Panasonic PT-AE4000 review

Dec 22 2009


Panasonic's PT-AE4000 looks like the same big, grey shoebox the brand has been touting as a projector for the last three years.

Indeed, there's no visible difference between this and the outgoing PT-AE3000, but for good reason – it's a shoebox with a remarkably successful lineage and exquisite picture quality.



A worthy successor

I've been impressed by each version of Panasonic's 'prosumer' projectors and this latest is no disappointment. It's actually a very small step forwards, with the rich-red lamp being the standout new feature – it brings genuine improvements in colour and luminance.

It's also one of the most flexible projectors in terms of installation and carries more useful features than anything I've seen at this price point.

My only reservation is the thought that there might be some deals to be found on the outgoing PT-AE3000E...



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