AnyDVD HD Defeats Cinavia

Aug 12 2013

Remember Cinavia? It was the audio based DRM "protection" scheme supposed to finally put an end to the Blu-ray plastic liberation movement. I don't have any discs to test it with, but SlySoft is claiming that the latest rev of AnyDVD HD can disable detection in all of the retail Blu-ray players. If someone has a recomended disc to check this out with let me know in the comments and I'll have a look-see.


AnyDVD History 2013 08 10

  • New: AnyDVD's unique Cinavia fix will prevent all currently existing software players -  including all TMT 5 and 6 versions, all PowerDVD 12 and 13 versions, all PowerDVD 10 OEM versions, all WinDVD 11 versions, all Nero Blu-ray player versions - to detect Cinavia.
  • New: Single button message boxes will close automatically after 1 minute
  • New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
  • New (Blu-ray): Delete unused playlists from disc when using speedmenus
  • New (DVD): Support for new discs
  • Fix (Blu-ray): Rare Crash
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages



Thanks for the confirmation and titles.

I've never had the displeasure of running into an issue with Cinavia.  I rip all of my Blu-Rays to mkvs using MakeMKV and use XBMC for playback, which apparently avoids the problems playing Cinavia discs.  I have a lifetime sub to AnyDVD HD, but I haven't used it in ages.  What's ironic is that I've been able to completely avoid the whole Cinavia mess by using free software, although I plan on purchasing a license for MakeMKV after I get a couple of bills paid off.  It's definitely worth the cost.

For the most part the first time I watch a BD it's in a commercial player (I want to check out what's on the disc and whether it's worth my time to do the full-on MKV treatment) so this is an essential feature for me when Cinavia gains more prevalance especially if it finds its way onto TV on disc. Those always stay ISO.

I'm in the same boat, AnyDVD is great, but after converting my ISO's to MKV's, I haven't needed it. 

When I saw the phrase 'retail Blu-ray players'  I thought of actual dvd players.  In case anyone else misunderstands the article, it is referring to  Blu-ray SOFTWARE players.

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