The MissingRemote Podcast - Episode 8

Sep 06 2011
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Thanks for joining us for our 8th installment of the Missing Remote Podcast! This month I wasn't able to join but Aaron Ledger (@Swoon_) took the helm and was joined by Andrew Van Til (@babgvant), Kyle Button (@techbutton) & Matt Miller (@millpub).

Enjoy the show as much as I did, all feedback is welcome!

Show Minutes

Don't forget to partake in our Poll of the month question.

And lastly, let us know how you feel about the podcast! What you liked/didn't like, what you'd like to hear discussed...any and all feedback is welcome!

As we mention in the podcast, we are continuing our request for an "Ask the Panel" item where we will take a question or topic suggested by comments to this thread and will discuss in detail.

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MissingRemote Podcast


Please submit your ideas for

A. Topic of the Month

B. Question of the Month

C. Poll of the Month

You can post them to this thread, send to @MissingRemote, PM myself, Mike Garcen, etc.

We want to cover the topics and questions that most interest you!

How about doing a "Tips for newbies" show?  Maybe you could share some of the things you learned about the best way to set up your htpc?

Do you know of any remote control shortcuts?  Like, I think I heard that if you press a number key and then the >> key, it will jump ahead [number key] seconds.  Is that true?  (I keep meaning to try it and keep forgetting.)  Are there others?

I've just started listening to the podcast, and I'm up to episode 4.  So far I'm enjoying them.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Will there be another podcast any time soon?  Its been forever!

Tried to DL this Podcast. It is only 313k and stops after 2 min. Is that proper?

Muddytoy wrote:

Tried to DL this Podcast. It is only 313k and stops after 2 min. Is that proper?

Nope, try a different browser? I just tried on Chrome and it works still.


For the other question...i'm not sure to be honest. Doing these podcasts takes a lot of time and coordination, and unfortunately just haven't had the time to own and consistently do. But I know there's plenty of folks on the staff that enjoyed it, myself who knows, hopefully soon!

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