Ripping, Storing and Playing Blu-Rays

Jan 04 2010

Fellow MVP Pete Stagman has written up a helpful how-to on how to manage your blu-ray collection in Windows Media Center. Nothing overly complicated but a great starter course for anyone just getting started in the HTPC world.

NEDMugOk, so once you have the Software installed as shown above. You can place the BD disk you want to rip into you BD-Drive. (Sometimes PowerDVD will start and try to play the disk, even if you have gone into options and disabled autoplay. I don't know why. It just does. Just close out of it.) If you have AnyDVD installed correctly, you should see a balloon help saying "AnyDVD is scanning the inserted disk) Once it completes, you can Right Click on the Foxhead icon on the taskbar and select "Rip to image. . ."

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