Arctic Announces AMD Trinity Based SFF HTPC

Feb 07 2012

Arctic MC101

With AMD's Trinity APU/IPG coming in the near future it is great to see what OEMs are planning to do with the part. No word on price or timing, but Arctic has released a picture and some [subject to change without notice] specs for their next generation small form factor (SFF) HTPC built on the CPU/GPU combo. I think it looks great, but I'm a sucker for brushed aluminum; hopefully we'll see something with Zacate like power use and better than Llano performance in the A/V stack.

Arctic MC101 Specs

Besides the lack of Blu-ray, it looks like a solid offering. We'll have to see where pricing comes in to determine how much it hurts to not be allowed to à la carte the A10 (aka HD7660G).


That box looks very pretty... I just build a CPU/GPU combo with the AMD F1 chip. It looked and ran great. Maybe doing some OEM stuff may be the way to go with some of these boxes... Just have to find the right audience..

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