to what the other players in this space are doing - especially as the feature will be pushed down to currently deployed hardware, even if it is limited to the newest "AC" kit.

Full PR after the click.


Aug 02 2013

News - D-Link Gaming Router with StreamBoost Technology Now Shipping

Even though I would prefer a more wall-mountable chassis, I remember being very impressed by this router and the StreamBoost technology back at CES. Besides the typical things we expect from a modern high-end router (Gigabit switch, AC, etc.) it also offers dynamic traffic shaping to so things like video streaming or gaming take priority over less time sensitive protocols like FTP or Bittorrent. $200 isn't cheap for a wireless router, but I've often found that you get what you pay for with networking technology. Of course we'll have to see how it holds up in the real world, so I'm going to be watching the reviews closely to see how it plays out.

Lastly, it looks like they are giving away a bunch of these. Just click through to the product page for the details. Full PR on the next page.

Jan 16 2013

News - NETGEAR @ CES 2013


After attending NETGEAR's press conference there wasn't anything that new or surprising to see when I stopped by their suite last week, but it was great to get a more detailed look at what they were bringing out this year. I did get a chance to take a closer look at their upcoming Google TV box, and the slick little IP cameras mentioned a few days before as well as a couple other things. Take a look after the click.

Oct 03 2012

News - Synology Introduces the DS213air and the DS2413+ NAS Devices

Synology DS213air and DS2413+

Synology has announced the launch of two new NAS devices, and side-by-side, they could not look more unalike. The DS213air is a sleek, petite, i-stlye box that could easily pass for a UPS rather than a NAS. It is undenaiably geared toward the consumer market. Not just because it's cute and priced right at $307, but because it comes with an 802.11n radio built-in. The integrated Wi-Fi can not only be used for connecting the DS213air to the network wirelessly, however ill-advised that might be, but it can also be used to turn the DS213air into a wireless hotspot or a wireless router when connected over Ethernet.

The DS2412+, on the other hand, is a 12-bay beast of a NAS. At $1700 and packing features such as ADS support for up to 100,000 users or groups, the DS2413+ is squarely aimed at the SMB market, though it sounds like Synology is also trying to make a case for a role in the professional photography market as well. I suppose if one had enough Blu-Ray discs that they absolutely had to rip to ISOs, there could be case for the DS2413+ at home, but the DS213air sounds like it might have real potential.

The DS213air is one of the innovative products to grace the NAS market this year. In their quest to offer differentiating features, Synology seems to have found an interesting niche. The DS213air is based on the DS213 platform (Marvell Kirkwood based 2-bay NAS). It integrates a single band (2.4 GHz) 802.11n radio (we are awaiting clarification on the exact speeds - 150 Mbps / 300 Mbps / 450 Mbps. 


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